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What are the needs of parents and children

A successful and gratifying family life relies mainly on how well the family members have recognized and acknowledged their respective roles and responsibilities and knowing how to fill their respective needs.

All the great things parents aim in life are intended for their family since they love their children and desire to provide them a stable future.

But parents have their own set of needs just like their children in order to be productive, be able to live longer and at the same time make the most out of life. The need of the parents and the children may bear some similarities.


Here is the list of parent’s needs:

  • Respect for self as an individual
  • To seek advice from them when children make plans
  • Love, affection and trust
  • Shared responsibility for the home
  • Teenage ideas
  • The chance to participate in family activities in and out of the home
  • Sense of privacy
  • Respect for own things
  • Appreciation of their hard work
  • Encouragement to accomplish things and to be oneself
  • To have grandchildren and possibly great grandchildren
  • Have ample time to rest and enjoy life
  • Good health
  • Harmonious family

Here is the list of children’s needs:

  • Safety and security
  • To enjoy the privileges and rights of being a child or as a person
  • Respect for self being and for others
  • Some leeway for freedom and independence
  • Love, affection and trust
  • Moral support during competitions or endeavors
  • Support and a happy home
  • Shared responsibility
  • Guidance
  • Privacy
  • Respect for own belongings
  • Appreciation of efforts
  • Encouragement to accomplish various things and be oneself
  • To acquire necessary skills and given the opportunity to study in school to garner education from preschool and possibly up to tertiary level
  • Learn moral values
  • Safe shelter
  • Clothing
  • Good health
  • Self Identity
  • Some wants in life
  • The time to enjoy and rest
  • The time to play and make friends
  • To engage in family and school activities
  • Opportunity to express ideas, opinions and feelings

These are just a short list of the necessities and even wants of parents and children. Satisfying most of these is desirable in order to make the family happy and at the same time living in a blissful life. If some of these are not met, however, this will cause some troubles in the family.

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