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How to Live a Happy Life

Lifes Little Instruction Book

After reading a book i borrowed from my father a couple of years ago i found a few things interesting, but most of all and till now i still remember that quote "It is not the responsibility of parents to pave the road for their children, But to provide a road map to point the right direction". This is how i would hope my children would use this mind and heart reflections in which the later years they would teach their children the same.

Before you read on, take a minute to think how you make your life happy and rewarding either for you or friends, even to your children or grandchildren just post a brief comment below, this will also give others a better idea on maybe what they can do!

Finding happiness in life

Now before i begin, some of the suggestions, reminders and observations i tell may differ from you to others, obviously some more interesting than others but we have all added a degree of joy, meaning and efficiency to live a happy life.

Every once in a while life hands you a moment so precious, so overwhelming you almost glow, i know i experienced one.







Try and think of life as a little instruction book, it needs to be read in order for you to succeed and there are steps you will need to follow. This applies to every one weather your down in the dumps or high in the sky you can all feel the same, and as good as everyone else, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Just remember one thing.......... If They Can Do It Then So Can You!!

You put happiness in life and life puts happiness in you!!

OK well this is your instruction book, read it carefully, maybe think back to when you last said,told or done it and think: did it make you smile? do you think they smiled?

Compliment at least one person every day.

Now the more compliments you give then I'm sure you will receive the same amount back. If its 'have you lost weight' to 'your hair looks nice' or even 'you look good' that gives that some one a minute to feel good and noticed.

Remember other peoples birthdays.

Now i know this can be easy for some and difficult for others but when it comes down to it there are plenty of ways to get around this, for those of you that may have face book or twitter just look up an upcoming event and will also tell you your friends birthdays that way you can always message on there, or put it on a calendar or even a reminder on your cell/mobile phone and when that day comes it will bleep, that gives you 5 minutes or less just to send that person a message to show you care and you thought of them.

Look people in the eye.

Make eye contact with people you talking to or even people you notice and like, let them know you have noticed them, and that your interested in what they have to say. Even if its for 2 minutes you can make them feel like you are some one they can talk to, you never know if it could turn in to something more!

Say Please and Thank You alot.

This should be easy for most people as it should be something you do every day. It is pleasant and shows others that you have manners and its appreciated.

Have a firm hand shake.

When meeting people the is nothing worse than to meet someone, shake their hand and only shake their fingers for half a second, if this happens it doesn't seem like you or they are interested in being introduced or being greeted. So try and give a firm hand shake to show them other wise, if this is unknown to you then it is a case of taking the hand palm in palm give a small squeeze and shake, this shows interest and greet in you or others. At the same time as this keep eye contact to show your interested in them and not just holding their hand.

Be the first to say HELLO!

When you spot someone you know its fine just saying 'alright', but when you stop to say hello it shows you or others that their happy to see you and are interested or want to know how you have been and what you been up to, if you seem in a hurry say hello anyway and apologize and ask or tell to call or meet later for a chat or a catch up.

Treat everyone you meet as you would want to be treated.

Now as the saying goes 'IF You Treat Them With Respect They Will Treat You With Respect' and undoubtedly this is true, if you approach them with your treated heart then I'm sure they will treat you with theirs.

Show respect for teachers.

when we start our learning careea, we are training to become come better people and to learn the would as we know it today, every day there is something new to learn and our teachers weather it be at school, collage, university and even at home are there to guide us through it so as we grow older we have an understanding of life and the world from the past, the present and the future. we gain respect from teachers by understanding the knowledge they give us.

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Make new friends but cherish the old ones too.

I'm sure everyone has a friend but mostly a best friend, why are they best, do you spend of time together?, do you like the same things? or are they a good person to talk to? Either way you still have that best friend, don't forget they are not the only people in the world and there are more friends to be made.The more you have the more comfort, love and friendship you have around you and if ever a situation there will be at least one person you can talk to. The old saying for this is 'keep your friends close but your enemies closer' you are a good person, why would you have enemies? you wouldn't! having good friends.

Take lots of photos and snapshots.

memories only lie in your head and can be difficult to show or let others know, but with photos and snapshots that moment can be relived as you have the proof or evidence and can cause a giggle at some expenses, it can also tell the tale of growth in life too. take at least 50 - 100 photos or snapshots of you and others and different events each year, by doing this your creating a history in which in the future has a tale you may like to tell and again could be of interest to others.

Don't give up on anybody, miracles happen everyday.

in the world there is always some one will receive good news and to them they may think its a miracle, well it is because they never gave up, they kept and will keep on going, don't ever give up because you will get there in the end, weather its a small or long journey you will get there. you never gave up and neither did they!

Be forgiving in yourself and others.

every hour of every day in the wold there is some one making a mistake or forgiving those who have done so, if that mistake wasn't made how would we learn from it? how could we change it? we live on and try again but shouldn't make the same mistake twice, rethink what you should do,can you? cant you? make that right choice, did they forgive you? did you forgive them?

Admit your mistakes.

Of course we all make them that's how we learn about life in reality, but when your someone who cant admit the mistakes we make it would seem you make them on purpose and have done so before and not to bothered. Weather it is to catch someones eye, maybe just for attention or even for the attention of others to make yourself look good, take a second to think, why admit to something if you can prevent it from happening.

Make the best of bad situations.

when you get in to a situation, 70% of the time its something that can be dealt with. Time after time there can be situations that are difficult to deal with and hard to get out of, why do we worry or get scared about them? make the best of that situation, don't deal with the problem, think of a way to solve that problem or situation. Was the problem solved? Was the problem dealt with?

Be brave! even if your not, pretend to be. No one can tell the difference.

Being brave is like facing a fear. You gather the courage to face it head on and not worry about what gets in your way. So from having an injection with a large needle to jumping in to a fire to save someones life (only a trained fire fighter of course), either way you still need to be brave, it will show confidence in yourself and show others they can lie there confidence in you too. Do You Believe? Did They Believe?

Watch a sun rise or sun set at least once a year.

Watching a sun rise can sometimes gives you that get up and go you need to start the day, also if its quiet can be a nice place to think, weather its something in you mind or how your going to go about your day, either way gets you ready to go. Now watching a sunset is also a good quiet period to think back on what you have done that day and also plan the next. it is also a good time to talk and let out your thoughts and feelings with company, you never know one thing can lead to others! Did you watch alone? did you watch together.

two pints of blood may sound a lot considering your body only has about 8 pints at one time, but over the course of the year every bit of blood you donate could potentially save someones life, if you had a phone call with the caller saying thank you you have just saved a life with the blood you donated I'm probably 90% sure that 1. you will say it allowed to yourself and 2. you will smile.


These are just some of the many things to do to live a happy and rewarding life.

This can only happen if you have the right mind set to make that change





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