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how to build your child creativity?


Stimulate Student Creativity in the Following Ways


Creative learning has become an important part of improving the quality of learning. The essence of creativity is to produce something new, even better. By creating something new will continue to provoke the imagination of students. Teachers have an important role in introducing and developing creative thinking in students.

1. Appreciate students' unusual questions and fantasies. Asking a lot of questions is a form of student creativity. They will criticize everything. A very extraordinary imagination, sometimes makes you shake your head. As a facilitator, you should not limit the ideas and things they want to know. Give the best answer, and try to relate it to everyday experiences.

2. Try to use visuals. However, seeing pictures and colors will be much more interesting than just text. Often shows various inspirational paintings, pictures/photos, and videos to students. Then, you can ask students to make stories about what they see.

3. Creative games. Teaching and learning activities can be made more varied by applying creative games. Well, this creative game can be done by trying things that students like. For example, playing the role of a detective, connecting words, musical sculptures, debating, and much more. In addition, you can use learning media such as origami paper, puzzles, and so on.

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4. Expand projects. You can balance theory and practice by giving projects. From a project, students will have a lot of imagination and creative ideas. Students will also be provoked to find solutions for each project they run.

5. Post student work in class. As a token of appreciation, display student works throughout the class, even at school. Students will feel valued and encouraged to continue to be creative. The atmosphere of the class will be more encouraging because it will be more colorful.

6. Integrate with music. Play different types of music, and ask students to visualize it. It can also invite students to interpret the meaning of making short stories from the song.

7. Learn history in a fun way. Write dialogue scenes between historical and modern figures. In addition, you can try to make drama. The drama will increase students' imagination by role-playing with each other. In addition to drama, you can go on a tour of the museum so that students can see firsthand the recording of historical events.

8. Do a simple experiment. Can you dissect animals or make simple electrical circuits, for example? Students will be much easier to understand the lesson if it is accompanied by practice.

Dear teachers,

Developing students' creativity can be done by conditioning or building an atmosphere that triggers the ability to think and create. The basis is mastering knowledge, also applying knowledge in the form of skills. Mr / Ms teacher also recommends students access thousands of video lessons on tablets, to support children's learning activities. Good luck, sir/madam.

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