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What to Do When Someone Close, Whom You Had Trusted, Caused the Most Hurt

Chitrangada has a keen interest in alternative therapies. As a parent and teacher, she shares her real-life experiences with readers.

Being hurt by someone you loved the most is the worst feeling ever!

Being hurt by someone you loved the most is the worst feeling ever!

So, you have been hurt by someone very close, someone, whom you had trusted

Consider yourself fortunate, if you have not faced such a situation in life. Of all the people, I know or interacted, they have faced such painful situations in life, when they have been hurt by their close ones.

  • Do we care, if some passer by or a person, whom we know casually, says something unpleasant? No, we don't!
  • But when a close one, a loved one, a trusted friend, a close relative or a family member causes hurt, it becomes unbearable. Isn’t it?
  • When someone we care about, gets mad at us, by means of words or actions, it can shatter our mental peace and happiness.
  • This becomes all the more pronounced, if the person is someone, with whom we are very close and intimate.
  • And if you are slightly sensitive, by your nature or temperament, you can be affected so deeply, that you will be unable to function normally, and start thinking that life is burdensome.
  • In personal and close relationships, the person who has caused hurt, may even refuse to communicate.
  • This might leave you wondering, about what he or she may be thinking, feeling, planning, or doing.
  • You may live with the feelings of fear, disappointment, and depression. You may reach to a point, where it becomes difficult to focus, on your day today life.
  • In other words, your peace of mind may be lost.
Be careful about relationships!

Be careful about relationships!

How to deal with rude people, source: YouTube

Forgiving is easy but trusting that person again is not at all easy

Forgiving is easy but trusting that person again is not at all easy

How to forget and forgive, source: YouTube

5 Things to do, if you have been hurt by those, whom you had trusted

If such a thing has happened to you, please understand, what you should or should not do.

1. Avoid anger

Remember- the first thing is to avoid anger, and remain composed. Easier said than done, but you have to do it.

Only if you are okay at this moment, you can then begin to see, what your options are.

2. Try and avoid impulsive behaviour--Crying, shouting, answering back

There is no use talking to an angry person. Reacting in the same way, as him/ her will be another big mistake, and would make the matters worse.

Any action like this, will be a wrong step, and the situation may be completely out of hand, and can never be repaired.

3. Try to communicate

It does depend on the person, who is projecting his or her anger, on to you.

Try everything in your control, to communicate with this person, who behaved like this with you. You may ask, what made his/ her behaviour so upsetting, towards you.

That person may or may not respond, with a definite answer.

There may be something, you are totally unaware about or there can be long term issues, as well.

If those issues are discussed mutually, well and good. If not, you may have to find some other way, to solve this.

4. Apology

Apology is a healer.

Apology can take the bitterness away.

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Once the anger settles down, the chances are, that the other person also may realise his/ her mistake, or unruly behaviour.