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A Sacred Journey: Healing a Mother’s Heart


Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink or use drugs when stressed; I write.


A journey toward being a mother means life, as you pretty much know it, are remotely over. Also, as a mother, when raising a child indicates your priorities have shifted, perspective has changed, and the child requires you to give all the tools need to start their journey.

There will be so many changes in a mother's life that will shed light on one of the most striking characteristics in her world. That characteristic is “selflessness” – her ability to think more of another over herself.

However, that trait explicitly taught me the most significant lesson in life, never to leave the “door” of my life cracked, because if I do the nemesis in my life will push it all the way open to defeat me.

At the same time, it prepared and taught me to think about how my actions will not only affect my life but also my children. Concurrently, that characteristic set a standard for me – my kids and the goals that I set for us all.

When I gave birth to my first child, a baby girl, I was so in love and want to be the best mother ever, and remain the biggest role model for my daughter. My life changed in ways I never imagined and although it's exhausting to be a new mother, my daughter was my inspiration and I loved being a mother.


When a mother gives birth to her first child, it comes with a range of emotions, from excitement to nourishment and at times even being overprotective.

After giving birth to the first child, as a mother trying to adjust to her infant, she can expect the first 6 to 8 weeks to be very demanding.

As the baby grows into a young toddler, He or She can't verbalize their feelings. Some toddlers might revert to earlier behaviors — like wanting to drink from a bottle, failing to go to the potty or thumb-sucking.

For the new mother, the sleepless nights and everyday tensions have a way of weighing her down.

Although it will take a little time to get used to the "new reality" of giving birth to a child, it essential the mother doesn't forget to take care of her own needs.

Once the mother gets used to how the new baby brings about many significant changes, she will be able to get some much-needed rest and the many joys of the more substantial family.


A broken heart is something almost everyone has experienced at least once in their lifetime.

However, there is no hurt or pain a person could ever go through like that of a mother when she tries to care for and love her child while handling her child’s wrongdoings.

A mother can live with a broken heart, and she might even die with one, but it is awful to have to deal with both.

I believe once a mother, always a mother, but after many years of disappointments there comes a time when a mother has to put herself first and care for herself over the child.

As mothers, we deal with much hurt and stress too often that causes a broken heart that can at times be very severe. We take on a massive sense of helplessness and pain of our children because we want to shield and protect them from hurt and suffering.

This approach to life can lead to damage that could ultimately lead to regret or tragic circumstances, consuming a mother’s life if she does not resist it.

Though, with the right treatment and advice, there is hope to mend a broken heart and make any mother live as a whole again, making the life's journey she face even more beautiful.


While facing a few difficult times with my two children, I have discovered that thousands of parents are similarly dealing with agonizing heartaches and pain.

Nevertheless, I feel blessed and take pleasure in sharing my own experience. I take pride in telling that now many of my aches are limited, and most of them are over.

Through my learning of how to make peace with my children’s dealing, my advice to a broken-hearted mother is that if you find yourself in heartbreak for an endless number of times, all parents must make peace with what is going on with their child.

There's no sound advice when you've got a broken heart, but the right words can ease the pain, and my opinion is an attempt to give you hope.

The pain that comes from deep love makes you blind to others faults, but how do we get beyond the pain? How to heal and move on from heartbreak.

Firstly, spend some time in prayer on a regular basis. This will help you in analyzing the mistakes you make while trying to cope with your child’s disrespectful behavior or evil deeds.

Secondly, help your child realize that their activities have not been up to the mark and continued to show love but tough love.

Thirdly, get involved with other mothers by joining a support team (trustworthy church-going mothers).

Last but not least, never give up hope, never speak rudely or shower negative words on your child even when it seems like things are getting worse.


Not speaking evil of a child mistakes, requires considerable control over anger and managing the situation tactfully.

Always stay positive, try not to think about what wrong has the child done, and don’t make an issue of what the child did although this might hurt you.

Make peace with what the child did and started doing things with the child that you both love doing. It could be anything, like bowling, watching TV, singing, dancing, etc.

This will show that you love them, which would, in turn, keep your communication line open to maintain a loving relationship thereby.

If you have ever suffered a broken heart, you know it can cause extreme and debilitating pain.

Also, it can be both mentally and physically draining and can cause suffering, eventually taking you down into depression and even physical illness unless you put an end to it by learning to manage yourself through the hard phase.

Besides, the good thing is that you do not have to accept the hurt and pain, you have a choice. Follow my steps to overcome hurt from a broken heart, and you can live as a whole again. I know it's how I overcame it and so I know that if I can, so can you.


It's best you understand the negative influence you need to foresee that you cannot let to take over your thoughts; like bad talks that come to your children from TV, Friends and the Public.

Also, there will be many sources attempting to be the evil influence and false information in such things, and in this regard, your only duty is to fill your child's heart with love, positivity, and passion for aiming and achieving high.

While doing so, you are training your child very well to overcome the negativity.

Most broken-hearted people relieve their misery over and over again. If you cannot seem to break the cycle of painful memories, the chances are that you are locked into repeating dysfunctional patterns of behavior.

Your pain has become a mental habit. This habit can and must, be broken.


If the mother wants a good result, it's best she does not point out to the child what they have done wrong in the past. Never dwell that they have done it wrong, and they are repeatedly doing it wrong.

While you are training your child, the “First impression is the last impression” Your kid's will to do His or Her best will die if you continue to dispute what they are doing wrong.

It's essential to remove this habit, allow the child to feel you are coming across as supportive, you will find that you are feeling great, and your child is coming closer to you to talk in time of need and share a new thing each time you interact together.

The hardest part of traveling a journey is taking a leap of faith that sometimes end in a disaster.

Nonetheless, we must embrace the ride no matter where the road end we are traveling. To travel is to take a journey into yourself, as two paths diverge together where it belongs, it becomes one traveler.

Furthermore, people who love each other travel together on a journey to where destiny leads, it marks hope, love, mercy, and joy toward taking steps that are walking toward a new beginning.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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mkhsojib on October 23, 2014:

Thank you so much for writing this article. I enjoy reading it. It a Great article. It was very informative and I look forward to reading other articles from you.

mkhsojib on October 23, 2014:

Thank you so much for writing this article. I enjoy reading it. It a Great article. It was very informative and I look forward to reading other articles from you.