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eufy's S340 Smart Sock Does More Than Just Watch Your Baby


Choosing A Baby Monitor

So you have a newborn — congrats! Far be it from us to tell you that it’s a big responsibility fraught with the unknown. But we will tell you that there are a lot of electronic devices that have been put into place specifically to help with the safety of a child. For sure we’re talking about baby monitors — those cameras that are designed to let parents keep an eye (i.e, monitor) their offspring in another room. The sheer number of these baby monitors have spawned a lot of “eye-candy” in that they don’t always look like a camera so as to be more pleasing to the eye of the parent (the child not really keying into what they are anyway). But as to what they do, they’re pretty much similar in that they, to state the obvious again, let the parent see and sometimes also hear the child. And over time even more tech has become employed as the cameras have added the ability to tell the room temperature and do other things that a standard camera can’t do. So where does the eufy S340 Smart Sock come into all this? By first being a successful baby monitor employing a camera, and secondly adding a significant upgrade to tracking a child through a sock they wear that integrates with same.


Reviewing What Makes A Baby Monitor Worthwhile

There's no monitor or view screen because this works through a person’s smartphone or tablet, courtesy of the free iOS/Android app (easily acquired).

But before we get to how the app behaves, take a quick look at the S340 Smart Sock itself. It requires being plugged into a wall, so no butteries to change or charge, and its lens works day and night through invisible LEDs with a reasonable range so not having to place it right on top of the crib is good. Placement is easier because, once positioned, you can initiate remote powered pan or tilt (specifically it's 330 degrees of pan, 110 degrees of tilt, with a 4X zoom for getting that closeup. It's a HD camera (2K) for a sharp high resolution image.

Also embedded is a microphone and speaker so as to being able to hear the baby (if/when desired) and respond for any purpose.

Getting back to the app, instant notifications show up when baby is awake or fussy and this comes both from the phone (app) as well as the base itself, alerting you to check vi a sound and red illuminating light. That might occur because temperature is read ongoing so as to look at making baby stay comfortable.

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Put This Sock On

Now lets get to that sock — which is the unique aspect of this baby monitor. First thing is that it’s made of a breathable and washable fabric so no issues with putting it on the baby’s foot. Plus it comes in 3 sizes for use from when you want to use it up to the baby being 18 months old, and goes on either foot, your choice, so that helps it to be a good fit. It’s got a rechargeable battery, so no wire connections ever, and the camera’s base holds onto it with magnets when a recharge is needed. You get up to a full day, realistically you can expect at least 18 hours so that’s good. But what’s most important, before we get to what it actually does, is that it uses a Fresnel lens to improve upon the infrared light that is going to be reading your baby’s vitals non-invasively

What the Smart Sock does is track the baby in real-time — sleep data, heart rate data, sleep status and movements, providing this as a daily sleep report. It works via movements and an algorithm so best results come from when the baby is in a bed or crib, as opposed to going outside.


A Smart Sock

The eufy S340 Smart Sock has a lot going for it, and the fact that all the data accumulated and provided doesn’t incur any monthly fee only means a sigh of relief from the strain of all the stuff a newborn (or not so newborn) needs. Add to that a microSD card is included for local recording and all of the other cradle/mounting needs are taken care of. There are times when technology can be an effective tool, and when it comes to a baby such a technology can be appreciated. This is such a case. For more details go to

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