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Great Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

Beanie Boos are an inexpensive hit for 6-10 year olds!

Beanie Boos are an inexpensive hit for 6-10 year olds!

What Do You Buy for An 8 Year Old Girl?

Are you shopping for a gift for an 8 year old girl? Well, if you know 8 year old girls like I do, then you know that they are too cool for anything out of a toy store. At the age of 8, my daughter claims to be too old for anything from Toys-R-Us, and too sophisticated for anything pink. This may just be a good thing, because at my age I am too old for cheap, throw-away toys cluttering my home, anyway!

The Beanie Boo trend is going strong. See where to buy all of them for less here!

So now, my challenge is to come up with a list of gift ideas for the 8 (soon to be 9) year old girl that are unconventional, not-trashy, and will have some lasting value. Follow along to see what I find.

8 Year Old Girls Love Jewelry

Pre-tweens love to accessorize. Here are some great options.

By the age of 8, many young girls have had their ears pierced, and some are already wearing (and collecting) "dangly earrings". You can find many unique, fun and affordable styles online at Amazon.com to fill this new found obsession.

Not sure if the girl in question has pierced ears? Try affordable necklaces and bracelets in themes that this age group loves - peace signs, gummy bears, soccer balls and cute animals of all kinds.

Earrings Make a Great Gift

At the age of 8, most girls are wearing earrings. And if they are anything like my daughter they are also OBSESSED with them. This is the age where most girls graduate from the "newly pierced" studs to cute dangly earrings.

If you know her interests, chances are there are earrings out there to match. From soccer stars to unicorn obsessed - find the perfect earrings for your 8-year old online.


Don't Forget Necklaces and Bracelets Too!

If her ears are not pierced, chances are she still loves jewelry! Find the perfect bauble for the 8 year old girl on your list by going to amazon and typing in her favorite hobby or interest followed by "necklace". There's a piece of jewelry for every girl on your list at the world's largest jewelry store on Amazon.com.

Look for brands like Dogeared and GlamourGirl Gifts to make sure you're getting a piece that will last.

Dogeared Jewelry Makes a Treasured Gift

The Mustache Trend is all the Rage

8 year old girls love the mustache fad

I have no idea why, but this mustache trend is a big hit with 8-year old girls. My daughter just went to a mustache themed birthday party and I went shopping for all kinds of cute mustache accessories and stationary gifts.

This trend which started out as a retro-hipsters thing can now be found everywhere from nail decals to soccer socks for girls. Here are some of my favorites.

Get Everything you need to weather the mustache trend on Amazon

One good thing about the mustache trend? These pieces are inexpensive and make great birthday party gifts and stocking stuffers for 8-year old girls, tweens and pretweens.

I mustache you where you got that manicure? These mustache nail decals will keep your girls busy as they preen their mustaches over a long mani-pedi.

She will Love a Sleeping Bag and Overnight Bag that Match!!

She will Love a Sleeping Bag and Overnight Bag that Match!!

Sleepover Gear

8 Year old girls want to hit the road. Help them do it in style.

At around 8 years old, girls start having sleepovers with their friends, and even going away to sleepaway camp. Sleeping away from home is a huge rite of passage in a young girls life, so help them do it in style.

Maybe you already purchased a sleeping bag back when they were 5 and thought they were ready for sleepovers? That's what I did, but now that Princess themed sleeping back is "So babyish!" so its back to the drawing board for some age appropriate sleepaway gear.

A Great Sleeping Bag for Girls 8 an Up

nail art pens appropriate gift for girls

nail art pens appropriate gift for girls

Nail Polish Paint Pens by Migi Make Great Gifts

Girls love to polish their nails, this makes it even more fun.

What do 8 year old girls love to do at a sleepover party? Polish each other's nails is one fun thing. It is even more fun when they use these nail art pens by Migi. My daughter first saw these pens at a demonstration booth at FAO Schwarz in New York, and begged for us to buy them.

The designs they can make with these are so cute. They will provide hours of fun, and relative calm and quiet for a few minutes at the next sleepover.

Personalized clipcase for girls

Personalized clipcase for girls

A Clipcase Makes a Fun Travel Desk

A Learning Express Hit

Leave it to Learning Express to take a tried and true office staple, personalize it with some paint pens, and turn it into the next must-have accessory. They did it with the tackle box during the Rainbow Loom craze, and they are at it again with the clipcase.

But guess what? 8-year old girls love to create. So instead of rushing out to Learning Express, order a clipcase from Amazon.com and a pack of paint pens. Then let your 8-year old create her own design to be proud of. I know mine will!

Personalized Clip Cases are the new Learning Express trend

Find Paint Pens on Amazon

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