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Baby Handprint and Footprint Keepsakes - the Perfect Gift for New Parents


Baby handprint and footprint keepsake sets are perfect as a gift for new parents, or to create a memorable token for grandparents or other special people

For most parents, the births of their own children leave the most special and treasured memories of all. Looking down at a dependant newborn, it's almost as if time stands still and nothing else really matters at all. And then the baby goes home and beings its first tiny steps of growing up. The first time he focuses inquistively on a face; the first smile, the first grab of a think those memories can never fade, not even slightly. Surely you can hold onto each and every one of them forever, and never let them go?

The truth is, however, that even the most special memories can become a little bit lost. First words can become forgotten, that first smile will become one of thousands more. You hold those chubby, trusting hands and slip socks onto those fat, squidgy feet and wonder how on earth they could ever become hazy in your mind. But in a few, too-short years, chances are you will be looking down on hands that have lost all that baby fat; fingers that are long and slender; feet so bony and long.........and you will wonder what on earth happened to those tiny, chubby hands that used to cling on to you as if for dear life, and those feet that fitted into the smallest shoes.


Prints Capture Memories Forever

Life moves on, none of us can stop it. That's why making an imprint.... a real moment caught in time....of a young baby's hands or feet is such a precious and wonderful idea. Whether you are a new parent capturing memories to look back on in years to come, or you know a couple with a new arrival and would like to give a lasting gift, baby handprint and footprint keepsake kits make an excellent and thoughtful choice. New parents might also like to make prints as a gift for doting grandparents, godparents, or other special family members. Some sets involve making a cast of your baby's hands or feet in non-toxic, air-drying impression material, others use non-toxic ink or paint. Feet are often easier to print as small babies tend to curl their fingers up quite a bit, but handprints can also be captured with care and an element of luck. 


Pearhead Babyprints Babybook - with included Clean Touch Ink Pad for capturing little prints

This is a beautiful, classy baby book - perfect as a gift for new parents. You can add a photo of your precious little one to the front cover, alongside a treasured hand or footprint. It is a good quality product, with 65 pages that can be rearranged or removed to suit your preferences. The pages are pre-printed, journal entry pages, so if there is a page that is not required it can be taken out completely. There are pages for information and special events, such as a page about mom, a page about dad, how they met, a family tree page, baby's first Christmas page, several pages for birthdays, a first holiday page, a section for first words and even favorite foods.

The book is not illustrated - instead there are 200 acid-free photo corners so that you can add your own photos relating to the topic. This is a great feature because it makes the book more personal. Photos of just about any size should fit into the book.

All in all, this is a lovely product which will be kept and treasured for a lifetime.  It comes not only in blue, but in a huge variety of designs and other colors.

Included with the book is a special clean touch ink pad. To use the ink pad, the baby's hand or foot does not directly come into contact with the actual ink. It is easy to use and perfect for capturing a newborn's tiny prints.

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Child to Cherish Handprints Tower of Time Kit

 This is a beautiful idea, designed to capture not only the little prints of your baby at year one, but the changing prints of your growing child, right up to age five.  Prints are created using non-toxic plaster, which is then poured into one of five metal tins just before you make a print with your child's hand.  The tins are stackable hence the 'Tower of Time', and a decorative ribbon adds a lovely finishing touch. 

The Tower of Time kit has received many fantastic reviews from previous purchasers - a few parents have mentioned difficulty obtaining the correct plaster consistency but many others have reported great results.  This is a beautiful keepsake to look back on in years to come.


Baby Safe Ink Print Kit

This is an inexpensive and simple kit which none-the-less produces good results. Printing with ink can create the most detailed hand and footprints of all. This set includes 2 ink plates in a resealing bag as well as four plain white cards on which to print onto. The cards measure 8.5" x 5.5" and there should be enough ink included to obtain 4-6 dark prints of babies under six months. The ink is non-toxic, lead and latex free, so perfectly safe for newborn babies. This is a messy kit, but the ink is non-staining and easy to clean off - it is recommended that baby wipes and baby oil should be adequate. Detailed instructions for achieving the best results are also included. Results could be fitted into appropriate-sized photo frames (not included) when complete. With this set, taking footprints rather than handprints is deemed to be the most successful approach.

Pearhead Canvas Handprint Set

This handprint kit provides four 10" x 10" blank canvases on which the prints of your baby can be forever caught in time. The kit uses non-toxic white paint to produce a modern and contemporary-looking print which would look great assembled onto a wall. As there are four canvases, you could use them all for your little one or create a family collage with the handprints or footprints of mom, dad, and any siblings. There are two sets available, a blue based set and a pink based set.  Paint trays are included to make printing as easy and convenient as possible.


Pearhead Babyprints Keepsake Wall Frame

 The Babyprints Wall Frame is a popular, classy item with which you can display a photo of your new baby next to his or her tiny print.  Photos and prints fit into a wood shadow box frame with a glass facing - the frame measures 11" x 14".  Both pink and blue backgrounds are included to suit needs. 

Prints are made using a non-toxic, air-drying impression material.  There is no mixing required - basically you knead the impression material, then roll it out using the included wooden rolling pin, before gently pressing in your baby's hand or foot.  Also included are acid free photo corners and double-sided adhesive tape.  This would make a welcome gift for any new parents, and could also be used by parents to create a gift for grandparents or other doting family members.

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