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Why is Your Newborn Baby Crying? Know the Reasons and the Ways to Soothe Them

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Know the Reasons and the Ways to Soothe your crying baby.

Know the Reasons and the Ways to Soothe your crying baby.

It is an amazing feeling when a new member comes into our life. Along with the family, the baby’s parents enjoy and celebrate. As a baby is too young, he or she needs care too.

Do you realize that why you are newborn baby cries a lot? It is difficult for the parents to handle the baby. There are many reasons why the newborn baby cries a lot.

Therefore, the parents and other family members need to check them. Sometimes, the baby is hungry or the diaper is wet. These may be two reasons behind the baby’s crying.

Know the reasons why you are newborn baby is crying

  • Baby wants to feed as he or she is hungry

Hunger is among the common reasons due to which the babies cry the most. It is a common cause for newborn ones. Still, the stomach of the baby is empty then they cannot hold it too much.

They need feeding on their mom. To tell their parents, the infants under six months old cry. No need to worry, it is their way to convey the message to their parents. They cannot speak because they are very small. By crying, they express their feelings.

  • Infants cannot control irritation/allergy issues

As a new mom, it is a tough job for you to handle your child. The baby is healthy still carrying a lot. Then, he or she may suffer from colic.

The experts and experienced pediatrics said that tummy problems are a reason for a baby crying. Three of four months baby faces the issues of colic. Then, the mom and dad should consult a doctor and take medicine to cure the tummy problems.

The baby needs cuddling from parents.

The baby needs cuddling from parents.

  • Baby wants cuddling from their parents

Newborns need constant attention from their mother and father. Therefore, they start crying. The baby wants their mommy to hold them and give cuddling. It will help to provide comfort to the baby.

To keep your baby close for long, you can use babywearing with a carrier or sling. Infants love the sound, heartbeat, and warmth of their mom.

  • A newborn child is tired and needs rest

Maximum babies find it hard to sleep in three to four months. Fusing and crying are the signs that reveal that the baby wants to sleep.

However, the baby cannot sleep in the presence of rocking sound and visitors. You can take the baby to a silent room after feeding to make her sleep.

Diaper Changing Time for Baby.

Diaper Changing Time for Baby.

  • Its diaper changing time for the baby

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You are baby may start protesting to change the wet nappy. Some babies feel irritated due to wetness and start crying. The new parents should become pro in changing the baby’s diapers. Keeping the baby in a wet diaper for long can cause irritation and rashes.

  • Your baby cries as she is not feeling well

You realized their baby is crying tone is not the same one. Then, it is the reason to worry. The crying tone changed to more urgent, weaker, and high pitched or continuous.

It is necessary to spot the changes in the baby quickly. Due to teething, babies are not in good mood. They constantly start crying. You can check in the baby’s mouth as the teeth start coming.

In the three to four months, infants if the body temperature is more than 39 degrees. Then, you should call the doctor for the treatment. Go for medical help straight away, if the four to six months old baby is vomiting, suffering from constipation.

How can you soothe the crying baby?

It is a tough thing for mom and dad to see their baby crying out of trouble. You can use these methods to calm your child and make them feel better.

  • Play a soft and constant sound

Babies like to hear the soft and constant sound. The mother can sing songs to soothe the crying baby. She can get toys that play many sounds. It can provide instant relief to your little munchkin.

  • Mother can try different feed positions to feed their baby

You may notice that your baby cries constantly during or after feeding. The baby is three to four months old needs constant care. You are breastfeeding the baby. In that case, you can try different positions to feed the baby and satisfy them.

Doctor prefers to keep the baby in an upright position while feeding. After breastfeeding, you can burp the baby holding her against the shoulder.

  • Give Warm Bath to Baby

To calm down your baby you can give a warm bath to them. Before placing the baby in the bathtub, you should check the temperatures should be between 38-39 degrees. Infants enjoy playing in the water.

A few babies do not like to be in the water for long. It depends on the baby’s mood. You start spending time with your baby then you will find the likes and dislikes of your baby.

  • Mom and Dad can play with their child

You realized one thing that your baby loves your constant attention. Most of the little children like to play on their rocking chairs. They want to be in their mom’s arm for long periods. There are many toys available in the market. You can get a few of them like a chair, car, and cycle. Then, see if your child likes to play with them or not.


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