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Words to the Wise before Hitting 30

H. Alexandria is a mental health advocate and promotes the importance of self-care.

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What I wished my parents had taught me on life’s important lessons before I entered adulthood.

  1. [Education is overrated]. In today’s digitalised world, many job opportunities do not actually require a college degree, unless it is a professional job, such as medical, or law practices, or aviation industries; neither are cabin crew positions needed an academic degree. Much of the knowledge for a particular interest are readily available online, in which ‘Uncle Google’ is just a click away. There is almost a plethora of recommendations for high school students to pursue all these seemingly ‘esteemed’ college degree courses, only to realise later, to the detriment of these students, that in actual reality, after graduation, their hours of coursework assignments and all-consuming learning amounted to nothing, as these theories are not applicable in the real-life job scenarios. This is why we always hear stories of bosses who are vexed over ‘fresh grads’ in their job performances. Old folks’ lore used to have a saying that, when a child studies too much, he or she would have a diminishing common sense. Thus, it is better, at the end of the day, to be ‘street smart’ rather than ‘book smart’, if one were to survive in the working world.
  2. [The friendship spectrum shifts according to situations and time factors]. During adolescent years, friends are more like play-mates, while in high school, friends are pretty much our ‘partners-in-crime’. University mates are, however, just there for a season before the working buddies come into the scene. Very rarely, friendships last a life time, however there is a minute percentage that certain friends stand by your side through thick and thin. Over the course of your life, friendships may turn sour or bitter as people change; some may be envious and jealous of your success, whilst others may have found alternative happiness in love where they start drifting from their friends. Be mindful though, that some friends may stick around for benefits, where they could still get ‘something’ out of you, be it borrowing money or getting you to ‘buy or invest’ in their marketing schemes. You will know who your true friends are overtime, as people’s masks will fall out once they can no longer make use of you.
  3. [Familial bonds either get strengthened or destroyed completely]. In the earlier years of family building, just after a couple got married, siblings usually enjoy each other’s company, and is one another’s best friends. However, as each sibling grow up, their personalities and mentalities might change overtime. This could be due to a myriad of reasons, from environmental changes, to peer influences, and/or alleviation of personal status. Apart from that, there might be some clash in differing personalities and entanglement in the comparison trap. The once harmonious relationship that siblings used to enjoy, is now nothing but a fleeting memory. To then achieve a strong familial bond, each member in the family would need to lay aside all egocentric yearnings and come to a heightened sense of kind understanding towards one another. The saying ‘Love is patient, Love is kind’ is much applicable in any form of human relationships. This is a basis for a successful familial bond.
  4. [It is crucial to pay attention to your mental health]. Neglect your mental health in the early stage of your obstacles and your function-ability will be crippled with much ease. Most mental illnesses surface early, with most occurring in the twenties. Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety or Panic Disorders, and Eating Disorders, are some examples of mental illnesses which are common today. I will write a separate post on these mental illnesses which affect the greater population in the world currently. Taking care of your mental health is as vital as caring for your physical health, especially in our much stressful and complicated world today.

And here they are, the 4 most pivotal aspects of human experiences which should be told and passed on to generations as a means of surviving in this dog-eat-dog world.

Cheers and much salutations,

Hazel Alexandria

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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