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Why do parents expect others to develop their child?


I have seen parents knowingly make mistakes when their kids badly fail to take immediate action to put everything right. Sometimes fathers become the reason for that; they try to get along with their wives because of their life. Also, they are aware that if they happen to lose the wife, they have no way of living their life.

So, we understand these parents have children but do not want to look after them for a couple of reasons, laziness and enjoying their lives. But they talk a lot more than their actions to show that they care about their kids.

Men become dependent on the wife.

It surprises me when I see the man ultimately depends on the woman for his survival. Besides, as a father, the children cannot change himself to be a better dad for his children. That results in conflict between the father and children, and the mother is not capable enough to keep the unity in the family. The gap develops that results in the children getting into bad associations. Those parents do not become aware of the kids' associations until some disasters happen.

Kids who face severe problems end up leaving their parents.

That becomes too late to rectify the situation, and they happened to lose the children, so they come to a conclusion to ask the relatives to take care of the child who got into all types of trouble. I do not understand the attitude of this type of parent, as they do not give a second thought about other parents who have their kids.


Parenting is not easy in this day and age.

Currently, parenting is a tedious task for the parents; they usually struggle with their family in keeping up the unity, education, health, hard work, and financial issues. If that is the situation, how can they take responsibility for other children? If anyone offers to help the lazy and selfish parents, besides anything that goes wrong may not be significant as they faced with their children, they become offensive almost publish that to any extent as much as possible without showing the slightest gratitude.

Need to have a complete commitment to your child

When couples decide to have kids, they have to be sure that they will show a complete commitment in bringing up the child. Some teams never wanted to have children; that is a better option when compared to the parents that I spoke about in this article. Some children live happily without expecting any help from anyone, but others need parental support regardless of age. I'm afraid I have to disagree with parents not helping whenever they need it, remember we gave them life, so it is part of our responsibility to provide support when needed for their survival.

The benefits the parents receive in helping the child when they need it.

The child will grow up with confidence, be a successful child, have high self-esteem, and be free from fear and unhappiness. They grow up like you, look at you as a role model. You will remember the good times you had with the kids, and they too recognize the same. The generation will learn the good habits in taking responsibility as you have done in your time.

Society too will learn a lot from you because you are setting an example for the other parents.

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What is the guarantee that others will do the same as you?

When the parents look after the children, the kids will be happier, comfortable and have no fear in asking anything from the parents. So, they grow up with high confidence and also become intellectual children. A mother's contributions are vital in developing the child as they need unconditional love from her parents. Parents have to remember when others look after their kids will not have a committed feeling like you. When the kids left with their grandparents, they will receive lots of love, but they might not discipline them, like the way the parents do that.

A child growing up with relaxed, caring parents will grow up having peace of mind and fearless life. Therefore, the parents who expect others to look after their child is pure because of selfishness. All of us know that we become old at some stage and we would have lost our child by then the result will be we will live in regret with no help for us.


Final words.

When we have children, we have to ensure that we dedicate ourselves to look after our kids. If we are not ready to commit ourselves, we should not have kids, and better to live without the kids. Remember, kids, make you happy and give you a better life. When they are young, you teach them about life, but they start to teach in return if you stay the same person full of mistakes when they grow up.


Sara Param (author) from London on August 29, 2021:

Thank you! Some of us lazy to do the hard work

Sara Param (author) from London on July 28, 2021:

Thank you for your comment.

ISHIKA MEHERE from NAGPUR on July 27, 2021:

Well at some point i do agree that parents must be prepared for the responsibilities they are going to be incharge of before giving birth to a young one.

Thank you for the article Sara Param.

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