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What is a Safe Temperature Range for Kids to Play Outside?


Too Hot to Play Outside!

My Kids Love Being Outside!

My kids love being outside whether it is hot or cold, they can last outside longer than me in the cold weather and in the hot I want to stay inside and sleep while they want to run in circles out in the yard. We live in the Midwest of the United States. The temperatures here vary greatly from season to season. Some days in winter we see negative numbers and sometime we see over 100 degree in the summer. That is a broad range of temperatures that we adjust to on a yearly basis.

When is it really safe to keep them outside and for how long?


When is it Too Cold to Play Outside?

Being too cold outside is dependent on the wind chill. Any temperature above freezing or 32 degree Fahrenheit should be safe outside to play. Temperature between 10 to 32 degree should be considered caution temperatures. There are temperatures that are not necessarily unsafe for smaller chunks of time with properly dressed children. If there is a high wind chill that would drop the temperature into an unsafe.

Any temperature less than zero degrees is a frostbite concern. Even when running to the car or going to school it is important to keep all extremities covered in this extreme weather.

Cold Winter

The snow brings colder temperature. No School due to snow butstill warm enough for the kids to play outside

The snow brings colder temperature. No School due to snow butstill warm enough for the kids to play outside

Play Temperatures


< 0

not safe to play

between 0 & 9


between 10 and 30


between 30 adn 90

Safe to Play

between 90 to 100


between 100 and 110



not safe to play

Find Some Shade in the Summer

When is it Too Hot to Play Outside?

Like winter there are also weather conditions in the summer that make the heat worse that it feels. In the Midwest where I live humidity is a factor of the heat. The higher the humidity the more dangerous higher heats are.

Temperatures up to 90 degrees are safe to play outside temperatures. Anythings between 90 to 100 degrees are considered the cautions areas. Small segments of time, with hydration can keep the kids playing outside, especially in the pool or water keeping cool. The most important thing is to remain hydrated with water in these extreme heats. Anything over 100 degrees are the danger area.

Try to stay in the shade during these hot days, remember to wear sunscreen, air out vehicles before entering, and NEVER leave anyone inside of a vehicle.

Hot Weather Takes Us To the Pool

Fun in the sun on a hot day!

Fun in the sun on a hot day!

Safe to Play, use common sense

It is important to use common sense when planning outdoor activities in both the cold and hot weather. Cold weather requires proper attires to stay warm, while warm weather requires proper attire not to overheat. My 4 year old like to wear his pumpkin sweatsuit and during the weather I have to hide it far out of reach to ensure he is melting in 90 degree weather. I keep a stockpile of hats and mittens in the winter to continually replace missing ones that seem to disappear.

In the summer it is important to keep hydrated and to keep drinking water. The hot weather can drain our bodies of the necessary liquid that will cause us to get sick.


Sophia on May 24, 2018:

I live in south Dakota

Chace from Charlotte, NC on June 18, 2013:

I love this hub, especially the table. It was so helpful! :) Voted up and useful!

Subhas from New Delhi, India on June 18, 2013:

Hi kthix10 s! You have touched a great topic which all over parents scratch their head pondering over their offspring. Here in India it is too hot, and for the last one month, daily for an hour I was playing soccer with my friends when the temperature was averaging 118 and I did not feel unwell as I am used to such temperatures. So, it depends upon the adaptability of our body too.

twoseven from Madison, Wisconsin on June 18, 2013:

We are in the Midwest too but I grew up in California so I am still learning about how to deal with the hummidity! Great hub and very timely for me.

Carly Sullens from St. Louis, Missouri on June 18, 2013:

We used to live in Michigan and then moved to Florida. The heat was something we had to adjust to. My son plays football with a helmet, pads etc. when it is 100 degrees. We have learned to take care of our bodies in the heat with sun screen and definitely keeping hydrated.

I am not sure if we can deal with the brutal cold of the north since our bodies have acclimated to the heat. Great hub. Voted up+++