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Free Printable Play Money For Teaching Kids

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Free Printable Fake Money To Teach Kids About Finances

I was never really aware of the power of free printable play money until a friend of mine had me around during one of her homeschooling sessions with her daughter. The daughter has a slight physical disability, so it's easier for the mom to keep her at home than bring her to school every day and back. Homeschooling makes for some very interesting lessons (she is actually a teacher by craft anyway), and being privy at some of these fun lessons, I've learned quite a big myself.

They were using a lot of printable money that can be downloaded from the internet for free and I've realized that is indeed a great way to teach small children about what money is, why it is important in every day life and the art of finances.In fact these days most kids learn about money way before school starts.

By playing banking games, you can teach your children that money is good to be exchanged for various goods, such as toys, chocolate and other "things" they want. But they will have to also learn that sometimes money is just not enough for everything, so counting the coins and paper money is crucial, in making sure that there is enough of it for spending. Learning about the real value of money is one of the most important lessons kids of today can learn.

I have listed below a few of the best free resources on printing templates and fake money that children can play with at home as if it were real money. Don't forget that this activity also helps spending some quality time with your kids!

(Image copyright: marciag)

Tip #1: Use Money As Incentive For Your Kids To Wash Hands!

Now that's a novel idea if I've ever seen one! A money soap that will make kids scrub hands in a jiffy, even when before they were conveniently forgetting it, or simply making faces when it came to clean up.

Adorable, cute and a must for everyone with small kids!

The $1 bills are pretty much the cornerstone of every kid learning about money. It's much easier for them to start to count with $1 bills than say with $25 or $50. Even just to count up to ten is a great way to use the fake paper money.

There are tons of places that offer printable $1 bills to print for your kids to play and learn with.

I have carefully scanned each page and left here only a few of the better sites that are actually free to use and don't try to cheat you with a membership or whatnot. Have fun printing these out and teaching your kids to use money from an early age.

  • $1 bills
    This realistic one dollar bill (complete with George Washington) can help children learn to count money and build math skills.
  • Printable Free Money
    You need to Add to Cart and fill in your information, however these are free, you pay nothing for them.
  • Various Dollar Bills At
    You have here $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills to print out - open as an image and save to your computer.

Teach Your Kids To Count Money With these Games From Amazon

All these games are geared towards kids to teach them about money, finances and economics. The games are fun, not boring at all, and they'll open a world of knowledge about currency to children. And truth is in today's economy it is never too early for kids to learn...

Can Free Printable Play Money Teach Kids The Art Of Handling Money?

Next come the $10 bills. Kids need to have every type of play money that also exist in real life as currency. Here are some of the best places for free printable $10 fake money for your kids to enjoy.

Kids Playing With Play Money On The Street

Kids Playing With Play Money On The Street

Kids Playing With Play Money On The Street

Ideas To Use These Free Printable Play Money

(image credits above Creative Commons Flickr)

Once you print out your money, the question is - how do you use these?

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Here are some fun ideas to get you started!

  1. Set up a small grocery store (or other kind of store) in a room and have kids buy things with their money. They can learn to count how much money each item cost, and how to best handle the situations when money is not enough
  2. Place the kid in the role of cashier in a bank and have him or her handle the money, or reverse the role and let him or her write you checks
  3. Simply have lessons in learning to count money - it doesn't get easier than that!
  4. Teach kids the skills to recognize the various types of money - US and international currency
  5. Teach them how to give you the amount of coins they need to get your dollar bill
  6. Create a restaurant menu and add prices for each item. Let your kids order the menu and have them pay with their money
  7. Rewards good behavior with play money, so they gather enough for their next games
  8. Let your kids take this Money quizz for learning more about handling money (quizzes are free to take.)

Using $20 is fun because the money become bigger in value, so children can enter a more complex are of money and finances. By now they have learned about the smaller amounts so they're ready for the bigger numbers to print, learn and play with.

Have You Played The Banking Game?

The banking game

The banking game

This is one of the games my friend is playing with her daughter at home. It's quite a clever game,which I've played at times with them as well. The game is for 2 to 6 players, so the 3 of us have been found often times playing it for fun (and to teach her daughter finances). Also it's a great way to spend some quality time with the family.

There are two sides to the game - either be a banker, or a business person. When the two play, each time turns are taken as to who is the banker and who is the businessman or business woman. It's quite a fun game, one which has pretty much every paper bill and coin available, so everything is possible, just like in real life.

You get $1, $5, $10, $25 and $25 in paper bills. The coins are the same, but in cents. It's an absolutely adorable game that will teach kids about how to use money in various ways, just like when dealing with real currency.

(image credit: public domain)

$50 bills

$50 bills

Now come the bigger money: $50 bills. This is some serious cash to learn about, so here are some great free places to download your templates and free money for your kids, to teach them the value of dealing with money in every day life.

Image credits: Creative Commons Flickr

Cool $100 Bills For Kids To Play With

Cool $100 Bills For Kids To Play With

Cool $100 Bills For Kids To Play With

Image credits: Creative Commons Flickr

When I was a kid I remember to having played with the very same money type - by this manufacturer exactly. Fond memories. I thought at the time that it's just for fun, but little did I know that those kinds of early games would help me greatly later on in life when the real $100 would be just part of my income to put in the bank - or shop with.

teaching kids about money

teaching kids about money

Important Points When Teaching Kids About Finances

There is no doubt about it, kids need to learn about finances from an early age. But there are various aspects that you need to really focus on with them for best results. While I don't have kids myself, a best friend of mine has, and I've been with her several times during her homeschooling her daughter, and I picked up a few tips that can be useful everywhere.

For example when teaching kids about money, you need to show them not only how to spend it, but also how to save it, how to pay the bills and how to get it as well.

When you go shopping, take your kids with you so they can see you with the cashier how you handle money, how you count and give the money and the rest that you get back.

With the play money teach them about the value of a dollar. For example place a $1 fake bill on the table and next to it the various coins that make the $1. They can see that even though there are many more coins that the paper bill, the actual value is not necessarily in the number of items on the table.

Another fun way to teach them about finances is by playing bank - giving them some allowance and charging them let's say 5% interest. Follow that up over time to see how they pay you back and how much money remains to them available.

Image credits: Creative Commons Flickr

learning about coins

learning about coins

Printing out coins is also fun, and this is what children should start with before going on to paper bills. For example using one of the tips above - you can put a $1 bill on one end and the coins that make that $1 value next to it.

Kids will see that even though there are way more coins than money, the actual value is much less and sometimes weight does not equal real value.

Also they can learn about getting coins back at shopping and just how much is the rest that they should get back. Basically coins are equally important, and they can teach kids another aspect of finances and money handling than when using paper bills.

Image credits: Creative Commons Flickr

  • Free Printable Coins
    Here is a list of coins for you to print out and have your kids glue to cardboard pieces as part of their learning and playing activities. Click on the big green button View Printable to open the pdf file for printing.
  • Printable Coins And Pennies
    Save the picture to your computer and print out from your favorite image editor
  • Collection Of Printable Coins
    Plenty of coins to print out - click on each link to get to the relevant sheet that you want to print out
  • UK coins for printing out
    If you need more UK coins, here are some more for you to choose from
  • More Coins To Print Out
    Here is another listing of various coins listed by the amount. Click on each link to open the file in pdf format

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Do You Use Free Printable Play Money To Teach Kids About Finances?

Baddew Fibes on December 18, 2013:

Yes I've used it before to teach my children. They love it! Thanks for the lens.

Lenskeeper on August 17, 2013:

When my son was about 4 or 5 years old, he ran up to me excitedly while shopping at Target with play money in his hands. He said, "Mom, this ought to help out my allowance!" I hated to explain it all to him...

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Great idea and legal!

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pickyshopper on April 02, 2013:

WOW - that's a lot of printables! Several years ago when I was a lot younger, I taught 13 kids, grades 4 through 12 in a 1 room school house setting (my huge, over-sized dining room complete with 8 ft. chalkboard) and I used a lot of printed play money to teach thriftiness and making change. You can't imagine the number of young folks today that can't make change! I also used it as incentive...give each student a coupon organizer and they got different denominations of play money for things like: getting to class on time, attendance, grades, turning in work each day, etc. At the end of the school year, I purchased several gift items and tagged them with high "prices" and the kids went to the end of the year "auction" and bid on them. Kids loved it. Taught them to save money and spend it wisely. Thanks for the time you spent on this lens.

karen-stephens on March 12, 2013:


Fay Favored from USA on February 08, 2013:

Play money is such a good teaching tool for home or school.

mrknowitall54321 on January 30, 2013:

I think free printable play money is a great educational tool for parents teaching kids about the value of money.

aprildawncreati on January 29, 2013:

My daughter came down this morning with her little purse that I made her and wanted to fill it with the stuff mommy has in her purse. So I quickly put together a paper wallet and thanks to your lens full of money she is now busily cutting out her money for her new wallet. Thank you.

anonymous on January 24, 2013:

This is great but the Canadian money (which is what led me here) is either not here or extremely hard to find. Any ideas where I could find free printable play bills in Canadian currency?

Resident-Nerd on January 08, 2013:

This is great my son is getting to that very pretend stage and i hadn't even thought of being able to print play money from the net.... i guess i should have i find most everything else online. Thank you

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Kids will definitely benefit from these ideas.

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I had no idea it was so easy to print your own money!

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That's a lot of money! Never enough for everyone I suppose! :)

anonymous on November 29, 2012:

We need fake money for a high school play and this is perfect! But I'm having trouble printing it, why does it only print half the bill?

mistaben on November 29, 2012:

Loving the idea on this lens, you've done good job on the content.

LiliLove on November 21, 2012:

Cool! My son would love this! Thanks for sharing!

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This will be awesome for my 3 year old to play with. She is always taking my money out of my wallet.

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We found some paper tissues that come as 50 quid notes...endless fun for my partner leaving them all over the place. I won't let him see this free printable play money.

ViolaSuSi on October 08, 2012:

A really nice lens. Great ideas of how to teach our kids to use money. Thank you.

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i like play money its good to teach kids!!!!!

shauna1934 on October 04, 2012:

Oooh, I need to link to this lens on my How to Make a Board Game lens!!!

JerseyJames on September 19, 2012:

Wish I could print real money!

victoriahaneveer on September 11, 2012:

Play money is a lot more hygienic than real money, and it's also handy for replacing all those missing dollar bills out of the Monopoly set!

wrapitup4me on September 08, 2012:

What a great idea for teaching kids about managing money, understanding costs, etc. Lots of other stuff too. Love this lens.

lionessprotector on August 31, 2012:

This is pretty cool. I never thought of printing money for them.

anonymous on August 23, 2012:

nice lens -as a child I used monoploy money

Jan 1980 on August 23, 2012:

Very nice lens about money, I like it

Auntie-M LM on August 22, 2012:

Ah, that we could all print money! Nice job. Angel blessed.

Lenskeeper on August 20, 2012:

It's important to teach kids about money. Nice lens.

When my son was small, he brought a package of play money to me while shopping at Target and said "This ought to help out my allowance!" If it were only that simple.... :)

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Very Fantastic Lens ... Awesome :)

I like it & Love it


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Great resource. I've pinned it. I'm not sure if we will need money for any math this year, but just in case.....

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would never have thought about something like this but yes it wiould be great for kids to learn about money or create their own games

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my youngest would get a kick out free printable money!

JeanJohnson LM on January 29, 2012:

Thanks for this, now I can print my own cash!!!

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I've always been interested in the design of currency and of money in general. :) This is a really cool lens.

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Great idea, excellent lens! Blessed by a Squid Angel :)

davies86 on January 11, 2012:

now...if only my local shop would accept these.

StoveM on December 29, 2011:

Good share. Too bad my children are already beyond this phase.

Thanks for sharing. :)

Mona from Iowa on December 27, 2011:

I would think there is a great potential for teaching economics to children especially useful perhaps for home school lessons.

WriterJanis2 on December 27, 2011:

When my kids were younger, I used play money and it was a great teaching tool.

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