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How to Set Up a Green Baby Nursery


Set Up a Green Nursery with Eco Friendly Baby Products, and Skip the Chemicals!

Your baby deserves the best! Not only is going green good for the environment, but it's a great choice for our health. Newborns are especially susceptible to chemicals and pesticides, having less room to circulate the toxins throughout their body. Setting up a green, eco friendly nursery will help you and your baby avoid the chemicals found in traditional baby products. Organic crib bedding, organic toys, and organic cotton baby clothing are important for healthy baby development. If you're looking to make some organic choices for your baby, read on for recommended green baby products and eco friendly options for your baby!

Green Your Baby's Nursery

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Paint Your Nursery with Eco Friendly Low VOC Paints - Paints that lack the chemicals - an eco friendly solution for the nursery!

The baby is almost here, and you're ready to get the room completely painted and fresh for the new baby! There's just one thing -- new paint smell isn't good for babies. It's not just the bad smell, it's VOC. Voc, or volatile organic compounds, are hazardous gases and chemicals released from paint that have that "new paint smell." You'll also notice VOC present in new cars, vinyl, and anything that smells plastic-ey. The problem is VOC is released not just when you first paint or purchase your car, but is released throughout the life of the paint. What's the solution? Low VOC paints.

This product has been certified under the GREENGUARD Standard for Low Emitting Products.

Eco Friendly Wallpaper

Eco friendly wallpaper for your nursery - natural materials and fibers

If you're more of a wallpaper person than paint, there are eco friendly options for your wallpaper.

Grasscloth Natural Fiber Eco Friendly Wallpaper

A fabulous faux grasscloth perfect for powder rooms or any room you want to add a light tropical feel to. Fine Arrowroot Off-White Grasscloth natural fiber eco-friendly wallpaper Wallpaper comes untrimmed, Class A flame rating Use a premixed vinyl adhesive for installation 36 inches wide x 8 yards long per roll.

More colors and eco friendly wallpapers:

Biodegradable Wool Carpets

Hemp and wool biodegradable materials on this rug

Let baby crawl around on something that's green and hasn't been treated with loads of chemicals. These hemp and wool biodegradable carpets will break down when they're all used up, instead of thousands of years like traditional synthetic carpets.

Bio-Degradable Hemp and Wool Carpets - $ 247.00
This is a carpet unlike any other produced in North America. First of all it is COMPLETELY biodegradable. Obviously, this is achieved through the use of only 100% natural raw materials. The Bio-Floor line is made with a face fiber of 100% natural wool. This would make an excellent choice for your new green baby nursery, and will give them a soft, natural surface to play, crawl, and walk!

DaVinci Eco Friendly Baby Crib - Constructed with wood from sustainable forests in this eco friendly crib

Hours upon hours are spent in the crib. To get more bang for your buc, this crib converts into a bed down the line for when your baby becomes a toddler. Stylish, elegant, yet very functional, this crib will accommodate your child from baby to toddler to youth. It features a static side with no moving parts! Built with thought for mothers to take their little ones out of the crib with little effort. It's also an environmentally friendly choice for the wood, which is from sustainable forests.

* Converts to toddler bed with included guard rail

* Meets and exceeds all US safety standards

* Formaldehyde-free

* Non-toxic finish

* Made with wood from sustainable forests

* Dimensions: 54.5"W x 34"D x 42"H

Find more eco friendly baby cribs here.

More Eco Friendly Baby Cribs - Sustainable cribs with non toxic finishes - a great earth friendly choice for the baby!

Here are some more eco friendly choices for your crib, all made from sustainable wood (and all have excellent reviews from customers!):

Go Organic with Your Crib Mattress - Quilted Organic Crib Mattress - certified organic

This is one of the best organic crib mattresses available today. It's comfortable for your baby, yet has plenty of the firmness that they need for proper posture while sleeping. A firm mattress is recommended by physicians, and this one has heavy duty 252 coil orthopedic innerspring (see details below). It's also GREENGUARD certified, for total VOCs, total phthalates, formaldehyde, and aldehydes.

More Organic Mattresses for Your Baby - Green sleep options for your baby

With the amount of time that your baby spends on the mattress, it's one of the most important products to buy green! Here are some excellent choices for your baby to sleep on:

Organic Crib Sheets - Give the baby something soft and organic to sleep on!

An organic set of crib sheets is another important item to buy for your baby. Traditional cotton is treated with many chemicals, sprays, and babies are especially vulnerable to these toxins because of their smaller size (think about how close they are to the cotton!). Still not convinced on buying organic? Read this article on the pesticide dangers of cotton and see if it changed your mind. You can find more recommended organic crib sheets on this page.

Under the Nile Organic Toys - Soft, 100% organic Egyptian cotton baby toys

This cute fresh fruit basket by Under the Nile is made with 100% organic Egyptian cotton, and is a fun way for them to learn early about healthy eating (while being around organic toys!). Babies are always sticking their toys in their mouths, so giving them something organic will assure less pesticides will be entering their bodies. This adorable basket contains lively, colorful fruits like watermleon, grapes, pears and banana!

Tips on Greening Your Baby's Nursery - A video explaining some of the dangers of VOC, why you should buy organic, and what to avoid in baby bottles

Watch this brief video on why you should be concerned with VOCs and non-organic items in your nursery.

More Eco Friendly Baby Changing Tables - High quality changing tables made with sustainable wood

If your changing table is made from sustainable wood, that means that the company foresting the wood is making sure new trees are being planted to replace the ones that are being chopped down. A wonderful green choice, these changing tables have a non-toxic finish.

Organic Changing Table Pad Cover - Azo free dyes safe for your baby on this organic cotton changing table pad cover

This organic bedding is made from organically grown cotton. The bedding is dyed with azo-free dyes which are safe for baby and the environment and super comfortable for your little one. It is made up of 100% organic cotton. This comes with elastic all around the sheet to securely hold the sheet onto the mattress. This is perfect for your little one.

Enivronmentally Responsible Changing Table - Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council - made of composite wood panels

Being environmentally responsible with your baby furniture is a great way to lessen you and your baby's impact on the earth. This is also an excellent choice because of the 5 year warranty, so should something go wrong, it will be covered!

* Dimension: 35"W 20"D 35"H

* Finish: Royal Cherry

* This Peak-a-boo Collection offers you this very practical changing table featuring open storage space for easy access when changing your precious one.

* Its rich and popular Royal Cherry finish will bring elegance to that baby's room and makes it easy to match.

* This changing table comes with profiled shaped tops for increased security and features a nice decorative kickplate.

* Manufactured from engineered-wood products

* 5-year warranty on parts and materials

Find a Humidifier to Match Your Baby's Theme - A humidifier will help with your baby's breathing and sickness prevention

Babies exposed to dry, forced hot air and overall dry air can have stressed, cracked nasal cavities and develop a sore throat. This can allow viruses to more easily find entry ways into the baby's body. To prevent this, get a humidifier for your baby. This will moisten the air with a cool mist, and most will shut off automatically, like the one shown below. While this isn't exactly eco friendly, it's a necessary product to buy for your baby's health.

More Humidifiers for Your Baby's Nursery - Keep the nursery air just moist enough with auto shut-off humidifiers!

Humidifiers can make a big difference in your baby's allergies, and can make the air much better for their breathing. These unique humidifiers are great choices to help them breathe, so you can potentially avoid some doctor's visits.

Organic Window Valances - Beautiful organic window valances for the nursery!

Anything that is in your baby's room that can be organic is a positive for your baby. Traditional cotton is sprayed with potentially hundreds of different chemicals and pesticides. The more organic products you have in your nursery, the better the air quality will be in your room. Here's a selection of organic window valances that would look great in any nursery that you're setting up!

Organic Lamps & Lamp Shades - Light up your baby's room with these organic lamps and lamp shades!

When reading time comes, you'll need to have plenty of room for both you and the baby to see the picture book, and so they can learn while you're reading. These organic lamps make a great green pick for their nursery, and are printed with fun designs that will fit right in with your existing room theme.

Organic Storytime - Fred the Monkey - Non toxic, low eco impact dye, certified organic plush toy

Fred-Storytime Collection characters are soft and naturally colored with embroidered details and natural natural unprocessed/unbleached cotton filling. Our storybook animals, all share their tale with your children in mind. Their playful hands and feet and long arms, which are perfect for hugging, stimulate your childrens imagination. Rounded arms and hands make them fit comfortably into the arms of your little one.

Wonderworld Rocking Raffy Rocking Horse - Environmentally friendly rocking horse with non toxic paints and biodegradable fabrics

A cuddly giraffe on a sturdy smooth textured rubberwood rocker base, the back rest secures the younger child and can be removed as he/she grows. The rocking base can be removed so Raffy can be used as a standalone toy and is a perfect gift for a child.

Organic Receiving Blanket - Untreated GMO free certified organic cotton receiving blanket

New parents will quickly master the art of swaddling with the Ultimate Receiving Blanket which is much larger (42x42) than typical receiving blankets. The Ultimate Receiving Blanket includes a cute illustration showing "how to swaddle" sewn to the edge of the blanket, so new parents will be able to easily refer to this simple-to-follow instructional aid when they are swaddling their baby. Super soft, better for the environment, better for your baby!

Organic Baby Developmental Sorter - Stimulate your baby with this organic learning toy!

This sorter classic toy has a fresh look! Soft textures & assorted sounds to enchant your baby (while developing fine motor and sensory skills). Learning really CAN be Fun! Sorter is super stuffed! 4 Shapes to shake, squeeze, crinkle (& SORT, of course!) Organic velour, waffle, terry, canvas materials. They'll learn to develop their hand-eye coordination and use their noggin while trying to stuff these shapes into the right holes.

Organic Easy Teether - Crib Rail Cover For Convertible Cribs - Let baby teeth on something that's certified organic cotton and protect your crib!

Babies teeth, it's a natural stage of their life. While this sometimes painful process is going on, your baby might chew on whatever is nearby. A crib protector, or crib rail cover, will help save your crib from being chewed up, while keeping your baby away from the materials inside of the crib's wood. This organic Easy Teether not only protects a seasoned teether from splinters, cracks and paint chips, but also keeps all of baby's favorite teething toys within easy reach. Specially placed teether tabs allow you to customize your crib rail with all the toys baby loves most. Now designed for convertible cribs with hook-and-loop closures for ease of use.

Organic Cocoon Co-Sleeper - Soothe crying infants with this physician recommended organic co-sleeper!

Beautiful dreamer "cocoon" sleeper by arms reach is a dual spring harness suspended cradle with reclining positions and adjustable back that supports baby's head in the upright position for easy viewing. Physician recommended, this co-sleeper will bring that crying baby to a calm, relaxed state (and hopefully to sleep fast!).

Organic Baby Accessories - Eco friendly products and organic baby accessories

Great organic gift ideas for your baby, each with its own eco friendly twist! Here you can find organic mobiles, organic swaddles, crib sets and teething toys that baby will love. Each have a subtle, soothing color that just makes you want to say "awwww!".

BPA Free Baby Bottles - A Chemical Free Way to Feed Your Baby - Feed your baby out of a bottle that's free of BPA and chemicals

Back in the day, mothers used glass bottles to feed their children. These were an excellent choice, but people didn't like that they broke if they were dropped. Then came the invention of plastics, which revolutionized products around the world. The only bad part is that they don't biodegrade into our environment, and they have many harmful side effects on our bodies, especially children! Buying a BPA free baby bottle is a better choice for your baby. Here are some of the best reviewed baby bottles available online today:

Organic Nursery Decorations - Organic decorations and wall art for your baby's nursery

Go green in your nursery by buying everything possible that baby might be in contact with, from the wall art to the lamp shade and pillows! By supporting organic farming, you're making an important decision that impacts the way that cotton is grown. Go organic, make a statement, and avoid exposing your baby to potentially harmful phthalates, chemicals, and toxins!

Organic Four Piece Safari Crib Set, Brown/Green - Safari themed organic baby comforter, bumper, crib sheet, and dust ruffle set

This super soft, 100% organic cotton set from Organically Grown features an adorable monkey, sweet giraffe, and happy elephant in a jungle setting. The set includes comforter, bumper, sheet and dust ruffle. Coordinating items include a window valance, musical mobile, lamp & shade, and wall decals. This is perfect for a boy or girls room, and will transition perfectly if you're having more kids down the road.

Keep Your Baby Chemical Free! - All natural skin care products for your baby

Find more reusables, eco friendly products, and natural skin for you and your baby!

Reduce Your Energy Use in the Nursery with Energy Efficient CFL Light Bulbs - Another way to make baby greener and more eco friendly!

An ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) will save about $30 over its lifetime and pay for itself in about 6 months. It uses 75 percent less energy and lasts about 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb. Have these on-hand next time you need to change a light bulb and see your electric bill go way down!

What's Your Favorite Eco Friendly Baby Product on this Page? - If you have any other eco friendly suggestions for babies share them here!

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