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What makes parents feel proud of their children?


It is generally in families who cannot afford to give their kids a lot and help them grow up. When the kids are young, all parents like to provide them with the best possible like good education, clothes, food, and accommodation. Not all parents can do that in the best possible way, but they make sure to the best as much as possible.

The children watch struggle not to ask anything from their parents. In addition, some kids always plan to help their parents in many ways. If the father does not earn much money and the mother is a homemaker, the family cannot afford anything luxury, and the kids also do not expect from them; instead, they always plan to make some money and help the parents.

In some families, the kids start to work from a young age and save their future education. Besides, they give some of it to the parents. However, the essential point these kids do not neglect their studies and work hard in their academic field. Some parents not get involved in their education but eagerly look forward to seeing the best in their child.

Some kids say that they can never forget the happiness in their parents' faces when they hear that their child has reached the top in their school. The children from these families are used to seeing their parents' sad faces because they cannot provide the best to their kids. However, when the child tells them something like this, "I have got the highest rank in my class," the children see the happiness and feel proud of the child never seen something like that before.

The children like these will always work hard to reach the top, mainly to make their parents happy, and ultimately, that makes the parents happy forever. Once they attain higher education, they start to decide their future as far as the jobs are concerned. There is no way that you can get into highly paid jobs only with the certificates from the higher-level exams.

The children do their research and choose a line where they have the passion they never discuss anything with as the parents trust their children and content with their decision. Most of these parents pray for their children's welfare and may advise them about managing their energy.


I will say these kids' parents are fortunate and blessed to have responsible kids like these in their life. When their children get highly paid jobs, they keep planning how they make their parents come out of the misery they went through in their life. These children build houses for their parents and cause them to live with happiness until they are alive.

One of the political leaders in an Asian country going to some political conference by car was a government's car as this leader never owned the vehicle. They drove past the paddy fields where he saw the mother working on that land; when the driver of that car tried to stop the vehicle to speak to the mother of that leader, the mother denied and did not want to talk to the leader, thinking that it might disturb the leader. Therefore, some of us lead a short life and become committed to what we have to serve. It inspires others who watch them.

That shows that the parents of these individuals feel proud of them, the whole society feels proud of them. And later, when people read their life story feel pleased and grateful for this type of individual. I wish I could live like that.


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