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Why Is the Issue of Child Neglect so Important?

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We often find cases of child neglect in the news in the information media, whether babies are found in trash cans, babies left in neighboring houses to children who are left in public on purpose.

Taken from research conducted by Berlina et al in 2019 published in Elsevier, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) (2013), the global prevalence of physical and emotional neglect or neglect were 16.3% and 18.4%, respectively. In 2011, the Central Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Social Affairs conducted a survey of the number of neglected children in Indonesia. It was found that the number of neglected children (6 - 18 years) per 2011 reached 3,115,777 children, while the number of neglected children (0 - 5 years) reached 1,224,168 children.

But what exactly is child neglect and why is it such a widespread case?

According to, child neglect is the illegal practice of releasing interests and claims on a person's offspring with the intention of never resuming guardianship. Child neglect occurs when a parent, guardian, or person responsible for a child leaves the child without regard for the child's physical health, safety, or well-being and completely abandons the child, or in some cases, fails to provide the necessary care for the child. who live under their roof.

In Indonesia, neglected children have been defined in Law no. 35 of 2014, article 1 paragraph 6 as a child who does not meet his needs properly, whether physically, mentally, spiritually, or socially.

Factors, Causes and What Subjects the Government Should Notice and Improve?

According to the European Commission, the main causes of child neglect include poverty or financial hardship, single parenthood, postpartum depression, mental illness and substance abuse, lack of sexual health education, poor knowledge of family planning, restricted access to abortion, child abuse. has some form of disability, the child is HIV positive, pregnancy as a result of rape or abuse.

The many factors that cause someone to neglect children cannot be fully anticipated by the government at the same time. Therefore, the government must take appropriate measures such as socialization of family planning properly to prevent too many children which have implications for increasing dependents, sexual education for adolescents to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and properly handle and protect neglected children. because they are one of the vulnerable groups to be exploited both physically and mentally.

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