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What will you do when you left with nothing?


Many people face this situation ends up with nothing around them after losing everything in life. The crucial part here you will lose everyone you know; because of that, many people do not disclose their real difficulties.

Some people do not want to talk about it because I will get a slap on my face and laugh behind my back when I speak about it. Therefore, they keep quiet, and others believe that a sign of arrogance and others think this individual does not have any severe problems.

Therefore, these individuals keep their problems with them and never want to talk about them. Nevertheless, they regularly pray for their bad luck and try all types of paths to come out of it, at least temporarily. They make endless plans and work extremely hard to come out of it, but nothing works for them.

What do you think these individuals can do to survive with some peace of mind? The only asset that we all have is our hope. Besides, nobody can take that away from you unless you decide to take that away from you. Therefore, start a new life with your hope and try your best to proceed with your new venture.

People struggle when they meet so many roadblocks in making some achievements, but the only achievement is to keep trying without giving up hope that their day will come for them one day. However, some of them keep planning to take their life off but keep putting off with the hope that they will see some wins one day.


Can you imagine what a sad life some of us have no money for survival in our life?

There nothing you can do straight away, start to relax, and think positively. Only two things can guarantee you born and die; there might be a third you change. So the only thing that is under your control is changing yourself, and do not lose hope even at a stage I know you are a person who is overly concerned about your self-respect.

Take anything that you can do, use your passion like a small job or some freelancing work, when you need good planning and try harder and harder. Therefore, you will be spending too much time on yourself because of this genuine reason, but you are wasting time instead of helping others with their minor problems in others' eyes.

That may be sad because of the lack of knowledge about issues as you are such a quiet person no one knows you well apart from you. Once I saw a woman with three young boys who lived with her husband, he was too old to work. She had problems with her marriage, and this was her second marriage.

Therefore, the woman did not have any income, but she had a house and had relatives living with them. The only income was from them, but that was very little money for all five of them to have proper food even.


When she used to cook food for her kids, she did not have salt even for the food will cook like that and tell the children to eat that. The main reason was that they did not want to be under obligation to anyone, so they cared about self-respect.

Nevertheless, in others' eyes, she was an arrogant woman, but she never took other people's opinions. After all, her eldest sons started a business, did very well, and looked after the whole family well. He continued like that until the mom was alive, and so she had a comfortable life in the end.

I think it is an excellent example for people to see difficult times in their life, try to live within your means, and god will give you a hand when you work hard at some point in your life to bring you out of the mess you are in today.

Final words

Nothing wrong with losing everything as we all make mistakes in life. Therefore, we have to learn to come out of it and ensure we do not make those mistakes again. The vital part not to lose hope, bring the courage out, and start your new life with new plans to become successful. I lost everything at some stage because I do not want to lose confidence. Also, I keep away from negativity.

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