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When Will I Be Able to Grow a Beard

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Don't mind the gray

Don't mind the gray

When Will My Beard Start to Grow

Facial hair does not come in all at the same time. You will grow your mustache before your cheeks and chin grow in. A mustache can start to appear as early as 11 years old. Don't be surprised if it doesn't show till you're 15 or 16. It may not cover your entire upper lip till you are 17 years old.

Hair on your cheeks and chin will start to grow when you're 16 and can take as long as 18 years old to start coming in.

While you are still a teenager, you might find your beard to be on the thin or patchy side. Don't worry. It will grow in. It takes time for your body to figure it out.

A full thick beard may take a while to grow in. You might be well into your 20s before you are satisfied with the thickness.

Just remember, growing a beard is a process and will take time. Use what you have and be happy with who you are. Beards are great but is not a sign of Manhood. Respect for others, Strength of character and a Peaceful Heart are the signs you should be building to become a man.

Grow a Faster Beard

There are things you can do to help increase the speed of your beard growth.

Clean your face everyday. You should already be doing this to keep your acne under control.

Shave more often. I found once I started shaving everyday, my acne got better. The act of shaving will not make your hair grow faster, but it will help your face stay clean. Some say shaving often can hurt your skin, so find a happy medium that works for you. For me? I only shave once a week. My skin gets irritated when I shave. I am in my 40s and my skin is not the same as it was when I was 20 and shaving it everyday.

Stress less. Stress causes all kinds of problems. It can cause hair loss. It can slow your hair growth. It can cause illnesses of all kinds. Find ways to stress less.

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Eat Better. Eat fewer carbs and more Vegetables, Fruits and Proteins. Eating better will help all aspects of your life. You will feel better, weigh less, have more energy and might live longer. I wish I had eaten better in my 20s so I didn't have diabetes in my 40s. Learn from my mistakes.

Drink More Water. Water is everything. If you don't drink enough, bad things happen. Drink More Water

Types of Styles

Goatee - This beard is everything shaved but the hair on your chin. I had the extended Goatee for years that included they mustache. A true Goatee does not include the mustache.

Mutton Chops - All the hair except for the hair on your chin. Wolverine brought back this style. You can keep it trimmed short or let it grow wild for a more extreme look.

Fu Manchu - The mustache extends over the edges of the mouth and down on either side of the chin. Paul Sr. on American Choppers was famous for the style.

Amish Beard - Beard Only. The upper lip and much of the upper cheeks are bare. This beard is grown when a man is married. It is a sign of Manhood and traditionally is never cut.

Interesting New Beard Styles:

  • The Sparrow - Two twisted braids from the chin made popular by Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean,
  • The Klingon - Full beard and no mustache. The beard leads right up to the edges of the mouth as if pointing at the bare lip. Warf on Star Trek The Next Generation wore it with pride.
  • The Rap Industry - This is a new one for me. The mustache is shaved to a thin line, hanging off the edges of the mouth and down on either side of the chin like the Fu Manchu.

Take Care of Your Beard

Trim It - I find my beard grows at different speeds. I trim it to bring the hair back to the same length. It looks taken care of when I trim it once every 2-4 weeks. If it is hot I will trim it more often. If it is cold, I will let it grow out to keep my face warm.

Wash It - I will use shampoo in it when I shampoo my hair. I doesn't feel like an extra step. If I skip a shower, I will wash it with hand soap when I wash my face before bed.

Watch for Acne - You might not see acne with a beard. Beards can make Acne worse. Inspect your facial hair everyday and clean when necessary.

Share it - Kits like to grab it. Wives like to snuggle against it. Dogs will lick it, especially if you get ketchup in it from the hot-dog you just ate. Enjoy the moments, the connections with others. Your beard is part of you now.

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