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How to Choose Baby-Friendly Beatles Music to Boost Your Family's Brains

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The Beatles are upbeat, pleasing to the ear and a fab band for kids of all ages.

The Beatles are upbeat, pleasing to the ear and a fab band for kids of all ages.

A parent really can't go wrong choosing songs from The Beatles to play for their kids (unless, you're a Rolling Stones fan, but that's a whole other story).

My husband's quest to create the perfect baby-friendly Beatles music "mix-tape" (or playlist, as the kids call it) started the instant he saw the blue plus-sign on my pregnancy test. A lifelong Fab Four fan, he was adamant about exposing our son to his favorite band early (as in still in the womb).

Mindful music

It turns out my husband was onto something. According to the University of Washington's Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS), listening to music improves babies' brain processing.

As for adults, Johns Hopkins Medicine found that tunes keep your mind young. The university's research shows that listening to music has several benefits.

Benefits of listening to music

  • Reduces anxiety and blood pressure
  • Lessens pain
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Boosts mood
  • Promotes mental alertness
  • Betters memory

Why not boost baby's brain (and yours) with The Beatles?

Beatlemania for Babies and Big Kids

It isn't that much of a stretch to compile kid-friendly Beatles songs.

One of the most critically acclaimed and innovative bands in music history, The Beatles (Paul McCartney, the late John Lennon, the late George Harrison and Ringo Starr) made tons of groundbreaking music (more than 200 songs) in only 10 years, starting in 1960.

Now considered classic rock, the sound of The Beatles is upbeat, pleasing to the ear and incorporates a wide range of instruments from around the world making it fun to sing along with and dance to.

Plus, their overall message of peace and love is typically non-offensive and mostly G-rated.

What the Kids Have to Say

All You Need is a Playlist

Kids these days have no idea how easy they have it when it comes to listening to music. They download songs with the click of a button. Another few clicks, they have a playlist.

As for your The Beatles playlist, you can find free music on sites like Pandora and Spotify. Better yet, visit The Beatles on YouTube or search up other Beatles videos.

If you're a true Beatles fan like my husband, though, you already own the music in a variety of audio formats.

5 Songs for Your Baby-Friendly Beatles Music Mix

In the Fatherly article,12 Best Beatles Songs for Kids, the author recommends playing songs from The Beatles that your children enjoy instead of the ones you think are child friendly. This is a great point, and what we ended up doing for my son with The Beatles and other great bands.

Nonetheless, I put together 5 suggestions to get you started on your own mix of baby-friendly Beatles music.

She Loves You (Lennon-McCartney, 1963)

This song was typically on repeat mode in our car when my son was young since he always wanted to hear it again and again and again (yeah, yeah, yeah).

As it turns out, the German version of this song, "Sie Liebt Dich" is also a huge hit with the under-four crowd. My son called it "The Other She Loves You" and even tried to sing the words (in German).

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"She Loves You" was The Beatles' best-selling single of the decade and helped make them a cultural phenomenon.

'Yellow Submarine' remains the gateway drug that turns little children into Beatles fans, with that cheery singalong chorus.

— Rolling Stone

Yellow Submarine (Lennon-McCartney, 1966)

The first time my son heard "Yellow Submarine" was also the first time he ever laughed. You must admit, there is something inherently hilarious about Ringo Starr's vocals.

Rock magazine Rolling Stone rates the song high, claiming: "'Yellow Submarine' remains the gateway drug that turns little children into Beatles fans, with that cheery singalong chorus."

Despite its association with drug culture, "Yellow Submarine" was intended to be for kids. It inspired a trippy, animated film by the same name, released in 1968.

Here Comes the Sun (George Harrison, 1969)

It has such a lovely tune and, if you have a boy, you can turn this one into a silly parody: "Here Comes the Son."

This beautiful song came to George Harrison while he was fiddling around on fellow iconic musician Eric Clapton's guitar, a moment that Clapton remembered himself in his own autobiography.

All Together Now (Lennon-McCartney, 1969)

Upbeat, catchy and teaches the basics of counting to 10.

"All Together Now" was also intended as a children's song, but Turner writes in his book that Paul McCartney wrote it with two meanings, "either a music hall style invitation for everyone to join in or a political slogan for world unity."


All You Need is Love (Lennon-McCartney, 1967)

"All You Need is Love," is a cute song for little kids to sing, especially when they start belting out, "wuv, wuv, wuv." Simple and musically uncomplicated with a sing-along chorus and message of love. When released, the song became an anthem for youth who were protesting the Vietnam War.

"It captured the aspirations of international youth," writes Steve Turner in his book, The Complete Beatles Songs: The Stories Behind Every Track Written By the Fab Four (2015).

The song continues to inspire listeners today.

Added Bonus: If you can convince your child that love is all they need, maybe you can reward them for doing household chores with hugs instead of dollars.

Learn more about The Beatles on their official website.


Aleza Freeman (author) from Las Vegas, NV on March 26, 2012:

@Brain Bunny That sounds like the cutest assembly ever. I can just imagine those cute little voices in unison. Thank you so much for sharing that. Puts a smile on my face!!

Brainy Bunny from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania on March 26, 2012:

When my kids were in preschool, they used to have an assembly for Mother's Day each year when the kids would sing Beatles songs. Nothing like 40 3-year-olds singing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" to make you misty!

Aleza Freeman (author) from Las Vegas, NV on December 15, 2011:

@lpanfil She sounds like a very cool kid/teen!

lpanfil from Cleveland, Ohio on December 15, 2011:

My daughter started playing guitar when she was 6 and cut her musical teeth on Beatles tunes. They are still part of her set at the ripe old age of 13.

Aleza Freeman (author) from Las Vegas, NV on December 07, 2011:

@howard That would be ok, as long as he doesn't like Nickelback.

howard on December 07, 2011:

I hope he doesn't grow up to be rolling stones fan out of rebellion.

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