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Never Burn a Bridge You May Need to Cross Back Over


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We’ve all heard the saying, “Never burns bridges” - but the meaning of the phrase has become misunderstood, for some bridge need to be burned down. As bridges that are connected to parts of my old life, former friends, past habits, and prior ways of doing things that are holding me back or keeping me down, I say, “May the bridges I burn, light the way.”

Some believe that once they burn a bridge. There’s no way for it to come to back/return. Burning brides are like casting a spell. Once called it cannot order them back; not even by magicians or witches.

Many believe burning a bridge has a way of returning to haunt you, but the big question is how can you accurately decide whether to burn a bridge. Meaning, why would anyone sabotage themselves by burning bridges? Some believe that burning a bridge is narrowing your choices and your opportunities in life.

Reaching an intelligent decision in life is not always clear. The unexpected encounter with a diplomatic situation often forces us towards a tough decision of choosing between burning a bridge and trying to mend it.

Along the line of the decision-making process, we often find our priorities misplaced. That’s when we must be distinct which bridge we must cross and which to burn. But always keep building one and never lose your faith in life. The tenacity, to burn a bridge as you cross means to prevent the enemy from following behind you.

The distinction and the familiarity of the bridge we encounter in life often co-hears our thoughts. I find such metaphors - commonly expressed that it is taken of focusing our mind on the question of how.

Nonetheless, we can learn not to burn an already built bridge having used it to cross over into life. Don't forget that a coin has two sides, the head, and tail.

On the contrary, the lesson of life is, never to burn a bridge after crossing the same. Who knows, you may need the same, on your way to return?

Never Burning Bridges – A Misconception

Who theorized the illegality of burning bridges? I thus present an opposition regarding not burn a bridge in life. Even so, I do not agree with the concept of never a burning bridge.

I believe you need to know which of the bridge are worth burning and while are meant to be kept while moving through the path of life.

It is of no use in hiding yourself in any tunnel as then you may lose your way out ultimately. Thus, the best option is while you realize that someone or something is not favoring you or maybe poisonous, just remove that path that may move you towards the person, or that situation.


Subsequently, if ever you feel a bridge may result to hide you in a tunnel, from which you may never come out, better you, and burn the one then and there.

Best you look at your life from the windshield instead of the rear-view mirror, you will get to know that which of the bridges you are supposed to walk over and cross and which are unworthy and need to be burnt and destroyed.

The view of life should be through a windshield and not a rearview mirror because the real concept of the living is looking forward from the present and not backward in the past.

In short, the bridges, which lead to the tunnel, need to do away with lest it becomes your funeral during its destruction.

Through this travel of life, everyone needs to know and understand the bridges to keep and those to dispose of. The indication drives to create a wall between you and the dangerous characters in your life and hence burning down or destroying the unnecessary bridges.

Be Original

To figure out which of the bridges are meant to be kept and which are supposed to be burnt, one should be aware of what are the various components of his or her life, and which one of those to be valued.

Expressing, one needs to create an allowance for his/her life to gain a pace in prioritizing the various life components to make sense on the bridges to destroy and those to keep.

Once you gain the power to be someone prominent and notable personality, you can burn the bridge in just a daytime. The bottom line is, by burning the bridge you are destroying your connection with the past mishaps of your life as there is no way of looking back now.


Since the burning of a bridge is a step at a time, the power to revitalize yourself is on you, with an additional complement of becoming your true self. The bottom line is, the destruction of a bridge terminates all your connections to the former world you used to dwell in, and even a quick glance at the past is uncalled for.

Given that life is yours and you are the sole decision maker of it, you need to be aware of when to burn a bridge of your life.

As a result, by taking an important decision, your life comes within your control. Hence, after that, there is no point of looking back and grieving and cribbing over the past.

That makes you more confused about whether to burn the bridge or not. Unless you know the difference by now, you will always remain stagnant in the thought that, ‘whether I did right or wrong with my life?’

You are the final decision maker of your life as it is a grant to you and you alone, but in the process of deciding, the timing should be of great importance when choosing when to burn and when not to burn a bridge.

During the declaration of an important decision, it is you who calls the shot and most importantly, the control of your life decisions. The past is not a season of mourning as it is the past, and the present is a chance to create the future that glances upon a better past.

The dilemma of burning or preserving a bridge needs to be the only task at hand. The difference needs to be now, lest you get stuck forever with the feeling of ‘did I do something wrong?

‘Your mind needs to have confidence towards the decisions you make lest you end up burying yourself in a bottomless pit. It is, therefore, wise to remember which bridge to burn and which bridge to preserve after you cross over needless be you end up regretting your decision.

Unless confidence overwrites your declared decision, there will never be a certainty of light at the end of the tunnel. The analysis of the choice of burning a bridge should, therefore, use the maximum trial window. Also, a bridge still in use is a kept inventory for the uncertainty of not using it not equal the certainty of its re-use.


Set your priorities

Every bridge primarily exists to facilitate your movement from one side to another. A bridge is, by all means, a mark of change in your life. Whenever you get to a bridge, you must be alive to the reality that time has come to embrace another chapter in your life.

There are millions of people who often make the grievous mistake of staying on the bridge - they are unsure of whether to move ahead or return. Such people ultimately end up losing great opportunities in life, such as a great marriage, relationships, employment, and in the aspects that are of grave importance to their lives.

Greater peace and confidence abounds in a person who knows his or her priorities, with distinct points of action. In life, there are several bridges at different locations along the way, including tunnels in the mountainous regions.

Do you have your priorities, right? Hopefully, your answer can be a yes to the question; however, it’s essential to put in place our priority by spending quality time each day enjoying life.

Unfortunately, sometimes we keep holding on to bridges that should be burned down to ashes, especially in situations where one is in an abusive relationship, or company that is detrimental to your overcoming bad old habits (whatever the habit could be).

As I have always mentioned, if you find a relationship to be an unlucky one, kindly break down all forms of communication– in other words, burn the bridges and move on!

Never burn a bridge you may need to cross back over!

Don't You Burn Your Bridges Behind You By Ecstacy Passion & Pain

© 2014 Pam Morris

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