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Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo

Who is Theresa Caputo?

Theresa Caputo is the endearing, engaging, extroverted and extremely likeable woman who describes herself in the opening of her TLC show as "a typical Long Island mom. except I talk to the dead."

She lives in Hicksville, New York, a Long Island suburb with her husband, Larry. In addition to her husband Larry, Theresa has a son named Larry and a daughter named Victoria, both are in their early twenties. Theresa's parents live in the house next door and although her father appears from time to time, we never actually see her mom on the show, perhaps she's camera shy..

Although her family has become accustomed to sharing Theresa with the spirit world every day, sometimes it seems that spirit interferes (for lack of a better word) with their daily family life.

Theresa acknowledges this by saying her family sometimes takes a second seat to the ever-present spirits that are trying to communicate through her and that she simply "can't turn it off."


Theresa endured decades of anxiety over her ability to connect with the dead

Theresa endured decades of anxiety over her ability to connect with the dead

Theresa explains that she wasn't always comfortable with her gift and that when she was a teenager it scared her to be able to see spirits, causing her to experience panic attacks.

It was only after her decision to stop denying the spirits communication through her that she came to slowly accept being a medium as a huge part of who she is and learn to love what she is able to do by comforting people.


Theresa's Accuracy is Amazing

The show frequently films her walking up to a complete stranger and giving them clear messages from their loved ones who have crossed over. She will get extremely specific information, too. It's not easy to remain a skeptic after seeing her in action.

There is an episode where she is reading for a group of guests at a house party and she asks a woman if her deceased son had a tattoo of his daughter's baby feet on his forearm. Not only can you tell the woman is completely shocked, but she looks like she is going to faint because she says NO ONE could have known that.

The messages Theresa delivers to guests on the show are spot-on and detailed. The show films interviews with people after they have received readings with Theresa wherein people claim that they were extremely skeptical about mediums before having received a message.

You can clearly see by their elated and tearful reactions that they are comforted and feel more at peace with the loss they have experienced.

There is absolutely nothing phony about Theresa Caputo. She is the real deal.

Theresa doing a reading

Theresa doing a reading

Theresa doing a reading

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that they are ok...might somehow help me. Could you please be a part of that help? I just feel that that is right. Thanks Teresa...for giving me hope.

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I try to watch your show as much as I can and I think your awesome and some day I hope to meet you.