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Original Quotes to Honor Baby

Barbara has spent over forty years writing poems, lyrics, and sayings for cards, and interpreting the meanings and messages in song.

The Greatest Gift My Parents Ever Gave Me was My Brother - Fridge Magnet

The Greatest Gift My Parents Ever Gave Me was My Brother - Fridge Magnet

Original Quotes You Can Use in a Card, to Text or to Have Made into a Wall Decal

If you're looking for the right words to write in a card or to text to someone to celebrate a baby's arrival or birthday or other proud moment, you can use this list as inspiration.

Write the sayings or text the sayings as is, or change them up to suit exactly what you want to say.

Family, Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends

Family, Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends

25 Birthday Quotes or Sayings You Write in a Card, or Text to a Parent for Baby

  1. Happy birthday little one, you're the luckiest baby to have the best parents in the world
  2. It's baby's day, and we're all celebrating you, you are loved
  3. Congratulations, your baby is another year older and you're another year luckier
  4. Your child brings light to everyone, he's special, almost magical
  5. A gift from God, your baby is the reason we understand the true meaning of love
  6. Happy birthday to your little angel, she's everything and more
  7. In a world of trials, your baby gives us hope, happy birthday to your little one
  8. The world shines a little brighter because little one, you are here with us
  9. Baby boy, you're arrival has us all smiling, thank you for your light
  10. I'm not one to cry, but when you were born, happy tears poured, happy birthday little one
  11. We've been waiting for you for years, and each year on your day, we remember just how special and loved you are
  12. You're like flowers, puppies, candy, and rainbows all in one; you're one of a kind child, and we love you
  13. If we could tell you one thing it would be, you're presence calms everyone
  14. You're only a baby, but you have the unique power of bringing light into a room
  15. You are special, you are angelic, you are loved, happy birthday
  16. When we sit quietly and think of love, we think of you
  17. Little babies make life make sense
  18. Happiness comes from babies
  19. You are truly blessed to have this incredible child in your life, congratulations
  20. It wasn't easy, but you managed to simplify life, happy birthday little one
  21. At the end of the day, your baby reminds us all what life is all about
  22. I cannot imagine the world without you now, happy birthday little one
  23. We are better people knowing you and your loving, caring child
  24. Sometimes we get tired, then a baby smiles, and we are soul awakens
  25. Don't settle in life, you're super special and we all know you're going to climb mountains and achieve dreams
And so the Adventure Begins

And so the Adventure Begins

Inspirational Sayings for Baby

  1. We wish only good things in this life for you
  2. As you grow in life, our hearts grow with you
  3. By your side through life, that's where we'll be
  4. We'll always be there for you
  5. You're going to have the power to change the world
  6. Your smile is already changing the world
  7. I cannot say this enough, you are the greatest gift to all of us
  8. May you hold all the kindness, love and hope in your heart that this world has to offer
  9. This is your beginning, and your precious smile tells us you're off to a great start
  10. Your face shines for all us, you are the definition of light
  11. Baby, you are the answer to many prayers, welcome home child
  12. You're trip here was planned, and we're so grateful you chose us
  13. The world just received a special soul
  14. In this world, the gift of life means the gift of hope, you are that hope little one
  15. The road of life is paved with sunshine and lollipops for you
  16. There will be tears, there will be smiles but most of all there will always be love
  17. We carried your heart in hearts before you were born and forever after you were born
  18. I don't know the answers to life, but I know this, you are the miracle we've all been waiting for
  19. Welcome to Earth child, we've been waiting for your gifts
  20. Your destiny is predefined, you've already achieved more than you can possibly know just by being born to our family. We love you.
Inspirational words to choose from when you're trying to come up with the right saying to write in a card

Inspirational words to choose from when you're trying to come up with the right saying to write in a card

Rhyming Cute Sayings for Little Ones

  1. Precious and little, you'll always be, no matter how big you get, you're tiny to me
  2. Little toes so cute to wiggle and a laugh that makes all of us giggle
  3. You're tiny and sweet with the cutest little feet
  4. You're angelic face is a gift from God's grace
  5. We plan to shower you with hugs and kisses for real, so get ready little one, that's a forever deal
  6. A magical life of rainbows and unicorns, that's what you'll see because you're destined for greatness, and great you will be
  7. Whatever you do in this life filled with dreams, we know you'll ace it by every and all means
  8. Ponytails, boardrooms, president or dancer, whatever you do we have your back, 'cause your genes are the best, and you're one of our pack
  9. Hope is the gift we give to you each day, as it's hope that will keep life troubles at bay
  10. On your journey through life, we know you'll succeed, just remember things are never as hard as they seem. There's always tomorrow to make a fresh start when you remember to always hold love in your heart
  11. Sunshine, grace and the cutest little face

A Message for Baby

Don't let anyone steal your dreams, make them pay big

Don't let anyone steal your dreams, make them pay big

© 2012 Barbara Tremblay Cipak


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