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How To Make A Baby Shower Diaper Stroller


Baby Stroller Diaper Cake Topper

It's time for a baby shower and you want to make something spectacular so you are making a Diaper Cake. This tutorial will show you how to make a cake topper for that cake using around 10 newborn baby diapers. You can use the next size up as long as all the Diapers remain the same size.

I have included the instructions how to make the full size baby carriage. This can be used in replacement of the Diaper Cake itself. That requires a lot more diapers and some baby receiving blankets, but is similar in style. I hope you have as much fun making yours as I did making mine.

All photos belong to Please do not steal them without a proper back link to this article. You may not copy the instructions for commercial use. Feel free to copy as many times as you like. Giving away copies of this article makes a great party favor. Wrap it in a baby ribbon and attach a tull bag with a few plastic baby decorations.

Creating the Wheels - Make Either 2 or 4 wheels


Start out making either 2 larger wheels of 4 smaller wheels.

Open up the diaper, but keep the sides folded into the natural position on the diaper. They will fold inward. You can start at either end depending on if you want the diaper design to show or not. Roll one turn and place a piece of ribbon around 20 inches. This will give you extra room for tying on the wheels.

Once you get to the end secure the end with a tiny piece of paper tape. This will hold it tight as you wrap a ribbon around the middle. I normally use a little glue from the glue gun to hold it shut. Be careful not to get the hot glue on the diaper itself.

If you make a small wheel follow the same steps except fold the diaper in half the long way. After on turn add the ribbon. Put two diapers onto one ribbon to be able to tie it properly to the carriage. Once you are finished making your wheels put them to the side.

The Finished Wheels


You can use a little hot glue on the wheels after applying the ribbon. Only glue the ribbon to the ribbon so the Mother can open them and reuse the diapers.

Decorations For Your Cake - Here are some ideas what can be added to your cake

each item is cutier than the next. The more you add the more interesting the cake becomes.

Tie On The Wheels


Once your wheels are tied onto the carriage you can remove the middle rubber band and place it going in the other direction. It will eventually be covered by a burping rag or other small piece of material you are using for decoration.

Create The Back Of The Hood


Use one diaper on the back with the open area tucked behind the rubber band. It should fit perfectly in place. The rubber band will hold it up. No glue necessary

The Finished Carriage - Decoration Time


The best part of making these Diaper sculptures is decorating them. This is where you can be as creative as you want. Only put glue on the diapers you intend on having thrown away. If you tie the wheels on and tie the body together with a rubber band then the diapers can be used.

Hiding The Ties That Hold The Carriage Together - Satin Ribbon Works Well


To create the actual hood open up a diaper and slip each top under the rubber band. The back diaper should fit on the inside. Together they should create the entire hood with no glue necessary. You may want to sacrifice this diaper and glue some trim or decorations onto it. The leg forms the front of the carriage and the bands ruffle like trim. Adding a second piece of trim isn't 100% necessary, but looks really cute.

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There is no rule to decorating, but the carriage, but two ribbons and a small burping rag will hide all the ties and not have to be glued. Place the first ribbon under the rubber band as shown in the picture. I like using satin ribbon because the ribbon flattens really well against the carriage.

After securing the first ribbon on both sides wrap the burping bib around the base so the top sticks up slightly above the sides of the carriage. Wrap another ribbon around it and hot glue the ends of the ribbon so the glue only goes onto the ribbon and not the rag.

Receiving Blankets - Wash cloths, burping bibs

Receiving Blankets are used to decorate most diaper cakes. They can get tied around the cake with ribbon. Do not apply hot glue to them or you can rip it when taking it apart. A mother can never have enough receiving blankets.

Fold The Ribbon Onto The Carriage


Tuck both sides under the rubber band and smooth across the top without pulling too hard. The ribbon should slightly rest on the carriage. You do not have to use any glue.

Time To Decorate


Add decorations. A folded burping bib should fit exactly around the carriage and can be held in place with a ribbon. The edges of the ribbon can be hot glued together without having to touch the bib. Mom To Be will appreciate the bib later on.

Add ribbon and a small washcloth to the inside. You can wrap the cloth in ribbon for added adornment. I added a little teddy bear and you can also add a tiny toy baby bottle or even a real pacifier.

Instructions How To Make A Full Size Diaper Stroller - Video

Here is a video how to make the larger version. I use the small version on the top of diaper cakes and the larger version as a centerpiece on it's own. I liked this tutorial as it's the closest version of how I make it. The woman in the video doesn't speak English very well, but there is a male voice filling in for what she can't express.

Normally when I make these I mount them on a board covered with a baby blanket. If you use the thick poster board you can either pin it directly to the board or hole it in place with ribbon.

You Made The Topper Now Make The Cake - This is one of 3 different ways you can fold the diapers to make the cake

You can increase or decrease the size to create multiple tiers on this cake. Decorate each layer differently or all the same.

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Renee Dixon from Kentucky on January 12, 2014:

Loved this! Wish someone would make one for my baby shower! Great lens :)

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Your diaper stroller is a great idea instead of making a regular diaper cake!

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Cute with diapers - love it!

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Oh for cute. I might have to make one for when my new granddaughter is born.

Congratulations on the Purple Star, Lori!

katiecolette on April 17, 2013:

A friend and I are getting ready to throw a baby shower for our best friend. What a great idea for centerpiece :) Thank you for sharing!

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