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Cowboy Crib Set: Unique Shower Gift Idea for Baby Boy

Wild West Western Horse Cowboy themed baby nursery

Wild West Western Horse Cowboy themed baby nursery

Shower gifts

Diaper Cake Gift Tower with Teddy Bear

Diaper Cake Gift Tower with Teddy Bear

Baby Blossom Clothing Bouquet Gift. Boy 3-6 Months - Baby Shower Gift Basket

Baby Blossom Clothing Bouquet Gift. Boy 3-6 Months - Baby Shower Gift Basket

About Baby Shower Present

Baby shower is a pleasant occasion to celebrate Just before, when the baby is on-the-way, or after birth of the child by giving gifts to the new mom or baby at a party. Normally usable nursery items such as diaper cakes, diaper bags, clothes, baby gears, crib bedding sets etc. required for newborn's regular use are selected as shower gifts.

Clothing Bouquet Gift is a nice shower gift. Adorable bibs, ultra soft washcloths, cute bodysuit for newborn and baby blanket are cleverly rolled to look like a bouquet of fresh flowers. These are perfectly arranged in a cute plastic terra cotta flowerpot. And when it is a matter of gift, we love to present the gift items with attractive and appealing style.

Now colors of baby products are not limited in blue for boys and pink for girls. Manufacturers use gender neutral colors to increase variety and prevent monotony.

If you want your shower gift to be unique and appreciable, a baby bedding set will be a great choice.

Our previous experiences

Me and my friends have lost our tension free days at present.Yes some progress has happened in these seven years when I, Fred,Tony and Allen were all at the university. There are two physicians, a computer programmer and a anesthetist among us. Of course the ritual of Saturday football game is still there. Now we prefer to meet in the bar rather for exchanging ideas and present situations. Most of us except myself have gone the family way and that requires money , and while me and Susan hope to have children soon, it’s not something that is too much pressure at the moment.

Allen and Mery are expecting their second very soon - a really exciting news . They had their first boy two years back and he has started uttering very few words but not a full sentence and enjoys wandering around the lawn. The second one is also a boy, I know they wanted a girl this time which is quite natural– hope for next time. Susan is very much excited for Mery's one as she loves children. She requested me to help her in choosing a nice baby gift at earliest.

We had bought two nice crib bedding sets for Allen’s and Tony’s babies last time and both of them had highly appreciated and still their babies are using them. First we thought about useful baby products like baby gym, baby high chair or bouncer and more but after a while we realized that the baby will need these after 3-6 months. Then we went back to our previous thought - yes, a modern crib set will be ideal!

Benefits of crib bedding sets

While selecting a shower gift, it would be wise to find some thing that will help mom and baby both, though initially the newborn enjoys comfort only. Mostly the new parents have strong desire to decorate their baby room. Baby bedding sets have some benefits.

  • There are vast array of available crib sets with a variety of Pattern, styles, fabrics, colors, designs, and price ranges.
  • Not only that, number of included items in the sets also varies.You have many options to choose from considering your pocket.
  • Additional matching accessories like wall decals, musical mobiles, pillows, hampers are available also that help in decorating the baby nursery.
  • On the other hand, you are helping to meet up the recipient's wish too.
  • Bedding sets offered by featured brands are made of top quality fabrics that provide ultimate comfort to the little one.
  • Later, baby can recognize colors, patterns, characters and many more.

Wild West Cowboy Western Musical Mobile

Wild West Cowboy Western Musical Mobile

Wild West Cowboy Western Horse Lamp Shade

Wild West Cowboy Western Horse Lamp Shade

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Wild West Cowboy Western Horse Hamper

Wild West Cowboy Western Horse Hamper

Wild West Cowboy Western Horse Changing Pad Cover

Wild West Cowboy Western Horse Changing Pad Cover

Great choice for Mery's baby!

Last week when I met Allen to know about Mery's health and baby's growth, he expressed that all are going right. He also told that they are going to throw baby shower party after child's birth as Mery wanted to adorn the newborn's room in different style and theme, which would be strenuous during pregnancy. So I and Susan decided to select a nice baby boy crib set this also.

Watching on the internet for a cheap crib set makes sense as there’s so much to choose from, and knowing it’s a boy means we can narrow down the options. Susan likes unisex Crib Sets, and I admit it’s really clever in its own way, but I prefer the modern John deere crib set. However, finally we decided for the really neat and trendy Baby Boy crib set, an ideal set for a baby boy. Designed with Cowboy Print,embroidered horseshoes and sheriff stars makes it very attracting to all the children specially boys. They can enjoy it till their toddler age, and one that will never go out of fashion. It’s a great choice, and I know that Allen and Mery will really appreciate it as they are also nature lover. They can rearrange their baby room and the little one will kick up his heels and drift to dreamland like a real cowboy. With included matching accessories new parents can assemble their baby room in a new way. Later they can add available accessories to complete the room decor.

Allen still loves wandering in this neat stunning baby room, Tony enjoys sailing on his boat and me and Fred enjoy a day watching sports. Its horses for courses, but most of all it’s about being mates. At young age nobody knows how much formed he/she is. As we grow as well as matured, we can choose and make a real friend and that friendship remains for ever.

Know details about this western horse cowboy bedding set.

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manjubose5 (author) on November 14, 2013:

I read it partially. I liked most the THE DADDY DIAPER PACK for a little bundle of joy.

Daddy on August 10, 2010:

A new bedding set sounds very comfortable. So does wearing my own medical scrubs in the delivery room. We have new ideas for gifts just for the expectant father. Please let me know what you think on my blog. daddyscrubs dot com

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