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Why do some children lose respect for their parents?


Usually, when kids are with their parents, they try, get close to the parents, and help them with household work. The parents also give them lots of affection, care and help them become well educated in their academic life. That said, not every parent cannot do like the well-off parents putting them in well-recognized schools.

However, as a parent, you help your child in every way as long as you can in their development. You cannot stay away from helping them even if you are a single parent, but of course, you cannot keep up to the standards of the kids' lives where both parents live together; also, they have no financial issues.

Suppose I take the situation man and a woman live together, but the man gives a little help to the woman in the housework or with the kids. In that situation, the woman gets tired, frustrated in doing all the work for everyone in the house. What is the ultimate's effect of the behavior of the man on the kids? The kids will lose interest in their dal and start to depend on the mother for everything.

In a situation like that, the quality of support that the kids get from the parent will below. Therefore, when they grow up and look, back they think that their childhood is affected, and as a result, they lose respect towards the single parent who lives alone; it may be either the dad or the mother. Why do some people neglect their duties towards the kids knowing that kids cannot look after themselves?


Suppose the irresponsible parent knew that, either he/she that they will not be a good parent, why do they have kids. We all know kids do not bear to suffer, and they remember all that they have gone through in their young days.

So, let me come to the point of why do the kids lose respect towards their parents. When they start their own life with their partner, if there is a discussion about the kid's life in their surroundings, one partner might condemn the other partner's parenting when they were young. That leads to frustration and makes them feel low.

When they mix around with their friends and see how they grew up, they will start to compare their bringing with others and begin to feel frustrated again, which adds up to losing respect towards their parents. We have to remember these all easier said and done. The older kids will have to realize the practicalities and analyze why bad parenting was intentional, due to unavoidable circumstances, or lack of proper parenting knowledge.

Instead, they lose respect for their parents and avoid helping them when they reached old age. The grown-up children have to learn it is not fair to take revenge on the parents knowing what goes around comes around. We are all bound to make mistakes in life and reach old age and end up living in regrets if the children do not want to understand you as a parent.

There are things that parents learn from the children as well, but that does not mean the children's shoulders see the parent as bad and try to lose respect towards the parent.


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