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Bones on the Bus - Part 2 ( the Sequel )

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Sujatha is a free lance writer who writes what what people tell her , not only by stepping into their shoes but also into their minds.

An act of goodwill

The decision to don a stethoscope, with the sole intent of relieving the world of its medical aliments can be a very gratifying for a first year medical student but that elation comes coupled with trying times. Especially, when one has to lug around a bundle of bones half way across the national capital of India.

This article is the sequel to the one titled ‘Bones on the bus’ which can be found here So in case you haven’t, just read up this hilarious write up about an incident which happened to my husband, during his first year medical college days. Recognizing the budding material he was, one of his seniors handed over to him a complete set of human bones. Thrilled to have this, more than useful treasure trove, for his study, my husband boarded a public bus and only then realized that the non medical part of the human species, views human bones in a completely different perspective. His past karma probably ensured that there was another senior doctor on the very same bus who rescued him from a near bash up. But did it stop there? No way….

When the bus reached his stop, my husband was more than eager to get down, after getting enlightened that a set of bones might be imperative for a first year medical student’s study, but for the rest of the world it can mean anything from black magic to a criminal activity. A few feet ahead of the bus stop, was a small temple of Lord Ganesh, where my husband used to pray daily on his way home. To avoid taking the bones inside, he placed this precious bundle on the side and decided to pray from outside itself. He closed his eyes, brought his hands together and bowed down in reverence. He opened his eyes to find, not the Lord standing in front of him, but a senior couple glaring down on him with mistrust. Being the embodiment of knowledge, Lord Ganesh would have been more understanding but not the general public. Those were times, when the Delhi public was wary of militant movement and an unattended bundle placed on the floor was viewed with suspicion. Only after my husband moved on, hoisting the bundle on his shoulder, did they move on.

Who can deny a dog its bone ?

Who can deny a dog its bone ?

Trouble comes, not in threes, but in a bundle

Walking ahead, he met his friend’s elder sister who normally used to favor him with a smile, but that day she gave him a queer look, probably thinking why this medical college student suddenly decided to become a dhobi! Hoping it would help, my husband kept walking with a passive expression only to bump into his immediate neighbor’s family who were just venturing out. Those were the days when people did not move on like today with a vague hello but actually stopped to chat. Of course, his immediate question was on our famous bundle. Probably prayers at the temple ensured that, no bones were peeking out and my husband told that they were things from his friend’s hostel room and he was hurrying home. This tactic did not work, as his neighbor uncle started insisting that he help carry the bundle. Using all the social skills that a first year student could have mastered, my husband somehow bailed himself out of the situation and headed home.

Normally trouble comes in a bunch but this time it came as pack of dogs! A bed sheet can cover the bones but can it conceal the bone smell, especially to the species which declares itself as a bone lover even in those hard bound children books? My husband had to cross a dark lane sandwiched between two buildings. The dogs chose that very moment to come behind him, picking up the delicious scent of dry bones which thankfully are out of range for the olfactory senses of the homo sapiens!! Seeing some neighborhood boys, my husband joined them and managed to shoo away the four legged animals from their sumptuous dinner.

My husband reached his home, heaving a sigh of relief that all hurdles were crossed not realizing that the bigger battle was waiting at home in the form of guests. Some family friends, who had not come for a long time, choose to come home the same day that his senior decided to be so magnanimous. In my husband’s house, the front entrance had a double door and one was locked from inside. Not aware of their presence my husband was trying to push the big bundle through the one open door, when an uncle came forward with overflowing love” hey son! So good to see you! Congratulations on getting into the medical college’. The bundle was somehow pushed inside and at the moment all hell broke loose!



Oh my Bones!!

The bed sheet bundle opened and a bone which is located behind the shoulder (whose name my husband dutifully told me, but I have forgotten ) went rolling on the floor. The uncle, who wanted to give him a hug, slowly stepped back and there was pin drop silence. The guests did not know what to speak. My husband’s sister walked into the hall, saw at a glance the treasures her brother had brought home and hurried inside to inform their mother. While my husband started packing the college legacy again, his mother walked in with a ‘I stand no nonsense’ look and asked him to move the stuff to the terrace immediately. My mother in law would have seemingly thought that handling the situation with the guests more important than getting into a detailed discussion (or could have been a grilling session too) as to how all this came about.

My poor tired husband had to become Atlas again and heaved the prized bones bundle on his shoulders again and trudged up the steps to the terrace. Well, well, the story does not end here as the terrace was a common one for a few houses and the old lady next door saw him going up. Of course she had to know what it was! She asked and my husband, already fatigued to ‘his’ bone just answered “Bones “. The bewildered lady scooted inside her house and the bones were at last deposited on the terrace.

My husband was laughing when he said that the best part was what had happened that next day morning. The old lady’s daughter in law, who had gone up to the terrace to dry out clothes came rushing downstairs and told her “Maa, there is bundle lying there and when I checked, it had bones”. The aged woman answered ‘yes I know, I couldn’t sleep the full night!” The daughter in law was aghast “You knew and did not tell me!!!” The bones effect rippled next door and triggered a fight!!!

My in laws graciously allowed him to keep the bones, no, no, not inside the house but in space outside the house. So after my husband mastered how the skeletal system of this incredible species works, he honorably handed over the bundle of bones, free of cost to his junior!

So my dear reader, this story ends here and I cannot write the sequel to this, as I have no clue how his junior handled our cherished bundle and how it is faring now!

© 2020 Sujatha


Sujatha (author) from Noida on August 11, 2020:

Thank you so much Dr Meeta. Sorry I did not message you that I had written the second part. happy you enjoyed it !

Meeta on August 10, 2020:

Superb , was eagerly waiting for part 2.....could visualize that lane to house and terrace and expressions of people through your write up....keep writing sujatha ji

Sujatha (author) from Noida on July 03, 2020:

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Glad the momentum was kept up !!

Sujatha (author) from Noida on July 03, 2020:

Thank you Mini... glad my words could reach you !!

Mini Gokul on July 03, 2020:

Very well penned Suji...was actually picturising each line... thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Geetha Rani Ezhilkumar on July 02, 2020:

That was an equally if not more hilarious sequel to the first story Suji .Throughly enjoyed reading it ! Keep going.

Sujatha (author) from Noida on July 02, 2020:

Thank you Eric !!! Am happy my words are touching the right chord !!

When I get the details I will definitely pen them

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on July 02, 2020:

Delightful. Just the right amount of visualization, humor and deepness. I do believe there will be a sequel. It just hasn't happened yet. I must know more about the neighbors and Junior.

My dad was a doctor and had a full skeleton his name was Elijah.

Sujatha (author) from Noida on July 02, 2020:

That is a lovey feedback an author can get Sangeetha ! I feel humbled,

Sangeetha on July 02, 2020:

I felt like watching all the incidents in front of my eyes. Very interesting from beginning to end. Enjoyed each and every part.

Sujatha (author) from Noida on July 01, 2020:

Thank you !!

Krithik on July 01, 2020:

Hilarious one again. You have captured it so well that i could visualise what was happening. Amazing read.

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