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What Do You Know About Your Past?

Our ancestors have done so many things that we are unaware of and somehow it affects our lives negatively. We need to ask right questions.

What do you know about your past?


What do you know about your past?

What do you know about your past?

As we all know Nigerians don't keep records. People from developed countries have pictures or paintings of what their ancestors look like even backdating to. 400 years ago. While we know nothing about our ancestors.

Do you even know what your grandparents look like? You might say you do. How about how your great grandparents look or what they did?

Have you asked your parents? Of course, many of us have no idea what complexion they were, their height, how they lived their lives. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

So you see some of these great grandparents, grandparents, parents, and generations before they have done things we can't speak of. Some we might have no idea what they did, while some we know but can't speak of.

Many of them owned slaves, some were thieves, some were murders, others skimmed, some were troublesome, some were rapists and the list goes on.

You begin to wonder what makes certain things happen in your life. You wonder, who did I offend? Occasionally, it's has nothing to do with you but something to do with what your ancestors have done. You know there's Karma, right?

When the victims who suffered at the hands of your ancestors were been treated badly, what do you think they said before they passed on? Or the ones who survived, what do you think they said?

You guessed right, they placed a curse. Now, like I earlier said we might not have been the offender, but they are things happening around us we just can't explain. It's as a result of situations like the past. You have to know about the past to be able to fix the future.

Even as you live your life, you have to try to do right and avoid curses for you and your children, even though, you haven't seen them yet. This is the most important part.

You have to be close to God and ask for mercy to deliver you from all the effects of any curse that is effective in your life. Like I earlier said, what do you know about your past?

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