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What Happened to 6-Year-Old Timmothy Pitzen

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Where is 6-year-old Timmothy Pitzen?

6-year-old Timmothy Pitzen

6-year-old Timmothy Pitzen

Who was the Pitzen family?

Jim and Amy Pitzen lived in Aurora, Illinois with their 6-year-old son Timmothy, and were described as a typical family. Young Timmothy was described as somewhat of an extroverted and rather energetic child, he was happy and playful. Jim Pitzen and his wife Amy were described as your typical married couple, going through a rough patch. Jim had told authorities that his wife, Amy had previously attempted suicide, and was taking depression medication. Jim explained to authorities that they had an argument shortly before the child’s disappearance because Amy went on a cruise with a friend of hers for her birthday and left him behind.

The Pitzen Family (Jim, Amy and Timmothy

The Pitzen Family (Jim, Amy and Timmothy

What happened to 6-year-old Timmothy Pitzen?

Jim Pitzen dropped his 6-year-old son Timmothy off at Greenman Elementary School in Aurora, Illinois on the morning of May 11, 2011. Mr. Pitzen watched his son run towards the school, swinging his little Spider-Man backpack behind him as he greeted his kindergarten teacher. Mr. Pitzen looked at his son and said, “I love you, be good.” Authorities stated that about 30-minutes later, the boy’s mother, Amy showed up at Greenman Elementary School and signed her son out under the story that there was a family emergency. Authorities viewed the security footage and determined that Mrs. Pitzen and her son left the building at around 8:30 AM on May 11.

Mr. Pitzen was not aware that Timmothy had been signed out of school, saying that he only found out that he was not there when he went to pick him up after school. Mr. Pitzen said that he had checked both the house and Mrs. Pitzen’s work only to find nothing. He then called his wife on the phone, but it went straight to voicemail. Mrs. Pitzen never returned her husband’s calls, but it was said that she called her mother saying that she and her son were simply fine and would return home within a day or two. She then called her brother-in-law and told him that they were fine as well but stated that “Timmothy belonged to her.”

While family and friends frantically looked for the pair, they were vacationing across Illinois and Wisconsin?

Authorities stated that Mrs. Pitzen and Timmothy were seen walking together around a resort in Wisconsin, and that they had visited a waterpark in Gurnee, Illinois as well as a zoo in Chicago, in the days following the report of their disappearance made by her husband. While family of friends of the two were out frantically looking for them, she took her son on one last vacation. It was also said that mom had bought her son some toys while they were on their trip, Mr. Pitzen told True Crime Daily that “Timmothy was following mom, he was playing with what looked like a semi-truck on the floor. Timmothy was happy and didn’t seem to have any distress or anything.” Mrs. Pitzen and Timmothy were last seen together checking out of the Kalahari Report and waterpark in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin shortly after 8 P.M on the evening of May 13, 2011. Mrs. Pitzen was then spotted on a grocery store surveillance in Rockford, Illinois, but authorities state that she was alone, then she checked into a hotel around 11:15 PM that same night. Authorities of the Rockford, Illinois Police Department released a statement following the discovery of Amy Fry-Pitzen’s body by housekeeping. Authorities stated that she had self-inflicted cuts on her neck, her wrists and she had ingested a lethal dose of drugs.

Fry-Pitzen had committed suicide, but not before penning a suicide note that detailed that her 6-year-old son Timmothy was with people who would take care of him, but that he would never be found. Authorities stated that Fry-Pitzen signed her 6-year-old son out of Kindergarten three days before the discovery of her suicide, the child was not with his mother when her body was located within her hotel room.

Amy’s behavior leading up to her suicide was suspicious.

Family of Friends of Amy had told authorities that they speculated that her behavior was based out of fear that if she filed for divorce from Jim that she would be prevented from seeing Timmothy due to her mental illness and prior suicide attempts. Amy had mentioned divorce to Jim multiple times in the past and has been divorced three times in the past.

Amy loved her son, but authorities believe Timmothy’s disappearance was planned?

Amy’s mother, Alana Anderson told CNN that “she just adored that little boy, and he just adored her.” However, all signs point to Timmothy’s disappearance being planned, as it was said that according to Mrs. Pitzen’s cell phone records that she had made two trips to Sterling, Illinois a few months prior. Is it possible that a loving mother could plan her own son’s disappearance? Did she commit suicide because she could not live with what she had done?

Is Timmothy Pitzen alive?

Through-out the years, investigators have received a few tips regarding Timmothy, but have yet to find a lead that is not a dead end. In 2013, a woman turned Mrs. Pitzen’s cell phone into the police department and said that she found the phone on the side of the road back in 2011 but did not realize the significance of the cell phone until 2013. They have not stated rather there was anything on the cell phone that would been helpful in this case, but Mr. Pitzen continues to believe that his son is alive but does not understand why his son has not tried to reach out to him, or phone him to let him know that he is safe.

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