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The Real Reasons Why Children Are So Lovable

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Toothless Smile: Completely Unconditional, completely adorable

Toothless Smile: Completely Unconditional, completely adorable

The Real Reasons Why Children Are So Lovable

I was visiting my sister who just delivered of a baby girl. We were so happy for her because it was her first child and she had a very smooth delivery. Amidst the intermittent cries from the small babe, I had to take sometime to study the little baby. It stunned me when I discovered that even without forcing you to believe it or even without making any claims for it, children have a way of showing you why they are so adorable!

As I held the little baby girl in my hands, my mind started to travel around corners. I started seeing the pictures of many other children all over the world and my heart was filled with joy with such memories.

Yes, I told myself. I knew it before but it was still inspiring as well as surprising to me when it dawned on me once again that I really love children so much for many reasons.


I will tell you why.

Defenseless and Helpless

Children are completely defenseless. They need protection. What more could they ask for from adults and people around them. Unless you are the stone-hearted type, nothing draws one as the sight of a poor abandoned and lonely animal that needs protection. It is the same with children and babies. So a part of you normally goes out to connect with the child for the sole purpose of showing love in the form of protection.

Boisterous and Full of joy

No one can dispute this – children are very boisterous. They know how to run around the whole house while shouting on top on voices. You see some happy children running around the whole house and no one needs to tell you that they are so full of energy. Instantly, you feel the need to connect with them and share in their energy. The joy you see in happy children is so alluring. If you ask me, I will tell you that when Jesus Christ was telling his disciples to allow those little kids to come to him, something tells me he was trying to share in their happiness and joy and their energy at that moment.

No worries

This is one of the strongest adorable qualities I have noticed kids display. They have no worries. They are not bothered by the troubles going on around them…at least most of them except for the occasional hunger. I have witnessed a situation whereby a child was gently sleeping on his mother’s back while the poor woman was seriously engaged in a war of words with another woman. All the noise from the shouting match couldn’t even rouse the child from sleep. Maybe he already knew that after everything, after all the noise, when the time comes, his mum will still calm down and give him his food? Parents are worrying themselves to death on how to provide for the family while the children are busy naming the nice and wonderful gifts they will like for Christmas. Can you beat that? Even in countries experiencing severe wars and anarchy, the children only depend on the parents to tell them what is going on. Granted, they may sense that all is not well, but after that, it is back to no worries. And I love that spirit!

Very trustworthy

Children are very trustworthy. No doubts at all! With children, you are completely safe because you have nothing to fear.

I can hear my neighbor saying ‘not all children’ to that but that is just by the way.

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Children will smile and laugh with you and you will feel fulfilled and secured because you know that that particular smile or laughter is coming deep from their hearts.

It is completely unconditional!

And if you should cross a child, he doesn’t have to hide it and plan revenge for you later. She reacts and expresses herself there and then. And after that she forgets everything…

Why is my neighbor saying “not all children” again?

Whatever, with children I believe it is always “trust and obey”!

Will somebody please tell my neighbor to shut up now! Hahaha!

Highly cognitive

You can’t take this one away from children! These groups of small human beings called children are highly intelligent as well as highly cognitive. Since I came to recognize this fact in children I have never failed to look at a child with amazement because I know that something very powerful is always going on in the calculative and curious mind behind that adoring face I see. I feel like asking the child the facebook question “What’s on your mind…Comment”.

I am always amazed by the learning process children exhibit. Have you ever wondered how children learn languages? They are able to cope without anybody actually telling them to say this word or tell them the meaning of that word. They just know.

That is why I keep saying that when my own baby girl comes, I am going to start teaching her Calculus at a very tender age. Who doesn’t want to be a proud father of a Guinness World Record holder baby girl? You calling that a pipe dream? You just wait!

I have my reasons. I don’t like to blame parents but who knows maybe if my parents had exposed me to so many languages at my tender age, I wouldn’t have to be seating in that horrible yet daunting French class every day of the week learning how and when to use “un” and “une”.

Nothing to fear

Children are very brave. They are completely fearless and there is a very funny but attractive way which this very fearless attribute of children get to us. People like brave demonstrations and when you see a bold child demonstrating boldness and fearlessness, you will surely appreciate it. You see them dance, they sing and they chorus rhymes with all boldness and fearlessness and with no shyness as if they don’t care about making mistakes at all. Shyness, a very disturbing habit, which could follow an individual long into adulthood, could easily be stopped if such people were encouraged to be bold during their childhood years.

I often observe children walk about in public places like the church as they move around with no care in the world while making noise and smiling and talking gibberish to anyone or anything that catches their fancy and I am like “wow, I can’t do that!”

Highly manipulative

You may not know it but children are highly manipulative. Simply put, they know how to get what they want! And they know the formulas to apply at the right time to make things they want happen. They can cry, whine, laugh, and sometimes even feign just to get things done.

I have read about children who even play ‘dead’ just to force their parents or guardian to do want they want. They go about it by holding their breath while faking ‘death’. The parents will most likely become anxious because as a parent, you already know the child is faking it but at the same time you are not too sure if everything is alright and these kids they know this.

The best part I like about children and their manipulative skills is the situation when you as an adult, you are using your superior reasoning power to see through these games these kids so much like playing and you find yourself wondering if you did the same to your own parents…


Very gullible

Oh, this is the juice. One of the reasons why I believe children are so adorable…so lovable is their gullibility. Children are inclined to believe everything especially if they are coming from daddy or mommy. They have no doubts because there is no way daddy or mommy could be telling lies!


I think the essence of folklores is to inculcate in children at that very tender age the lessons of life and how to become good citizens in the future.

But do you know one thing? All the folklores and moral lessons of the world will come to naught if not for the gullibility exhibited by all children.

Did you just say all children? That’s my neighbor again.

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Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on September 12, 2018:

Very insightful views on children, you've got there, Anjili.

Truth is, children really seem to have amazing powers.

I am always amazed by the ease with which children can learn so many different languages.

To further buttress your points on why it seems children are really really fearfully and wonderfully made, I have heard several stories of litlle children surviving road accidents that claimed the lives of some adults.

Children are really wonderful, interesting... and of course, so lovable!

Anjili from planet earth, a humanoid on September 09, 2018:

Children hide mystery for many reasons. Theirs is the Kingdom of God. Launched from heaven in innocence, given a body to live in through a father and mother, not knowing who to trust or shun.

In their innocence lies the truth that says "I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the Spiritual image of God".

Not many people will dare harm a child because they carry a mysterious package. How often do you hear snakes biting a toddler?

I have a younger brother who crawled over a large puff udder while we were screaming in horror, only to see the snake slithering away into the bushes without scratching him.

Although trusting and gullible, these young ones have higher defenses we know nothing about.

It is written that their angels frequently visit the throne of God more than our angels.

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on March 10, 2012:

You have a point there, I believe...

peanutroaster from New England on March 10, 2012:

Loving young children is wired into every beings DNA. Its part of survival. Later, say, middle school years kids are programmed to be so annoying that nature helps us push the kids from the nest. ;-)

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