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Why Is It This Way: School Education


Basis of personality defects

  • Education system is really messed up. A lot of stuff is being taught at schools but nothing to cope with basic life problems every one has to figure out by themselves.
  • Did you ever wondered, how simple your life would have been, if education system in schools would have better prepared you for the life.
  • Why the planners of education system failed to realize the personal developmental needs of teens and young adults.
  • After almost more than a century of the industrial revolution, our schools are still producing good workers and laborers but not competent human beings.
  • So after a decade of school, you know algebra but have no clue why you can't make friends or why you freeze when trying to talk to one you care the mos.

Lessons to be taught.


School curriculum should Include: Credit cards and interest rates and credit ratings and retirement accounts and why you should start saving like $100 per week when you’re 18 because by the time you’re 50 you’ll be like a millionaire.

Why this stuff, because when in your thirties you get a sense of how to manage your finances, you are already neck deep in credit card loans or similar stuff.


Curriculum should Include: Communicating and sharing your feelings without the fear of blaming or judging each other; how to spot the manipulative behavior and how to stop being used; personal boundaries and how not be a pushover; honest discussions about sexuality and how it relates to love. What is the consent and how the experiences of men and women differ.


Curriculum should Include: Taxation and how the economy works. Instead of a growing a dis-functioning adult schools should raise people with proper knowledge of how the economy works.


Just to explain the importance of it. There should be detailed sessions explaining what consent actually is. And what to do when your partner says no.


Curriculum should include: The basic things to take care of oneself, personality development and the personal grooming.

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