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Work From Home and the Pleasure During a Pandemic

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The Covid-19 pandemic continues to haunt us. Changing many aspects of people's lives in all corners of the world. The life of the workers is no exception. Many workers lost their jobs. Those who are still working are also required to be able to adjust to new conditions in the new normal era. To anticipate the spread of Covid-19, the company enforces Work From Home and Work From Office work schedules for its employees.

By moving the workplace from office to home, it has both positive and negative sides. Working from home allows you to relax a little in the morning, can spend more time with other family members, cook, do other housework, and can be more “relaxed” at work.

Remote Works 2021

Remote Works 2021

Dangers of WFH Psychological Factors

However, it turned out to be just beautiful in the beginning. A pseudo comfort. There are things that we fail to realize and watch out for when working from home, one of which is psychological conditions. WFH is not completely safe. Psychological factors are often not considered a health factor. Though the strength of a person's immune can be influenced by his psychological condition.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused concern and stress that can affect a person's mental health. In “Teleworking during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: A Practical Guide” published by the ILO, it is stated the results of a survey in which many workers experience depression, stress, low mood, irritability, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, and emotional exhaustion resulting from isolation or quarantine.

Staying at home and working from home aims to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, the impact of staying at home can harm psychological conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to do some anticipation so that the dangers of psychological factors can be minimized to protect the mental health of workers when working from home during a pandemic.

The main thing in maintaining the mental health of workers is to increase awareness of the risks that can arise from working fully from home. It is not only the responsibility of the workers to maintain their psychological condition when working from home, but the employer/company is also obliged to think about how to maintain the psychological condition of their workers. Health experts also need to contribute to providing input in ensuring the safety and health of workers in the workplace.

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One of the things that can affect psychological conditions is the emergence of conflict between work and family. Working from home requires more ability to be able to provide clear boundaries between work and family. The ability to switch (switch off) from office work to homework needs to be possessed so as not to cause conflict. If you are not able to deal with conflicts between work and home tasks, it will worsen your psychological state and affect your work and family/home.

Remote Works 2021

Remote Works 2021

Working Mom and WFH

Working from home sometimes has a less clear time limit between work and homework. This can add to the problem of working from home. In addition to being able to switch tasks (switch off) from the office and homework, workers must also have time to rest. This must be considered, especially for working mothers. Why? Because in general, the mother has the responsibility for the work at home.
By working from home, working mothers have more time with their families and sufficient opportunities to be able to supervise and pay attention to their children, especially during distance learning. However, like a double-edged sword, this can also cause stress for working mothers. This is especially true when there are several things to do at the same time between work and family. For example, having to attend online meetings at the same time as accompanying children in distance learning.

To overcome the above, working mothers must be able to schedule work with personal interests, such as housework, accompanying children to study, cooking, and so on. Mothers must also be good at conditioning and training children to be able to learn independently and teach children how to behave when they need their mother, but the mother still has to do her office work.

Feelings of isolation can arise in working mothers while working from home. This is due to limitations in being able to socialize with colleagues or other friends. To overcome this, it is very important to maintain the relationship between superiors and coworkers. It may be possible to hold regular online meetings related to work problems, finding solutions to existing problems, or just sharing stories.

Online communication is not just about work. More personally, support can be given to working mothers if they have excessive fears and worries about work and family.

For mothers during a pandemic, where family members are active from home, it is quite a hassle. Having to accompany children to study, prepare meals and snacks, and clean the house can cause stress to the mother. Not to mention having to be a teacher to explain lessons to children. For working mothers, the work of housewives is still added to work from the office. Therefore, working mothers must be good at managing work and home so as not to cause conflict and stress that can affect their psychological condition.

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