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How to Bring Unity Within a Family

I am a family girl. I usually contemplate on family issues and help to be a problem solver. So I feel compelled to write this article.

How Do Conflicts/Arguments Arise in a Family?

When children are young, they argue and fight for winning the best toy. When they are older, they fight over the choice of TV channels and the choice of clothes and food. Even parents have conflicts if one is cheating on the other by seeing somebody else.

How Can Children's Conflicts Be Resolved?

Conflicts may occur between children of the opposite gender or even of the same gender. Fighting over toys, choice of TV channels, clothes, and food all show that they have been given too much freedom and flexibility. Parents should teach their children at a young age that they should stay harmoniously and share toys, and also, parents should buy them their own toys. That way they learn to share and also, to own.

As they grow up, they should have it in their fingertips that they must share, compromise and be like friends. Of course, they will have some degree of freedom over the choice of everything, but ultimately, if an issue cannot be resolved, it becomes the responsibility of the parents, and the parents' decision is final.

Family Siblings Making Up Over a Fight?

Family Siblings Making Up Over a Fight?

Why Is the Role of Parents Important in Raising Their Children?

When the children turn out to be 18, eventually they will hunt for jobs or go for higher studies and in either case, they will move out of their parents' home. They will be on their own, and whatever good teachings and lessons their parents have imparted to them, they will now utilize them to survive and thrive outside of their comfort zone. So parents do play a significant role in bringing up their children.

How Can Parents' Conflicts Be Resolved?

If one parent is cheating on the other by seeing somebody else, they get distanced out and immediately start thinking of a divorce. But their children's destiny is at stake who need both their parents until adulthood. Therefore, I recommend that parents' first choice under these circumstances would be to resolve this conflict via a mediator who could be a relative, close friend, close neighbor or counselor. When the mediator(s) hear both sides of their story, they are in a better position to help out the parents, come to a solution and resolve the conflict.

Great Parents Resolved Your Conflict?

Great Parents Resolved Your Conflict?

Why Is Unity within a Family Significant?

It is important that a family stays unified because within this unity there is strength, and it is this strength which supports the family emotionally and financially. Without unity within the family, the members all get crumpled and lost. So, make sure all your family members are in good terms, cooperating with each other harmoniously with zero conflict.

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How Can Unity within a Family Be Ensured Earlier on?

It goes back to the time when you were dating your significant other. You should not have been just carried away with each other's good looks, outfits, and properties. Body chemistry, body language, a difference of opinions, status and compatibility all count. You should have spent time together for longer times and held conversations to get to know each other. Although you couldn't judge everything, yet many things would have been revealed and you could make a choice. It's best to make a good choice early in life otherwise you suffer in later life for your blunder.

If Earlier in Life, You Couldn't Be Sure Whether Your Dating Partner Could Help You in Raising a Unified Future Family, What Could You Have Done?

Based on your gut instinct, if you felt the person you were dating couldn't be fully responsible to maintain unity among your future family although your partner ensured at the time he could, then you should have taken a third opinion from a friend, relative or even your understanding parents. Even if these people were not able to help, the best choice would have been to consult a counselor.

Summary, the Checklist

1) Parents should resolve conflicts among children early in life and give them the right and appropriate good lessons to share, co-operate, compromise, and also, to own.

2) Parents should resolve their conflicts, not thinking about a divorce straightaway for the sake of their children but consult a mediator who can understand both sides of their story and give an appropriate solution and ultimately, save the family from a divorce.

3) Unity within a family gives strength to them in emotional or financial terms.

4) That unity can be ensured within a family dates back to the time when you were seeing your significant other and making a choice.

5) If in doubt whether your significant other would succeed in maintaining a unified future family, consult a counselor.

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