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Dollhouses For Boys & Why Get A Doll House for a Boy

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Why buy a dollhouse for a boy?

Girls like pink and boys like blue, girls play with dolls and boys play with cars... This is how things used to be but today we don't put limits on our child's creativity and the way he or she plays. Dollhouses are great for imaginative play, if you ask me they are even the best toy to encourage the development of imagination and they are immense fun!

These play sets are a great way to express role-play, an important part of growing up.

But as we still like to see boys with their blues and girls with their pinks we also like to see dollhouses that are more suited for boys - something like a pirate ship maybe?

Pirate Ship Doll House - Perfect Playset for Boys


This one is my favourite

We've always had a thing for pirates in our family and that's why I like this one the most.

The illustrations both on inside and outside of this doll house are so vivid your kid will fall in love. It comes with a set of pirate themed figurines but can easily be used with other dolls too.

This dollhouse can be used for play or as a bookshelf.

KidKraft Everyday Heroes Play Set

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With this dollhouse your boy will be saving the day as it's set up for firemen and policemen, kids favourite real life heroes.

Each of the rooms has themed wallpapers, so you've got lot's of unique fun rooms to play in plus two places on the rooftop.

It also come with quite a lot of furniture, a helicopter, a police bike, fire truck and two dolls (a fireman and a policeman) and two dogs.

There's allot of fun to be had in this one and I'm sure kids won't get fed up playing with it.

Hometown Heroes Wooden Play Set


Another dollhouse your boy will love

A little smaller as the previous heroes dollhouse this one is still more than perfect for your boy.

What sets this one apart from others is it's gliding elevator which makes moving dolls around the house even more fun.

Each of the rooms also has themed wallpapers, so you've got 8 fun rooms to play in plus two places on the rooftop.

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