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What makes you think that no one likes you?


One of the best reasons that no one shows any likeness towards you is they expect help from you, assuming that you are doing well and ignoring. The truth may be you are not doing well, but in the eyes of others, you are doing well. So, what can you do about it? Do you want to go around and tell everyone that you are facing many issues and trying your best to find a solution? I will say no the best answer I can give you is to ignore the one who does not like you as there will be a day that they will start to like you again. So, patience is another solution for other people's behavior towards you.

I feel like no one likes me.

The following reason for people not to like you is you are not doing well, and you need support & help; if they get close to you, you will start to ask for help from them; therefore, they keep away from you. What can you do in that case? Then the same answer will be to ignore them and try to improve and develop yourself without getting help from anyone. Once you achieve something, people will start to like it because they are sure that you will not be a burden.

In our life we come across many misunderstanding among us that includes our family as well, there could be many reasons that you seem to be an unlikeable person in your thoughts. Maybe that mistake is yours; you do not spend time with others for your senses. Are you too busying with your work or your business? In today's world, we are all busy and in particular, the people who do well in their life become too busy and find hardly any time to mix around. I can see a big gap among the siblings as well due to lack of time.

Some do not mix around to be liked by others because of fear, uncaring nature, and realizing the consequences later in life.

If someone looks like a boring person, there will be hardly anyone for them, but they always work hard without having any fun, so the generation waiting to take over the leftover from that person.


I am ugly, and nobody likes me.

Some worry about their looks and conclude that people do not because I look ugly. So do you think the world is full of people with all sorts of watches are they keep worrying about their looks. Remember that looks are the only issue for people not like you; regardless of your face, when you do well and be helpful to others, people will start to like you. Stop worrying about your looks, develop your habits to attract people, show yourself confidence, surround yourself with like-minded people. And more than anything, if you do well in life and show empathy to others, the people have no choice other than to like you.

Some people have respect from others but no likeness.

In this case, I will talk about my father; he was an extreme introvert who never mixed around with anyone but always worked hard as a teacher and then worked at his temple or in a vast garden. He never had time to mix around with anyone, but he was doing well compared to many of his neighbors. I cannot remember that any one of the neighbors came forward and talked to him freely, maybe because they didn't like him or were scared of him, but all that said, every one of them had great respect for him. It is usual for people to keep away from you if you appear to be hard-working compared to lots of them because they feel low about themselves. So, there may be many reasons for not liking you.

I am the spitting image of my father. I do helpful something every minute of the day except my sleep time, working hard most of the people do not like because it has no benefit for them. People expect you to give your life to them so that they can be happy with your help. That does not mean I do not help others when they come for help; I help them straight away. But still, I feel that I do not have anyone to stand by me or help me if I need anything due to the lack of love towards me.

But the best part of all this is I do not expect people to like me. I am happy as long as I do the right things, but when I am not here, they will regret not wanting me and helping me whenever I need help.

I feel like no one can help me.

So, my advice does not worry and waste your time if no one likes you, learn to look after yourself and try to have a better life on your own. Firstly, start a business that you can run on your own if you expect help, no one will help you may be the main reason they believe that you will never be successful, and if they join you, they are wasting their time. So that does not mean that they do not like you. I have been running a business for the last six years on my own I do not have any help because for the same reason I just mentioned here. But do you think that I will ever worry or give up with frustration? My determination is not to give up at any stage as that makes me happy.

Anxiety no one likes me.

You might think that you are suffering from anxiety; no one likes you, never let anything wrong get to you in that sense. Please go out and get some advice also keep yourself occupied all the time, so I want to give some tips for that.


Keep yourself occupied

If you do not have any desire for business, then getting a job with the money you get from your position may be a small structure your life be strong and learn independent life. Then if you want, you can contact some people who you want and if they do not, then forget about it.

Take care of your home and give some modifications so that your home looks better makes you happy. Then there are many people looking for volunteers; maybe a charity join them and starts volunteering if you make yourself useful to them, they have no choice but to like you and keep you with them.

Always learn something new.

I like to give you another suggestion to start to learn something that you could better your life also writing your mind makes you feel happy. If you keep writing good stories and ensure that you publish them when it goes out, people might read that you might want many followers who like you and your ideas. When you continue to do that, you will have an admirer forever to read your stories. Now you might think that I am not good at writing, how can I do that. Do you know everything depends on your mind? Make that a habit at the start that will motivate you to do more of it for you to continue to do that forever?

I never cared about want writing work, but now I write most of my time if I miss one day for any reason that makes me feel sad. Instead of sitting and wasting over the things that are not under your control, make the best use of that time to develop yourself in every way possible then, you might be shocked to see the number of people after you.


Final words

It is hurtful if you believe that no one likes you, but you have to love yourself and stop thinking about other's opinions. Some people are ready to hurt you if you give them an opportunity, so you have to show that you do not care about anyone whether they like you or not. I will tell you it will be a complete waste of time, instead of doing something you love and keep yourself happy. In addition, learn something new to develop yourself. As time passes, if you acquire better knowledge and improve your lifestyle, people will start to like you; there is no doubt about it. So, remember everything depends on you.

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Sara Param (author) from London on September 25, 2021:

Thank you very much.

ISHIKA MEHERE from NAGPUR on September 21, 2021:

A very interesting article Sara param, loving yourself is the best thing you could gift yourself with. Hope you have a great day ahead.

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