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What Matters in Life

Dream and Strive to be stoic. There are a lot of things that you think you need in your life when you really don't.

What matters in life

There are a lot of things that you think you need in your life when you really don't.

A lot of things are supposed to come to you effortlessly and your attempts to force reach them makes them get further from your reach.

Happiness, love, friendships etc. Those things are not supposed to be chased, they are results.

They result from the simple fact of having a purpose and trying to fulfill it relentlessly.

When you know what your life is meant to be, when you realize exactly what you want to be and where you're supposed to be heading; everything fixes itself, Life is easier than people think, and Life is only a bitch if you're a try hard.

Focus on what matters: you and your purpose. Everything else will come to you. That's the real meaning of "trust the process”.

If you feel like there is a void inside you, a missing piece that you can't seem to point the finger on.

Just know that it won't come from others.

It won't come from someone you meet, it won't come from a love relationship.

In fact, as long as you won't find it, your friendships and relationships will fail.

Simply because you're not at peace with who you are.

Because you're not whole.

Not because you're alone, but rather because you're not there for yourself and never got to fully know it.

There are deep feelings inside of us that we are unaware of.

We do feel them but can't know where they come from.

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It's that uncertainty that creates a void inside oneself.

Questions without answer.

Don't rust, wear out

Don't rust, wear out

Focus on yourself

If only you sat down, meditated and thought deeply about what makes you who you are, you would connect with your inner self and transcend subconscious barriers.

You'd feel free.

When someone hurts you, you get away from them, Simple.

There is no valid, logical reason why you would talk to them ever again.

If you're convinced that they didn't have your best interest at heart, then it's useless to ever give them a second chance. You'll just be signaling to them that it's okay to cross those boundaries with you.

They'll do it again.

If someone only values you when they lose you, they simply do not deserve you. Value yourself,

Don't answer their texts, Block them from everywhere. Let them stay stuck in that past and move on with your life, don’t let people stop you. You are better than that.

You know what I do when a thought bothers me? I think about it more, I don't hide from it. I try to understand what bothers me and figure out how I can make it stop. This is how you solve your shit. Every time remain consistent in dealing with your shit and you'll never really have to deal with burdens. Better taking one at a time than hide from it then have to face a mountain of problems. It's about the micro-actions, the split second decision, Stay sharp.

When you make a choice, don't hesitate, don’t look back. Make the choice, take responsibility of the consequences. Hesitating is nothing but a waste of time and mental space, action matters.

Pick an option and make everything for it to work out. If you are going to cut ties with someone, block them from everywhere. Don't give yourself the option to go back and fix things with them. Let it be done and finished! Move away, go on with your life and burn all the bridges. Focus on yourself and what elevates your soul.

A person that loves themselves never thinks about why someone doesn't like them. The ones who say "I'm so perfect, I don't get why you don't like me" are not narcissistic, they're insecure. They need external validation to confirm their ego. Their ego doesn't confirm itself. They're dependent on other people's opinion on them because to them, it invalidates what they think of themselves.

Think about it, if you truly love yourself, you understand that you're not made for everyone. Loving yourself is about knowing yourself, not about seeking validation. Every time you catch yourself affected by someone's thoughts of you, remember they're not you and they will never be. So they're irrelevant. Once you can achieve this, you become completely free. No one can judge you if you don't allow them to. Their judgment is only meaningful if you let it affect you.

And it not about hate or hard feeling, it all about self-love and that’s it

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