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People Are Unique

Moberlys' unorthodox approach to Biblical Literature is sexy and intelligent. A teacher, father of seven and man of God, Thomas L. Moberly..

Beautiful People

Beautiful People


Our life experiences shape who we are. It is the experience of living the path that we walk and everything we perceive along the way which creates the uniqueness of the individual. Nobody has lived the same life as the next person and every situation is observed differently by the individual. Each individual person observes from the perspective established by previous practical contact with facts and events they witness. A personal view, is the resulting outcome.

The ability to look at a situation and perceive it from a multitude of different perspectives is taken for granted by humans. Why would man-kind squander this gift? We don't appreciate the fact that we have the potential to eliminate all the bad from the face of this planet. A man can literally sit in thought and from the mind, he can engineer any occurrence imaginable. Analyzing affairs that are beyond himself physically and may not ever be possible to encounter, in his "time-space-line:" This allows a person the ability to gain experience infinitely. Through the practice of meditation.

In a time and place an, encounter is experienced by separate people and their conscious state of mind. If they're aware of the moment, their perception of the moment is recorded mentally. Also, they are capable of applying affect in the moment with intent, conscious of their actions. It's always done from the personal viewpoint and is reliant on the persons personal experience. This has been going on since the day you were born, before you were born.. You have been perceiving your unique life, all of your life, and you have been acting on your life according to who you are uniquely. No one else in the world can be in your shoes, they can imagine to be but doing so takes a tremendous amount of experience, in order for the imagination to be of worth. Maybe the problem with most people is that they think this idea to be ridiculous and unimaginable?

An example of this is me writing an article bias against people that are ignorant in the ways of being mindful, I can research material written from one perspective to another, mentally perceiving, analyzing and recording the data that I encounter. When I write my article, I interact with the world with intent and preach from my personal point of view on things, persuading individuals to follow a cause that was harmful, wrongfully negligent towards others or discriminated against another for their being of different categories of people.

  • Ephesians 3
    You will be glorified according to the strength of your Spirit, which is the Inner-man. You're just like him, that person that you want to see in the mirror. Do deeds of good heart, and your Spirit will reveal his strength. Practice love and truth,
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    Moberlys' unorthodox approach to Biblical Literature is sexy and intelligent. A teacher, father of seven and man of God, Thomas L. Moberly...
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