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20 Funny & Unique Baby Shower Invitations


Hey Honey, Look at This!

Is that the kind of reaction you want your guests to have when they open your invitation?

Then cute just ain't gonna cut it.

To celebrate your up and coming big event, opt for one of these funny or unique baby shower invitations instead!

Which do you like best?


#1 - Little Peanut...

These unique baby shower invitations are simple with a big bold headline. Sure to get a good reaction.

#2 - Pea Pun

I just can't help it... I like puns. The colors also make this the perfect shower invitation for any gender.

#3 - His, Hers and Baby's

A very modern design and a clever take on parenthood make for a unique and clever baby shower invitation featuring his, hers and baby's towels.

#4 - Unique Cravings...


Two staples in a pregnant woman's diet... ice cream and pickles. Add melted cheese on bread and these funny baby shower invitations would have been a perfect choice for our family.

#5 - What IS That??


Two slightly different takes on one clever concept.

#6 - Messy Baby in a Hiiiiiiiiigh Chair

I love the simple colors and whimsical design on these baby shower invitations. I also like the food soaring through the air, as the baby grin from ear to ear.

#7 - Game Over

Cynical, but amusing. Since the inside is blank, you'll have to add in the party details yourself. The card is fully customizable with your choice of font, color, pictures, paper stock and more.

#8 - Not THAT Kind of Shower


Another simple, but whimsical design that makes these unique baby shower invitations stand out from the pack. You can customize them, and add optional matching backers, address labels, and thank you cards to boot!

#9 - Pregnant & Fabulous


Is it me or does that woman look like she's about to topple over?? Regardless of the accuracy of the illustration, I like the sentiment of this invitation and I'm sure your guests will too.

#10 - The Muffin's Bakin...


A bun (okay, muffin) in the oven is a cliché as old as time... but it does make for a unique baby shower invitation message. Another simple, modern design that just looks good and stands out.


#11 - Just Being Honest...

Babies are cute. But they're trouble. Big, adorable, worth every second, TROUBLE. These honest but unique shower invites will bring your guests a smile and a chuckle.

#12 - THEN... and NOW.


Oh, how things change. That's the subject of these simple, color, and modern shower invitations. Let's party... but make that a virgin colada please!


#13 - Preggers!

I'm not sure I love this word, but there's no denying it has come into frequent use in some circles. If yours is one of them, this abrupt "preggers" announcement makes for an amusing and unique baby shower invitation.


#14 - Pop!

Another cliché, "ready to pop" makes these light and funny baby shower invitations stand out from the norm. Two versions - one with balloons and another with popcorn.

#15 - Love Grows


Even though these don't qualify as funny, I had to include them in this list. They rank among the most unique baby shower invitations I have ever seen. They truly capture the beauty of pregnancy, life, and love, and offer a personalized experience that's really something to behold.

#16 - Stick Figure Silly Belly


I love the simple design, and how perfectly a stick figure illustration -- arms wide, and belly smiling - can express the joy of the mom-to-be. A unique and whimsical invitation.

#17 - The Baby Games!


These funny baby shower invitations hint at the fun, excitement, and grand event that is parenting. Great design with clever Get Your Game On envelopes!

#18 - Mustache Bash

I mustache you to come to my baby shower!

Is it me or are mustaches everywhere these days (ie. mustache you a question" shirts)? Anyway, the mustache theme is perfect when there's a little dude on the way, and these unique and funny invitations are bound to be a big hit!


#19 - Vintage Circus

This vintage circus elephant invite has a unique look that just screams celebration.


#20 - Special Delivery

A cute and clever way to announce the arrival of your little one, these "special delivery" invites are made to look just like an air-mailed envelope, ready to be dropped on your guests doorstops.

Which Invitation Do You Like Best!

Most Unique Baby Shower Invitations

Most Unique Baby Shower Invitations

Tell us which of these unique baby shower invitations you like best!

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Alana-r on August 08, 2011:

These are unusual but some are sweet and some funny, it makes a nice change from the standard baby shower invitations that were available when I was having my children, nice list


wolfie10 on August 06, 2011:

very clever made me smile well done

pinkinkart on August 03, 2011:

These are all the most adorable shower invites I've ever seen. Great eye for grabbing the best. And of course, thanks for adding one of mine!

heidishome on July 29, 2011:

I LOVE these! The game over one is hilarious.

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