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Why You Should Never Give up on Anything


Why You Should Never Give Up On Anything

Everyone has something in life that they never want to give up on, or that they want to fight for in a limitless sense. The question is why do we try to do things limitlessly, well to get us where we want to be of course. If you really want something why would you give up on it? Some people even have limitless things they want to fight for so why not fight for it? No matter what that something is. If you want something bad enough in life, go and get it. No matter what happens you should never give up on something that you want, no matter how hard it is. You should fight for it until you get it. You should never give up on anything.For example, what if you are a lawyer but something happens and you have to take some time off, either for an illness, or death, and you have to stop being a lawyer for a couple months. Does that mean you just give up on it, and beat yourself up for the rest of your life? No, that means you fight for what you want and see where it leads you. If you are meant to do something else with your life, something will present itself to you and things will work out.

Sure you might not like something that you are doing, and you stop doing it. That doesn’t mean you are giving up that just means you are changing, the way you want your life to go. For example, if you get into a job that you don’t like, don’t just quit that job, keep up with the job until you can get exactly what you want. Sure it might take some time, but that doesn’t mean you give up. Everything takes time if you really want something you need to be willing to put in the time to get it. People might try to knock others down but that shouldn’t stop anyone. If people try to knock you down, just stand right back up and work for what you want.

If people tell you that if you don’t succeed you should just give up, does that mean that you should? No, as they saying goes if at first, you don’t succeed try, try again. So sure maybe, it might take you longer than you thought you can still get there if you try hard enough. Some people might think that things might just fall into their laps, but that is not always the case. People have to work for everything most of the time and sure you might fail at things but don’t give up on them. If you give up on something that you truly believe you can do, how are you going to know if it is the right thing for you?

This is another quote that I live by daily

This is another quote that I live by daily

Don't give up you never know what will happen?

Take the example of a child who wants to be a professional soccer player, but never gets a goal when he first starts out playing soccer. Does the child give up, no he keeps playing the game that he loves because one day just maybe one day something good will come of it and he will get to where he wants to go? It doesn’t matter if you are a child, an adult or a teen if you have a dream or an ambition, go after it. It doesn’t matter how old you are if you really want that one thing in your life don’t give up on it because you never know what all the hard work will lead to. Maybe it won’t be the exact thing that you are looking to do, but maybe you will find something else that you never thought of.

If you have the mindset of never give up on anything, then you won’t give up on anything. If you keep that mindset, you will get to the place you want in your own life, and maybe help someone out that, needs a helping hand in finding out what they want to do in their life. If you never give up on anything in your life, you will be further ahead and you will learn different things along the way. For example, Being business women, but wanting to start your own company. What do you need to do, to do that take the courses to learn the tools in order to continue with getting the job that you want? If you want it bad enough, you will never give up on it. If you don’t ever give up on anything that you want, then you will be happier, then if you do give up on something. If you always fight for what you want, you will eventually get it. Maybe you won’t get it when you want it, at the exact moment that you want it, but it will come eventually. That is something that I have learned throughout going to school for journalism, seeing my sister graduate from university and start another university. I got what I wanted, out of going to school maybe not in the way, that I wanted it to come into my life but I still got what I wanted, from working limitlessly in order to achieve it.

I will continue to work, at everything that I do, so that I can get better for the future. I have learned that if you don’t give up on anything, then you will get where you want and you will surprise yourself, along with the people around you. When you get to where you want, to be with not giving up on anything people will look at you differently. Isn’t that a good thing? If you don’t give up on anything your life is limitless don’t you think? If you think of your life in a limitless way and never give up on anything that you really want to do then good for you.

Why you should never give up on anything

Never Give Up

Never give up on something that you really want. If you really want something you will figure out a way not to give up on it and work for it until you get it. Never giving up on what you want takes a limitless amount of work, but working for it and never giving up on it even when it does get tough is the only way you will actually get what you want. Never giving up is making things work in your favour and fighting for them when things get tough if you can do that then you won't give up on what you want ever and that is a good thing.


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