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A mother is a mother after all

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Today was passing time on Instagram like this. Seeing some of the posts. Suddenly a post appeared. I got tears in my eyes just seeing what was in it.

A bird was lying in its burnt nest and the eggs next to it were perfectly fine. But the bird (mother) was lying in the burnt nest. How many times I saw that post. So many stories started spinning in my mind. I Thought that maybe when there was a fire, that bird was trying to save her children. She, being a voiceless bird, gave her life for her children. Only a mother can do this.

Mother is only mother. In whatever form it is human, animal, bird. Mother is just mother.

Thinking of this, how far did my thinking go?
When I went to my maternal home, I met a girl there. Married a few years ago, she also has two children. Before that, when I met her, she was very happy. This time she felt very sad. I told her to her. Asked about his condition. Then he told me his sorrow.
She said - Didi, what should I tell you, I am not happy in my in-laws' house. My husband beats me up. Mother-in-law also tortures me. I am sick, you know that. My parents are told about the same thing. I am made to act like an animal.
I also have a daughter and a son. My illness has increased more. The in-laws' atrocities on her. The in-laws sent me home.
I am in a lot of trouble sister.
If my children were not there, then when would I have given my life. But what should I do with children. My life is settled in them.
Saying this she started crying.
I explained to him that talk. Take advice from your parents. Some solution will come out.
I said, be comfortable for a few days, get yourself treated, then when everything is fine then talk to your parents.
After that I started thinking-
How are humans?
Had a wife, was a daughter-in-law, that's why she was tortured. If your mother and sister were sick? Do these people do this to him? And how is the husband. When he did not have to take responsibility, then why wasted a girl's life. Children from above. After all, what is the fault of the children. Such a person should be punished in such a way that people cannot even imagine ruining a girl's life to do
How many women are there who are just living a lifeless life. Those who can neither die nor live. They are living only for their children.
How many times it is heard - that now only one has to live for his children. These are the mothers who put herself in misery and just thinks about the future of the children.
A mother is a mother after all.

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C Chand (author) from Mumbai(India) on July 05, 2021:

thank you ishika

ISHIKA MEHERE from NAGPUR on July 05, 2021:

I love the way your thoughts expanded to a really beautiful imagination of what might have happened to the bird.And talking about the anothor story i think such a person should be severely punished so that something like this does not repeat again. I agree that a mother is a mother afterall .

ISHIKA MEHERE from NAGPUR on July 05, 2021:

This is soo adorable.

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