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Overmedicating Foster Children

I'm the owner of the FightCPS website. I'm concerned about false accusations of child abuse and neglect, and the children involved.


The Tragic Drugging of Children in Foster Care - A National Scandal...

God help America . . . some terrible news about over-medication of foster children has come to light. I've heard about this off and on for quite a few years during the course of my work as a family rights activist... and think it is time for a lens (THIS lens) to shed some light on the topic and FOCUS on the tragedy of children harmed by the system that pretends to protect them.

My heart is heavy as I write these words because I know so much already about children who have been harmed by drugs after becoming foster children.

Read these stories and listen to the videos please, and consider the tragedy, the harm befalling these precious and innocent children.

Drugging Children in Foster Care

First, let's watch this video in which NBC News exposes the problem during a 2006 broadcast.

"...thousands of foster kids appear to be on powerful psychotropic or mind altering drugs. Many of these children are barely in kindergarten."

Overmedicating Children in Foster Care - A News Documentary

Baby S.

She was brain injured for life by the age of four due to drugs administered in foster care.

Baby S. is a Los Angeles County BABY who was put on a cocktail of psychtropic drugs including Phenobarbital, Xanax, Prozac, chloral hydrate and other drugs. The public found out about this sick travesty because a lawsuit was filed on her behalf when she was still a preschooler, already in 24-hour care for life. A four million dollar settlement was granted for her special care.

The foster mother was blamed for the drugging of this child. This woman, Lynette Harms of Carpinteria, was herself described in the LA Times as a drug addict. She had adopted Baby S's older sister and taken care of Baby S. since she was six months old, in 1996. Where was the CPS caseworker who should have overseen the child's care? Did that person ever get punished/fired/demoted? Perhaps we'll never know. This incident has become a footnote. Maybe I'm the only person who still remembers, who often thinks about Baby S. and the insane foster care system that allows the drugging of young children. This took place over ten years ago.

At the time the newspaper reported:

"In 1999, the comatose girl was taken to Santa Barbara Hospital, where she was found to have brain and liver damage.

The lawsuit, alleging negligence, said some of the five social workers on the case failed to make legally required visits to the home. None were made between April and October 1998, according to a claims board document.

Harms was convicted of shoplifting in Santa Maria in 1998 and her foster license was revoked the next year, the lawsuit said.

That article is still online: Baby S. - $4 million settlement proposed for child with brain damage. The lawyer who filed the lawsuit against Los Angeles County was Richard Voorhies.

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Pray For Baby S.

Please say a prayer for Baby S. and all the many thousands of other foster children who are being forced to take psychotropic drugs.

This story has just begun... please read through the page to learn about other children whose lives were interfered with because of forced drugging during foster care.

Candace Tiara Elmore

A foster-adopt child, dead at age ten. Psychiatric drugs are blamed: Effexor and Risperdal. Keep in mind that Risperdal is intended ONLY for ADULT schizophrenics, but foster children are often prescribed this drug.

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This is a bizarre story of psychiatry and "therapy" gone insane.

Candace was taken from her mother at the age of five because one day her mom couldn't find a way to get a ride home from Head Start for Candace. ONE DAY, no ride. Rather than finding a way to help, the Head Start worker called CPS. But why was Candace in Head Start in the first place? Because this had been ordered after an earlier contact with CPS.

Candace, whose mother's only crime was not to have a ride to pick her up, was placed in foster care. Parental rights were terminated and a few years later Candace was adopted out to a childless nurse-practitioner, Jeane Newmaker, in North Carolina. But Candace wasn't happy. She was placed on numerous drug therapies. Jeane continued to look for answers and took Candace to "rebirthing therapy" in Colorado. This was popular with foster and adoptive parents because they could pretend the child was being born to them.

During the course of the rebirthing Candace was wrapped in blankets and pushed against by the therapists. This was to simulate a birth canal. She was supposed to fight her way out. Instead she told them she couldn't breathe and that she was dying. The therapist said, "Go ahead!" And she did.

Most people who endure rebirthing therapy don't die. It is thought that Candace did because of the many drugs she was prescribed to take at that time.

Candace died on April 20, 2000. This is a date I can't forget because it was my daughter's 11th birthday, and because Candace was born only a few months after my daughter, in 1989. Ironically, it happened during April which is Child Abuse Prevention Month. The "protectors" of children protected another child to death.

I knew about Candace's death ever since this happened and was reported in Denver's Rocky Mountain News, which has gone out of business. I have an archived copy of the articles about Candace.

This is an excerpt from one of the articles:

'Prosecutors said the powerful drugs Candace took to control her moods and behavior were changed repeatedly in the two weeks before her death.

Just before arriving in Evergreen, Jeane took her off Dexadrine, the amphetamine being used to combat attention deficit disorder.

Alston stopped Candace's use of Effexor, an anti-depressant, investigators said.

Candace's dosage of Risperdal, a calming medication, was doubled on April 11. Jeane told investigators the anti-psychotic drug was to counteract Candace's history of assaultive behavior - again without providing specifics.

Although Alston had stopped the Effexor, Candace began taking it again the day before she died because her therapy hadn't progressed as they'd hoped, Jeane told investigators.

The drugs were dispensed to Candace each day by Brita St. Clair, Watkins' office manager, who hosted the Newmakers during their stay in Evergreen. St. Clair was engaged to Jack McDaniel, whom Candace was told to call "Daddy Jack."

McDaniel, a high school graduate with no medical or therapy training, was to be paid $700 to write a report about Candace's two weeks with Watkins and Julie Ponder, a California therapist.

Watkins later told investigators that the drugged Candace had "a look in her eye like nobody's home."

Prosecutor Steve Jensen charged that the therapists modified Candace's drug intake in order to manipulate her.

"They went so far as to control even the mental state of the child," Jensen said during a hearing in August.'

From the Rocky Mountain News, which has gone out of business.

See the Wikipedia article about Candace


Children are being drugged in foster care (and after adoptions) because there's a lot of money that exchanges hands. All therapies for foster children are reimbursed by the Federal Social Security Fund. That's money for doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists. That's money that comes into the county to enrich specific, chosen "service providers" who can be relatives of CPS workers and managers.

Not only that, but the PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY must love this! They're selling lots of pills! They're getting children hooked on drugs! They're able to use foster children who are separated from the parents who love them for human guinea pigs. Don't believe me? Further down on this page there's a video testimony from ASHLEY, a young woman who was taking an experimental drug while in foster care. Listen to her... she will tell you what happens to foster children.

But there's more. You see, foster and adoptive "parents" get paid EXTRA for housing "special needs" children. Children that were relatively "normal" when with their natural parents are classified as "special needs" in foster care as soon as they're prescribed psychotropic drugs. That's major money in the hands of their caretakers! Of course these foster parents are lining the kids up for their psychotropic drugs. Money, money, money!

Once a child is ADOPTED from foster care, there's substantial monthly payments for "special needs" children. This is the ADOPTION SUBSIDY program. These adopters are often looked on by society as benevolent, loving people who'll take in a dozen handicapped or "special needs" children. What the public doesn't know is that they're raking in the dough. Ten thousand dollars a month? Who wouldn't want that? Sometimes these children are seriously abused in these "child collecting" situations.

I've been collecting news stories about "child collecting" foster-adopters for years. Here's one from Tennessee, about a couple, Tom and Debra Schmitz, who collected 18 children. Their story made the news when they were accused of making some of the children go into the backyard to "dig their own graves" as a punishment.

Here's part of an interview with another child collecting foster parent (Karen Tolin) about Tom and Debra Schmitz:

"Parenting difficulties such as this eventually prompted Karen and her husband, Timothy, to make a tough decision nearly 18 months ago - they would send Erin, who has special mental needs, from their Michigan home to live with Tom and Debra Schmitz in Tennessee.

Now age 9, Erin was one of the 18 children the Tennessee Department of Children Services removed from the Schmitz home in June because of possible abuse. The case, however, hasn't swayed Karen Tolin's belief that Tom and Debra Schmitz are good parents. She plans to be in a Gibson County courtroom Thursday to support the couple's effort to visit the children.

'It's so sad,' Tolin said in a phone interview from her Michigan home. 'My heart just goes out to Tom and Deb. Sooner or later, the truth is going to come out.'

In Tennessee, the couple is accused of beating children, locking them in a metal cage and forcing them to spend hours in a dark cellar. They also are accused of forcing children to dig their own graves and telling them they could be killed and buried in the back yard and no one would care.

Abuse allegations also were lodged against the couple in November 2000 when they lived in Wisconsin. An extensive investigation, however, ended with no charges being filed. Tolin believes those accusations were from ''disgruntled family members who got mad.''

It was just several months earlier in 2000 that the Schmitzes received a Family of Distinction Award from the Green Bay-De Pere YWCA in March 2000 for their parenting skills. And it is during this Wisconsin period when the Tolins and Schmitzes strengthened a friendship.

Tolin recently spoke by phone with The Jackson Sun from her Michigan home. She also corresponded by e-mail.

She is disturbed by the misdemeanor criminal charges against the couple in Tennessee and said some of the alleged abuses are simply parenting techniques required for children with special needs."

(By Tonya Smith-King, published in 2004 in at

Protect Children by Leaving Them With the Parents God Gave Them

Children need to be loved and cherished by the parents God gave them to, not taken by the state from non-abusive parents, then collected by foster-adopters who have them drugged to increase their monetary value.

Gabriel Myers - Drugged foster child suicide victim - at age seven!

"No one knows what was going through seven-year-old Gabriel Myers' head when he decided to hang himself on April 16 [2009] but experts believe the foster kid had nowhere to turn and his actions were influenced by a slew of prescribed drugs. . . . Florida's foster kids are being prescribed mind altering drugs. There are even kids in the system as young as two years old on the drugs."

Another foster child PROTECTED TO DEATH during Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Gabriel Meyers

Will Florida Legislators Make Changes Now?

Did this child, Gabriel, have to DIE first?

I've known about Florida's drugging of foster children for years. Why did it take the SUICIDE of a SEVEN-YEAR-OLD to convince Florida legislators to take action? WHY?

In 2001 a news article was published in Florida's Miami Herald about the problem. I linked to it (from my site, FightCPS) then, writing, "Advocates alarmed by drugs used for kids - May 7, 2001 - why are 600 Florida Medicaid-recipient children under age six prescribed antipsychotic drugs intended for adult schizophrenics? This 'chemical restraint' of foster children is happening in California and other states too." This news article is no longer online.

Then in 2004 I posted another article, also about Florida: "Foster children harmed by psychotropic drug Risperdal." Did anything change then?

No, apparently not!

So now that Gabriel took his own life while drugged, lawmakers are considering changes:

Florida lawmakers pledge action on psychiatric drugs in foster care - The apparent suicide of a 7-year-old boy in April raised an alarm.

Do I think they'll really change things so that foster children are not harmed by drugs?

Honestly.... no. I don't believe anything will change. This foster care / CPS / child snatching fiasco our country has brainwashed everyone to think is so necessary is controlled by the BIG MONEY industrial complex that is ruining children and everything else they can get their hands on in this country... all in the name of USING the SHEEPLE for generating massive amounts of money.

God help the children, the young parents who have no idea how to defend themselves in court, and every other innocent person in this land!

Listen the teenagers who have aged out of foster care after years of being drugged.

Elnita - Here's what she said:

"As soon as I got there they was telling me that I had to take medicine . . . and I didn't know why I had to . . . I think they should know a kid before they just stick you on medication."

"When I got visitors I was looking out in space, like I wasn't acting myself. It made my attorney and CASA a little concerned about it because all the medicine they had me on was making me slow like I was like crazy or something, and I guess that's what they want people to think - that we was crazy and we really wasn't, and they give you these meds to actually make you crazy." - Elnita

Andrew - Three years of being drugged in foster care.

"Just all these different pills they would prescribe me, I didn't know what they were for, but I knew that if I didn't take them I would either get put in the hole, or I couldn't go home, I couldn't see my mom, I couldn't talk to them on the phone, nothing like that." - Andrew

Ashley - Drugged for eight years in foster care.

"Probably within a month, when I got thrown into the Austin Children's Shelter, I got placed on an anti-depressant, a sleeping aid, and I don't really remember what else. They told me that I was too young and that the medications they put me on would just help me with my depression and my sleeping because I was having trouble sleeping because I was taken away from my family. I started at probably eleven or twelve with anti-depressants, and I haven't stopped until I was eighteen."

- Ashley

Joshua - Six years in foster care. More than fifteen foster homes!

"First foster home . . . eight medications..."

"I was a walking zombie. . . . I was beaten, and molested, and abused, and neglected, in the foster home." - Joshua

Kyle - He was feeling suicidal when he was a drugged child in foster care.

"I was really frightened because I was in the foster care system so they clinically diagnosed me to being depressed and always down on myself . . . When I used to get bruises they always commented that I was hurting myself but when I wasn't - it was just actually a bruise when I was playing a sport. So they started me on a whole bunch of different depression medications."

"We don't need three anti-depressants at once." - Kyle

Anonymous fifteen year old girl - ...taking six different medications!

"I've been in CPS as long as I can remember. . . . I'm on six different medications. . . . In my placements I have been abused, lamps thrown at me, druggen in by my hair at my placement. . . . beaten, raped by this guy . . . CPS doesn't do anything about it, they just leave me in the placement." - anonymous

Dr. John Breeding - He speaks out against the drugging of children.

"Children as experimental guinea pigs and as profit points for a corrupt, cynical, evil industry. That's the reality of it folks. Be clear about that. . . . Texas foster care system data recently:

12% of those kids in foster care under age five are on psych drugs. 55% age six to twelve. 67% age thirteen to seventeen. 73% are on two or more. 42% are on three or more. Many, many of these are on anti-psychotics. . . . It's absolutely tragic. We're killing these kids."

"Here's an example of a death: Rebecca Riley. On antipsychotics and other drugs between age two and a half and four. At age four on December 13, she's described as a 'floppy doll' and she dies. . . . the psychiatrist who started the whole thing, his defense: 'customary and usual practice.' Going after the doctors is difficult because this is the customary and usual practice."

"This is institutionalized child abuse. This is poison; this is not medical treatment. This is not an illness. These drugs are not medicine. They're toxic poisons that disable and kill - physically many times, psychologically always." - Dr. John Breeding

His website: The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses.

Many Children Have Died in Foster Homes


Your comments are welcome - Whatever you want to say is okay...

Full of nothing on December 21, 2015:

Perhaps you might review the times. In 1999 the first drug babies were being born. At that point no one was willing to take them in, let alone find doctors willing to take them. Their medi-cal gave them the least care possible. Compared to now. When the whole world is aware of autism, the effects of drugs and alcohol on babies before birth and the need for the special care needed by these children after birth. The foster parents back then who took on these kids had to fight tooth and nail to get them any kind of care. Remember this is almost 18 years ago!!! If you would look into that first story, as I did, you will see the foster mother was awarded full parental rights to the other 4 special needs children she was adopting at the time. Only one year later a judge let her adopt them. What is that saying, don't judge until you have walked in the other persons shoes. All those years ago maybe this foster parent was doing what she could in a system that is still so very inadequate.

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on May 03, 2015:

The caseworker probably should inform the parent, but there's no guarantee they will. I've seen that they break regulations frequently because they either don't know about them, or because they know they'll suffer no backlash.

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on May 03, 2015:

Yes, if you're mentally altered by marijuana, caseworkers in most states will use it against you even if you have a medical marijuana card. If you're a parent it is best to stay straight.

dad on March 28, 2015:

What if i have a medical marajana card what rights do i have can the socialworkers hold it against me

Melissa on January 07, 2015:

My question is the cps worker supposed to let the parent know if a child has begun taking medicine? MINE HASN'T , NO SURPRISE! Im still waiting. ..

otad12 on May 23, 2014:

@Linda BookLady: Thank you so much for that!

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on May 20, 2014:

@otad12: What a miracle that I found your comment here this morning! I have before me, here on my table, a memoir written by someone who did exactly what you're trying to do. Her name is Penny Elder, and her book is "Journey of Love: A Woman's Journey From a Fractured Childhood Into Wholeness." She recovered and now is a mighty prayer warrior for her church. I would like to put you in touch with her ... if you could leave me a comment on my website:, that would help... so I could get your email address in a private way.

otad12 on May 19, 2014:

Hi, I'm here again. I have done more research on cults & the New Age Movement, & I'm ashamed to say that I lied about the imaginary friends, because I feel ashamed about having them. I'm 30 & still have them & never was able to get rid of them, & now that I have a better understanding about PTSD, child abuse, cults, mind control, the foster care system, Maladaptive Daydreaming, etc., I am not so ashamed or embarrassed anymore. I apologize for lying about getting rid of the imaginary friends. I lied because of fear of embarrassment & shame.

I heard that imaginary friends are demons/spirit guides masquerading as an imaginary friend. The foster mom was in a New Age cult, & I have some, but not all symptoms of what people call "an INDIGO child". I heard that cult leaders encourage or use Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Guided Imagery to brainwash their followers, & their followers end up in the demonic spirit world. I remember having multiple personalities when I was younger, but I grew out of it, & I still dissociate, meaning daydream without even realizing it. Also, when I was younger, my imaginary friends-I used to feel them live inside of me, & I had split mind. I was always locked up in a small janitorial closet by the special ed kindergarten teachers 6 hours a day because of "bad behavior". & I experienced lots of physical abuse. Also, when I was little, I remember levitating up in the air, on more than 1 occasion.

I found out the truth about the cult that the abusive foster mom put us in, & I accepted Jesus Christ a couple of years ago, but I've been actively praying & reading the bible ever since the end of December 2013. I have been praying to get rid of these imaginary friends & stop the daydreaming because it's spiritually harmful, & I feel like I have difficulty getting rid of the "friends" & difficulty daydreaming.

I am not accepted by anyone in society, & even church/Christian people want nothing to do with me, & I'm FORCED to do everything alone or with the imaginary friends around 24/7 that I can't get rid of.

Thanks for reading & understanding.

otad12 on March 09, 2014:

The kindergarten teachers used to lock me & my twin sister up in the janitor's closet for 6 hours a day in the dark, thinking that would change or control our behavior. & our brother used to lock us in the laundry room. Because of that, I ended up with MPD/DID, altered personalities & imaginary friends. Now I hear this new mental health diagnosis, called MALADAPTIVE DAYDREAMING. I do daydream all the time.

Katekate on January 31, 2014:

@otad12: I can't imagine what you went through. I believe something good should happen to you. What matter is that you survived all this horror. You should use your story to raise an awareness about this. Try to talk to news people, to wright about this everywhere you can. There are so many like you. You are all should team up and do something about. I wish you all the best and be strong, believe in yourself, don't let them manipulate you, focus on positive, it helps!

jmchaconne on November 03, 2013:

Actually this is the first time I was made aware of it, and I thank you for your good work. I recently did a lens about a parent who was falsely accused, and the child tragical ended up in a series of foster care homes. Hopefully this didn't happen to her.

otad12 on September 25, 2013:

Sorry I keep posting. I just remembered this. I don't think I mentioned it earlier. When I was 3 years old, the foster mom used to make me stand on my knees & eat soggy cereal out the garbage if I wasted it/threw it in the garbage. She didn't care if I had to sit there ALL day, like 6 hrs. She didn't care if the milk was spoiled by the hot sun. 'Til this day, I still have trouble swallowing soft foods. I gag on them.

Also, the foster mom used to CONSTANTLY tell us how society doesn't care about us.

1 of her biological cousins' daughter, who she adopted, went to visit her home, & the foster mom refused to look her in the eye, & also, she said the foster mom couldn't even get her name right when she mentioned her name. Why so much HATE? Also, this is the same adopted daughter who, the foster mom had the adopted daughter's house in HER (the adopted daughter's) name, but the foster mom illegally STOLE control of her property, & the foster mom stopped paying property taxes on the house, & so now, the foster mom's adopted daughter is being sued. She (the adopted daughter) didn't even know the house was in her name.

otad12 on September 13, 2013:

My biological mother passed away yesterday.

otad12 on September 09, 2013:

My former foster mom & foster stepdad got the foster parent of the year award, too. Even though they were abusive!

otad12 on September 06, 2013:

Being abused in foster care, I was robbed of my childhood. Now, I only know how to be a big kid.

otad12 on September 06, 2013:

OK guys, here's my book. My twin sister & I are 30 years old. I don't even know where to start. I'm still affected by foster care abuse. The foster mom molded me & my twin sister & other siblings to not get along, & it's still not working. I give up. @ age 30, I feel like nothing's gonna change. Foster & biological family are all abusive towards me, including my twin sister. I moved nearly 2,000 miles away from them because I'm tired of the abuse. My twin sister was the last person to give a chance. I have to cut her off, permanently, too. *sadly*

The story goes as, the reason why me & my twin sister got taken away as infants is because, "Abuse & neglect". The foster mom & social workers used to say that our birth mom used to put us in a clothes drawer as newborns, & when we cried, she'd shut it. Also, they used to say we were malnourished with cigarette burns on our arms. [The foster mom used to say, "I should've left you nasty, dirty babies where I found you! Y'all were so nasty, filthy & dirty that the social workers didn't even wanna touch y'all!"] I believed it was true for so many years because my biological family don't care about me anyway.

I've recently found out how the foster care system operates, & their involvement with the illuminati, NWO, etc. Me & my twin sister were in foster care since 5 or 6 mos. old all the way until 18. Even AFTER we turned 18, the foster mom & fake social workers continued to try to exercise TOTAL control over our lives.

I think I remember being on psych meds since age 5 or 6. 3 of my brothers were also in foster care with us. 1 of the brothers lived with the foster mom's sister, who's also a foster parent. The foster mom, her sister & their MOTHER were all 3 foster parents.

On top of that, my former foster mother was involved in an anti-Christian cult, called "The Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research". & they taught us how to hate God, & taught us that Jesus was a false name, etc. & that Christians are the Devil. They never attack Judaism or Islam. The foster mom used to punish us for not wanting to participate in cult meetings. She told everyone in the cult, her family members & also our neighbors across the street to spy on us & keep tabs on everything we do. Cult members also ridiculed & bullied us. We were bullied in school, too. 1 thing hurts me was that people @ school used to say, "At least I know who my real mama is!" That hurt. But now, I know who my real mama is! & she's not a good person.

It seems as if our childhood was a mild form of MK-Ultra mind control programming. Thankfully, I was NEVER molested as a child, but I was forced drugged, manipulated, physically abused, mentally abused & psychologically abused, ridiculed, bullied & laughed @ & was not allowed to stand up for myself.

The foster mom used to make us backstab & betray each other. I even apologized to my siblings for all the things the foster mom manipulated us into doing, & they still hold grudges against me. I'm heterosexual, & my twin sister is gay. When we were 4 years old, the foster dad used to watch porn in front of us, but he never molested us. He would pull out his penis & urinate in front of us, while using the bathroom *sorry so graphic* with the door wide open. Also, me & my twin sister imitated what we saw on porn, & also, the foster family used to watch porn-based soap operas, but when they had the Jungle Fever or Basic Instinct movies, they made us go upstairs. My twin sister tells me 'til this day, "You were the 1 who raped me when we were 4 years old!" But she used to experiment on me when we were little. We didn't know any better. By the time I was 9, I realized it was wrong & wanted her to stop trying to sexually touch me. When she throws it in my face, I tell her that she can't fault me for something we didn't know better about. We were toddlers.

The foster dad died when we were 9 yrs. old. Shortly after his death, the foster mom got a $60,000 BMW convertible car! He probably was a blood sacrifice. He was 47 yrs. old. & She also blood sacrificed her own mom. Her mom was 76. She already had a big house. People used to say she was rich. They used to ask us if that house was haunted, & if that was a group home. After foster dad & foster grandmother died, they were cremated. Also, I used to hear doors open & shut when I would be alone downstairs. I also would hear footsteps. Like a ghost was upstairs. Our foster mom was an occultist.

Also, aside from the foster mom being in a cult, she was also speculated to have participated in voodoo, witchcraft & black magick. Funny because my biological family also practice it. I don't know how to practice it & DON'T WANT TO learn how to practice it! We're from New Orleans, by the way.

Even the people @ our childhood daycare/nursery used to physically abuse & beat us. That's a whole different topic. Our school teachers used to physically abuse & beat us, & they used to provoke us to anger, on purpose for an excuse to restrain us.

In kindergarten, the they used to say I was a bad kid, & that I was the smartest kid in the class with high intelligence, despite my developmental delay. I was thought of to have pervasive developmental disorder-NOS, but it was ruled out. I had speech therapy & other developmental therapies. But anyway, the teachers tried to justify locking me up in a small, dark janitorial closet for 6 hrs. a day until my "behavior" improved.

As a result, I ended up with childhood MPD/DID & had imaginary friends. I used to dissociate. I think I grew out of it. By age 12, I didn't dissociate anymore. Funny how my MPD/DID was replaced with Tourette's Syndrome, OCD, GAD, etc. once I hit middle school. Yes, I know these are all labels.

Since age 16, I suffered hypersensitive ears, & I got bullied for it. I still suffer hyperacusis. I had braces. My Tourette's caused my TMJ. I thought braces would make it better. It made it worse. Speaking of orthodontics/dentistry, they forced us against our will to get mercury amalgam fillings since age 5 (Hello, Medi-Caid/Big Pharma), & now my whole back row of teeth are filled with this poison. That's why I'm crazy! Amalgams are neurotoxins, & I have no way to get them out of my mouth. I was labeled a bad kid for wrestling the dentists, putting that in my mouth & also the doctors force vaccinating me. I used to fight the pediatric nurses, too. I can't believe the kindergarten teachers used to make up lies on 5-yr. old kids! SMH Make up lies on a 5 yr. old child about what they observed in an IEP meeting. & they would secretly observe me without me knowing.

By my Sr. Yr. in high school, I was more vocal about the abuse, & even the high school counselors were fake towards me, I was bullied, harassed, singled out, discriminated against & picked on by my own counselors, teachers, the disciplinarians abusing their authority, abused & bulied by the principal, etc. The whole school of kids bullied me, & even my twin sister helped other kids bully me. My friend said that she's surprised I didn't drop out of school.

Sorry I'm jumpy with topics on my explanation. I can never think straight, & the foster mom convinced everyone to think I'm crazy & that everything I say is illogical, incoherent, irrational & doesn't make sense. My twin sister & biological family picked up where the foster mom left off, with the abuse & control of me, & also it seems like the foster mom & birth mom have a lot in common. But they're enemies. They're both manipulative, abusive & practice witchcraft.

I've been nothing but put down & abused all my life. Torture. & the cops would side with them. When we turned 18, the foster mom stole our trust fund check & my social security backpay check. I was so upset that I didn't even want SSI & Social Security benefits!

But anyway, I was drugged to a zombie. During my sophomore yr. in high school, my Spanish t

sakeetarosen on September 02, 2013:

@anonymous: Actually a lot of children come from perfectly healthy and happy homes, just like Rebecca Riley did.

Her parents loved her and only put her on medication because the doctor said to. Yet they are the ones that get arrested for her death? That is so screwed up!

You are a horrible person if you think its okay for a doctor to a kill a child, and then blame it on the parents! Foster parents are horrible parents, they think that just cause their broken and can't have children, means they can STEAL another persons child.

You are the product of the Illuminati New World Order.

otad12 on February 01, 2013:

I have such a LONG story that I don't know where to start. I was a foster child force drugged from kindergarten on up, & I have to be FORCED to be a slave to psychiatry for the rest of my life!

This is preparing us for the New World Order. This is TYRANNY!

I'm going to post my personal experience another day. I have to go now. I warn you! It will be LONG!

(Well, it looks like I can't post links here.) Please google search (THE HIDDEN SIDE OF PSYCHIATRY pdf) by Dr. Gary Null & (JESUS IS SAVIOR DCFS MONSTERS)

HuggsX3 LM on August 08, 2012:

yeah nowhere is safe. they make you take way too many drugs in the hospital psych unit or mental health places too just so they don't have to deal with you. they treat you like shit too, just like foster care and abuse abusive parents. well not all those ppl are bad but they don't care about you and they locked me up once bc i passed out of blood tests and not eating..then they flipped on me for crying.

FosterCareScotland on May 08, 2012:

age, I've just started work in the foster care sector, so I'm not expert and I'm not knocking America but the culture of drugging children is thankfully not so prevalent here in Scotland. I personally think the drug companies have a lot to answer for - they create a product and then have to sell it.

missesq10 on April 07, 2012:

This lens is heart breaking to read, but you spoke the truth!

MrsPankhurst on January 26, 2012:

My concern is in situations where one child might be prescribed medication for ADHD and the foster carer take it upon themselves to use that medication on another child in care in order to have a more peaceful life.

dwkm8 on January 13, 2012:

@griffinhenderson21: I am a mother of three. I had at the time owned houses(landlord)for income. I also worked part time in the school system for the mentally handicapped. Worked part time cleaning houses for doctors. I know what you mean about affording kids. My attitude was all about kids!! I Love kids and love activities for kids. This should have been me as an intervention for all these foster kids. Now i know why I'm suing the county for millions and millions, right now! Because they violated not only my rights but more so my kids rights. I had plenty of family wanting to take my kids. I knew shortly after how many people in american have been affected by this SAME situation, which is Hugh.. trust me I am here!! reading this has been my best friend besides a one true friend who just 100% listens and cares and gives me possible hope to understand and identify what I see as an assessment of what happened. I never stop! This marks10 years of battle!! I will never stop till justice!!! Ever person out there has value and has any topic he can discuss to you that has happened to him or her just for the asking. This haS GOT TO CUT THE FOSTER CARER SYSTEM.But the whole CPS situation >> I see it as dangerous that most foster moms are beyond scared just from being in the system and dealing with cps workers, county caseworkers, supervisors ,that you's(foster parents) cannot even say it's easy to talk to these hard people who will not change if you are telling them you don't agree or associate yourself with what they tell you's to do. They get uptight, angry, and tell you the child usually will be removed. I guess everything happens for a reason! So many issues.. lets just take one step at a time... just to ask for help?? If we can see you being a straight edge mom and part of the process will teach us to change and look to other things and make us realize and willing to help make these changes>> Opportunity!! get negativity outta peoples heads>> choices can be bad things>> but when you change those choices>>"I guess you make change" One of the alliterative's I see is Starting with certificate's is a nice prosperous outlook for people who want to take or restart lives. Realizing, Maybe a housing system program with the parent is acceptable. That isn't that bad! What I'm trying to find is a new alternative to foster system to foster advocating.

dwkm8 on January 13, 2012:

@anonymous: I am a mother of three. I had at the time owned houses(landlord)for income. I also worked part time in the school system for the mentally handicapped. Worked part time cleaning houses for doctors. I know what you mean about affording kids. My attitude was all about kids!! I Love kids and love activities for kids. This should have been me as an intervention for all these foster kids. Now i know why I'm suing the county for millions and millions, right now! Because they violated not only my rights but more so my kids rights. I had plenty of family wanting to take my kids. I knew shortly after how many people in american have been affected by this SAME situation, which is Hugh.. trust me I am here!! reading this has been my best friend besides a one true friend who just 100% listens and cares and gives me possible hope to understand and identify what I see as an assessment of what happened. I never stop! This marks10 years of battle!! I will never stop till justice!!! Ever person out there has value and has any topic he can discuss to you that has happened to him or her just for the asking. This haS GOT TO CUT THE FOSTER CARER SYSTEM.But the whole CPS situation >> I see it as dangerous that most foster moms are beyond scared just from being in the system and dealing with cps workers, county caseworkers, supervisors ,that you's(foster parents) cannot even say it's easy to talk to these hard people who will not change if you are telling them you don't agree or associate yourself with what they tell you's to do. They get uptight, angry, and tell you the child usually will be removed. I guess everything happens for a reason! So many issues.. lets just take one step at a time... just to ask for help?? If we can see you being a straight edge mom and part of the process will teach us to change and look to other things and make us realize and willing to help make these changes>> Opportunity!! get negativity outta peoples heads>> choices can be bad things>> but when you change those choices>>"I guess you make change" One of the alliterative's I see is Starting with certificate's is a nice prosperous outlook for people who want to take or restart lives. Realizing, Maybe a housing system program with the parent is acceptable. That isn't that bad! What I'm trying to find is a new alternative to foster system to foster advocating.

dwkm8 on January 12, 2012:

@CeeZeeCee: So well said!!! I plan on suing the doctor too for medicating my son at age 3, and she had no prior history of the child. Also the second foster mother who lied because she was a school teacher and his foster mom couldn't stand his crying out for his mother made her own IEP evaluation and lied, and got two other signatures who one was her friend and co-worker my sons school kindergarten teacher along with her other friend the nurse of the school to give to the doctor to put my son on drugs. Sick world we live in...we need a future to save these foster kids from this destructive society.

dwkm8 on January 12, 2012:

@Dianne Loomos: Unbelievable well said!!!! you need the purple heart award...

dwkm8 on January 12, 2012:

@abcs123s: That's were I'm at, but right now their going down. I'm suing the crap outta them for millions ans millions of dollars, maybe this will make them listen. I promise you, this is over for cps anymore, that simple! We use to back in the days use police for disputes or any arguments, domestic fights, well that's what i say go back too. No more cps!!

dwkm8 on January 12, 2012:

@strebe: Strebe, I am so proud of you for standing up for yourself ,and you became what God predicted for you. The wise man. You are now how old?? I too have a son is foster care that they put on drugs at age 3.. I have never stopped crying over this! I had to gain strength to right from the start, right after I had a brain surgery. They took my three kids and lied, falsified reports, affidavits, everything lied in court to keep them and try to adopt them. When in fact my oldest two would not allow them to adopt them. My youngest was 10 years younger and he couldn't defend himself, once they split all the kids up from the get go. Put them all in an inadequate foster home X's three. after split them up one by one in the night to different foster homes. It was all because I placed the kids voluntarily for my surgery. After my surgery the caseworker lied about my visits telling me that I had to wait for court for visits. She lied!! Also when I sent to court the judge gave the kids back. 10 months later a different caseworker tried to ask me if i would give up my kids again so she could help me. She lied!!! Then she came after me with more lies!!! She won in court!!! Now my two oldest aged out and are home...Oh! and they went through a lot of abuse... now my youngest is still in the system and is being abused by drugs.. I'm suing the county for millions and I will put and end to cps when I win...PROMISE

awesomemother12 on December 08, 2011:

@anonymous: Thank you for being one of the far and few in between for providing a good home for someone elses children. Im sure your home life is not a perfect one and Im pretty sure you have those moments of stress and lose your cool from time to time. Im sure of it because it doesn't exist! Im sure there are good homes however I hear more bad than not and as far as mine and my husbands kids go that hasn't been the case and I have found more truth in this and other articles on this site to be truth and my children express it all the time. include but arent limited to molestation, exposure to homosexual porn at 5yrs old (cps sticking up for foster parent over a 5yr old boy), again repeating itself with my stepson where they believe the foster parent over the child but in reversed roles believe the child over the parent, attorney wrking for cps and if they lose enough cases with the parents they get to switch over to make more money representing our children (my attorney is an example, then after representing my kids was arrested and charged with child pornography), my son missing at 5yrs old for HOURS in a city crawiling with sex offenders ended up being tied to a tree and lost in the woods (by foster dads adopted son), my daughter being screamed at because she had to go to the bathroom at bedtime at 4yrs old and then locked in a dark room, her also being hit in the face by previous foster parent for picking her nose 4yrs old, my stepson being evaluated before cps was in picture for add and determined through two teachers, my husband, and I that he did NOT have it. Now after seeing a pshychiatrist for 10 mins and asking 5-10 questions determined he did. Why when requested to put him on non narcotic meds they said no we have to put him on the strongest narcotic there is!!!!!!!! BY the way in my daughters foster home there were FIVE kids and it my step daughters there are THREE girls. my 8 yr old who doesn't know how to be an 8yr old was placed with teenage girls who are dating? its NOT about my children to them. As a christian with over 3 yrs of sobriety and even cps said provided them their needs and if it weren't for us they wouldn't be this advanced or willing to have structure, I do not allow my 8 yr.old to sing rap with sexual content yet CPS and the foster parents don't seem to have a problem with it. Nor do they see a problem with violent videogames for my 11 yr old(not teenaged) whose biggest fear is death. US PARENTS NEED TO FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDRENS SAKE.

CeeZeeCee on December 07, 2011:

You did an excellent job with this lens. People need to be aware of what is happening to kids in foster care. It's not only foster parents drugging their children. The pharmaceutical industry is so powerful and there is so much money involved. Parents and foster parents need to stand up to these doctors that are so quick to medicate. Anyone with common sense would know that it can't be right to give a child, that is growing and changing everyday, these extremely strong meds.

I know that it is hard to deal with a child with issues, but there has to be something better than drugging them into submission. These kids will never be whole because they weren't given the chance to become productive members of society.

The fact that the system would encourage this type of behavior by offering a "bonus" to foster parents of medicated kids is repulsive. I do not, in any way, mean to offend good foster parents. I understand that a foster parent needs additional monetary compensation for taking a child into their home. But if it works as you have described in this lens and foster parents are offered more money when the child has problems, they are creating a system that is just asking for trouble.

Thank you for writing this lens. It was very well written and informative.

AmericanCitizen on December 06, 2011:

@anonymous: You really are not getting the point of the lens. This lens isn't against foster parents. It is an exposé of a system that rips children out of their homes on trivial charges only to place them in a more dangerous situation, where foster parents are PAID MORE when the children are prescribed drugs for the trauma they've endured in being taken from the parents that love them.

If you are a good foster parent I'm on your side. It is the SYSTEM that I'm against because the system puts children in danger. These children do not deserve to be deprived of parents, families, security, and health. They are not guinea pigs to be used for medication trials.

anonymous on December 05, 2011:

@donaldwilson: Thank you Ohohdon for standing up for the thousands of good, caring foster parents. Foster care has such a terrible reputation but what should we do - close all the foster homes - and then what? 560,000 children in the US (est) are in foster care.

People are always so quick to criticize but they have no idea of how difficult the behaviors are or how damaged - emotionally, physically, socially, etc... these poor children are. They are broken inside. Many of these children come from drug addicted mothers who used drugs/alcohol while pregnant. If people would do the research they would learn that a baby's brain is susceptible to damage in those circumstances. ADHD, FAS, PTSD, ODD and many more are all VERY REAL issues that need a medical intervention in order for the child to make it in society. Teachers can't teach if these children are not treated. The children cannot learn or form relationships without treatment, therapy and various interventions. Of course there is abuse and not all of these children need to be medicated - that is a fact and more needs to be done about it.

But as a foster parent of 15 years in a "therapeutic" agency, I can tell the difference between a child who just needs time and space and love to heal or stabalize and a child with real medical needs. It is never handled lightly. There is a team of people involved in making the decision to give a child medication. It is monitored closely and the "minimum" dose needed is prescribed. We have experienced many cases where the child was weaned off of medications based on our (foster parents) observations alone. But we have also seen wild psychotic children gain control over their lives with the help of medication. It is never an easy or quick decision.

As a foster parent who truly cares, I felt hurt by this lens and all of the negative stories about greedy foster parents - it just is not true. We are allowed to have only 2 children in placement in our program. The compensation we receive is never enough. It is expensive to raise children - aside from food and clothing - sports (registration, uniforms, gear: cleats, bats, balls, team photos,) school pictures, bikes & scooters, Halloween costumes, Christmas gifts, Video Game systems & games, swim lessons, dance classes, piano lessons, (or whatever lessons the child takes an interest in), Birthday parties and gifts, iPods, summer camps, family vacations and recreational outings like Sporting Events or the Movies.... I could go on and on because the expenses go on and on. It never ends!

A foster child is no different than my own child - they need the same exact things and in my family THEY GET THEM!!!! No questions asked. My foster children are part of our family as it should be and they have all loved it here! We have stayed in touch with many of our foster children who have grown up and have kids of their own. This is my life and I will never stop being a foster parent - these children need us and more people should step up and open their hearts and homes to a child in need - it will change your life if you are brave enough to let it. For sure "The System" is always trying to better itself and I've seen huge improvements since first becoming a foster family 15 years ago. There is much more oversight and it continues to improve.

There are many of us doing the work everyday of the biological parents because we care about children and want to make the world a better place. Who else is gonna do it? Their own relatives won't or can't even take them in - it is a sad, dark part of society and I've cried many tears over the years for my foster children and in my heart I know I am doing a good thing!

Sorry I had to vent and Kudos to your parents Ohohdon for all that they did to help children in foster care. There are so many good things happening in foster care and I wish people would start to focus on that and lift these children up because they are not deaf or blind - they hear the horrible things being said and they take it all in. It just adds to their pain and heartache and it's not fair to them either. They are just kids!

There is so much more to say but the naysayers will never understand until they step up and become a foster parent. Thanks!

Don Wilson from Yakima, WA on December 01, 2011:

I have no doubts that there are hundreds of stories of abuse from foster parents. I've heard many disturbing stories from many different sources. It's a real problem that exists in a dark place in our society.

What is also very disturbing to me is that there are many great foster parents who have to live down the bad rap left for them by the foster parents who have no business taking care of anyone's children.

You never hear about the stories, like my parents, who took in dozens of foster children, took care of them, and loved them the same as their own children. My parents have foster children who have legally had their last name changed to match our name. My parents have grandchildren and great grandchildren from the foster children who have remained a significant part of our family for many years since growing up in a loving foster home.

Foster care is not only a bunch of low life people receiving checks from the government that they spend on their own uses while neglecting the children who have been left under their care. Yes, they exist, but that's not the whole story.

anonymous on October 06, 2011:

This is really disturbing. I can't believe what is happening in foster homes! I'm a doctor with a backgroud in psychiatry and would never resort to meds in such a situation. Thank you for an informative lens.

griffinhenderson21 on July 20, 2011:

I am currently getting input on my lense and I need some suggestions on what would make it better

promotional-coupons-codes on June 21, 2011:

Thanks for bringing up this issue and making people like me aware about the abuse against children. Hope some day I can use this knowledge and help some one.

Samantha Lynn from Missouri on May 10, 2011:

Our previous foster child came to us on 7 different drugs & barely spoke. He was 15 & his parents had him on this cocktail since he was Four (so he could qualify for disability), he was also 4'7" tall & not growing because of the drugs! We immediately took him off everything to see how he really was, added growth shots to the mix so the poor kid could at least drive a car as an adult.

Turns out his actual issues cannot be treated with meds & what they were treating his for he never even had, but that didn't stop the Dr from trying to give us something new every other week. They wouldn't listen when I said this is a behavioral problem not a med problem. Pills are not the answer to everything!

MrWidemouth on April 02, 2011:

Good for you for standing up against the system for these children and for reform!

Lee Hansen from Vermont on October 05, 2010:

This is a real shocker to me. I know some parents use OTC meds on little ones and I think that's criminal. To drug any child seems barbaric to me. I've considered being a foster parent at times but I would never give a child drugs and if directed to do so I would question the system. Blessed by a Squid Angel.

sallemange on September 18, 2010:

This is totally shocking. I saw a recent documentary on UK TV about drugging kids with so called 'attention defict disorder'. I write as someone who has been on the wrong end of the 'pill is the solution' philosophy. When I was a student my GP prescribed Soroxat because he said is was under stress. (of course I was I was doing my finals) He was visiting because I had 'flu. That evil drug caused me to have panic attacks which I'm only now 10 years later getting over. Drugging kids is a very bad idea.

Lisa Auch from Scotland on July 14, 2010:

I was so moved by this, I actually couldn't watch the videos, I was a residential Child care Worker, working with young children who were brought into care, A last chance place before being locked up!!! I have experienced this first hand having children arrive addicted to medicines, luckily our organisation would work with the child and focus on their NEEDS and slowly wean them off the "drugs", most of the children were under 12! It was nice then to have coherent children running around and laughing, They were the lucky ones.

Thankyou for your bravery in tackling a very taboo topic

strebe on May 27, 2010:

I was a foster child and was fed depression drugs. I was sad because I had no family, I was stripped from my two brothers and my mother. All I needed was someone to talk too, but instead they drugged me. The depression meds made me more depressed and suicidal. And whenmy foster mother at the time saw my suicide notes, she told my caseworker, who was barely around, and the caseworker would show up to take me to the doctor. She did not talk to me at all. The doctor upped my dose. I was 13. I said screw this! I refused my meds, but the f. mom said I had to or else. I put the meds in my mouth and pretended to take it then flushed it later. After a few weeks, my f. mom said something like wowo that new dose is doing wonders. I was like BS I haven't been taking it. I couldn't concentrate on the pills and my grades were failing. The moment I got off I was better. My grades improved and so did my attitude. I stayed with this f. mom from 13-17 but before that was 15 different homes in 12 months. It was intense. I was happy to find a f. mom that kept me. But that whole time she thought i was medicated, and she got paid for a "special needs" child too. On my move out day, when I graduated, at the age of 17, she handed me my pill bottle and said don't forget these, you can refill them at...I interupted her and said "you know what? I don't need these, I stopped taking them when I was 13" She looked like she had peed her pants. I told her that I shoved them into my gums in the back of my mouth so when she checked she could not see it. Then I told her she would of known earlier IF SHE TALKED to me. But she was too busy with the other 6 children in the house, she di not care if the pills made me sick. I told her if she learns anything, she needs to talk to her f. kids and stop anticipating pay day. I felt GOOD telling her that.

VarietyWriter2 on April 17, 2010:

Thank you for bringing attention to an important subject. Blessed by a SquidAngel

Ecomum on April 13, 2010:

I can't imagine that something like that could happened.

dc64 lm on December 21, 2009:

I'm glad someone else is fighting for the foster child here. This has been going on for some time, and the more we bring this stuff to light, the better chance these children have. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), and the doctor wrote out two prescriptions...I took them home and threw them in the garbage. So my child had trouble concentrating, was hyper at times, and defiant. I handled that with logic, love, patience, and humor. She is 25 now, and still has a little trouble concentrating, gets impulsive at times, and can argue a point to death, but she is fun to be around. She is creative, silly, beautiful, messy, and has never done drugs, or even smoked cigarettes a day in her life. As a matter of fact, when she needs to concetrate on something, she drinks a cup of coffee and she does just fine. I think some parents medicate their children out of laziness, but what is it doing to that young brain?

Lensrolled to my foster child lens.

Amy from New England, USA on November 20, 2009:

Sometimes I think more damage is caused by taking these kids out of their homes and giving them uppers to keep them concentration, downers to knock them out, something to make them less whiny, something to suck out their spirit, something to bandage their pain, I've seen it, I know one kid in particular, well, more than one, and she came out worse than she came in. How gross is this, its terrible. Its one thing for a child to be on something mild if they are genuinely mentally ill, quite another to give them drugs that would make an adult loopy.

anonymous on November 12, 2009:

Wow - what an eye opener. Anything for money I guess. How heartbreaking.

RollingLuggage on November 09, 2009:

Wonderful lens & Great information

Mihaela Vrban from Croatia on November 07, 2009:

I have read this page 3 times. And each time it made me sad. It's bad to read about stories like this. And always makes me thing: "What did they think about when they did that?!" Thank you for making this lens and spreading the word about this problem. Blessed by an Angel!

abcs123s on November 07, 2009:

I am a mom of four very young children that were taken from me by cps and I'll tell you what- the day judge decided to not let my children come home was the day they labeled all four children as "special needs". I am not telling lies. My children were very healthy and well-cared for when they were taken from us but cps said we were "unable to care for our children physically, financialy, and emotionally" so I was given an "agreement" to follow and I did everything to the best of my ability and after two years of being dragged through the mud cps said I was not in compliance and that my children need to be adopted. And that is exactly what happened. I'm not allowed to know where my children are or what is happening to them. I have no rights. Wouldn't it make sense for children to be evaluated, tested, and checked out by doctors at the time cps is trying to take them out of their home? I am convinced that it is ABUSE OF POWER. How many people will it take to stop this? We need you!

TasiL on November 06, 2009:

Thanks for sharing very sad to hear this. Blessings to this lens and healing blessings to all foster children...

eccles1 on November 04, 2009:

A Helping Hand Adoption Agency is a Christian interdenominational ministry dedicated to serving orphans around the world through adoptions and orphan relief.they specialize in domestic adoptions and international adoptions from China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia.. and there are adoptions also in Africa and India so what happen to American children?? many do not get adopted they end up in foster care !! not all Foster parents are bad thank goodness! but they end up with too many kids Could it be that our government makes more money keeping these kids with foster parents under drugs?? Is our government all about money? what a sad lens but glad you made it !!!

Artemus-Gordon on November 03, 2009:

Sadly the whole foster system needs an overhaul for many reasons. True there are some wonderful families taking in these children but there are also so many other terrible things going on. These kids do not have a voice to speak up for themselves and they either become victims or runaway to fend for themselves.

Linda Jo Martin (author) from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on November 03, 2009:

[in reply to boogsbass] About the money, you should know that the states all set different sums for foster care. Those sums may vary according to the age of the child or severity of disability. Same with the amount given as adoption subsidies for "special needs" children. Those subsidies are closer to $1000 than $300 (per child per month) in most cases, I'll bet. They vary from one situation to another.

boogsbass on November 03, 2009:

I want to respond to this because I AM a foster parent. I have a child with adhd and is taking meds. He NEEDS them and we very closely monitor the medicine so that he is NOT 'zombified'. I am proud of our home and of our children. As for the money....WHAT is she talking about??? We barely get 300 a month...not thousands...geez. I think our system works pretty darn good for the most part.

jerry-allen on October 30, 2009:

i heard Children's are safe at foster care before reading this. Don't know how its happening in this much of wideness and government don't know much on this.

It hurts "There are even kids in the system as young as two years old on the drugs." The people who is doing this. are there heart is made up of stone or they havn't any.

Nice lens for lightning these things.

Holley Web on October 24, 2009:

It is horrible that we have taken the rights of the parent and given them to schools, doctors and institutions. I live in a state where the accuser doesn't have to prove anything, just make an accusation and the child is removed from a loving parent. My aunt had 11 foster children throughout her life and every single one came to her funeral. Not every foster parent is an abuser but the truth is out there. They are not investigated as much as the parent. Society is less willing to give credit to a parent than a stranger. It's all a money game and the children always lose. ~ Blessed by a Squid Angel ~ and thank you for all that you do.

tjustleft on October 23, 2009:

All your hard work and I can't finish reading it. Thank you for taking the time to raise awareness for these children. I will share this link wherever I can. May God bless you and all children.

VarietyWriter2 on October 23, 2009:

As a former foster child, I can appreciate this lens. Thank you.

Kate Loving Shenk from Lancaster PA on October 23, 2009:

[in reply to mukunda22] Congrats on the purple star!! It is well deserved!!

spunkyduckling on October 22, 2009:

Thank you for bringing this to light. I had no idea that the situation was so terrible. Will do with your request. Submitted. Oh and thank you for blessing my lens too. Keep up the good work.

God's blessings to you and your family

Brookelorren LM on October 22, 2009:

Great job. It makes me sad when people are so quick to suggest taking kids away from their parents, and it makes me sick how some people, who are supposed to be caring for these kids, treat them.

jjj1 on October 20, 2009:

This is absolutely horrific. It needs exposing. Five stars and I hope it does some good.

natnickeep lm on October 20, 2009:

This is horrible to think about. I had no idea. Thank you for the eye opener and this is a great lens. You can almost tell that these kids have been effected just by looking at them. And someone has to stand up for them.

pkmcr from Cheshire UK on October 19, 2009:

Utterly heartbreaking SquidAngel Blessed

gia combs-ramirez from Montana on October 19, 2009:

Linda, this is so heart breaking and sad. Angel blessings to this lens and healing blessings to all the children...

lasertek lm on October 18, 2009:

Great lens! Heard about this but never believed it. Now, I'm convinced that this do happen. Very terrible!

Visit my lens if you got the time. Thanks

Ann from Yorkshire, England on October 16, 2009:


GrowWear on October 16, 2009:

Heartbreaking. Your Drugging Foster Children lens has been blessed by a Squid Angel.

anonymous on October 16, 2009:

Thank you for bringing this deplorable practice to light! A remarkable lens and blessed by a Squid Angel.

eclecticeducati1 on October 16, 2009:

How sad! Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Kate Loving Shenk from Lancaster PA on October 16, 2009:

Linda-although disturbing, I am impressed with the passion and thoroughalness which you approach this topic. You face the demon head on and write about it unabashedly.

And from such a pristine place in Northern California, too, where these things are (hopefully) are rarities.

Institutionalized childabuse. I must do some investigation of my own, even as

I ask for help from unseen forces, even as those forces bless this lens. (####Blessed####)

Michey LM on October 16, 2009:

Thanks, you have a great message in this lens.

Squid Angel Blessings for you.


Joan4 on October 16, 2009:

This is a nightmare and should never happen in a civilized society. You have done a beautiful job with this issue. Blessed!

Kate Phizackerl1 on October 16, 2009:


(Lens blessed)

Nancy Tate Hellams from Pendleton, SC on October 16, 2009:

You have sure done an excellent job telling this horrible story for the children. Blessed!

Robin S from USA on October 16, 2009:

All I can say is wow. very sad.

badmsm on October 16, 2009:

I think it's wrong to medicate kids anyway, since most of the so called 'diseases' they are supposed to have can be controlled with good nutrition and exercise. This is just a way to try to control them.

They also need to come down on the people who are behind this (doctors, CPS, bad foster parents) and make them accountable. These kids have had enough to deal with in their young lives, without being poisoned by people who lack conscience.

KimGiancaterino on October 16, 2009:

Just more evidence that less is more when it comes to government intervention in our lives. Tragic, indeed. Blessed by a Squid Angel.

anonymous on October 15, 2009:

What a horrible thing to do to children! I think in general doctors are too quick to hand mind altering drugs to little ones. The number of kids on ADHD medication is ridiculous! This is a terrific lens! Very informative. I had no idea it was this bad.


Dianne Loomos on October 15, 2009:

It is very horrifying what happens to children who fall through the cracks. Children are not very highly valued in our legal system. Have you ever noticed that someone who kills or abuses a child doesn't do very much time? But if someone kills a cop or a judge they are put away for a long time. Is it because children are powerless? Because they can't vote? Blessed.

inkserotica on October 15, 2009:

A sad and worrying state of affairs :( 5*

Carol Goss on October 15, 2009:

Great lens, i have a friend who's grandkids were in foster care. The foster mother was wonderful though. Blessed

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