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What I Am Most Careful About When Raising Children


I'm Toshihiko Kawai, a novelist who has missed the sloppy summer.

This time, I will talk about "what I am most careful about when raising children."

The first conclusion is that the couple are getting along well!

Seven years after I got married, I have never had a fight with my wife. No matter how unreasonable her wife says, she will never say back and obey silently.

Of course, one of the reasons is that I have decided not to go against my wife at home, but the main reason is to make my child think that my dad and mom are on good terms!

For a child, being close to his beloved dad and mom is the happiest thing, and conversely, there is nothing more unpleasant than having a bad dad and mom.

It's pretty prescriptive, but this is an idea and lesson from my hands-on experience.

When I was little, my parents weren't on good terms and had a big fight every morning. When I was young, I was just confused about the scene and I just remember being scared.

Please try to imagine. The voice of the father and mother yelling at each other gives us a feeling of fear and despair when we wake up. (By the way, both of my parents are now on good terms, and I no longer have the fighting that I used to have.)

As a kid, I just wanted my parents to get along with each other.

My father works as a doctor and my grandparents are also wealthy people, so I have never had a hard time with money. I'm very grateful for that, but if it comes true, I don't need any money, so I want them to get along.

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At that time, and even now, I suddenly think about that.

From this experience, when I got married and had a child, I decided to show my child what the couple was getting along with, whether it was acting or lying.

And now, I'm married and blessed with two daughters, and I'm just doing that.

I never quarrel, and I always tell my children, "I'm glad I was a kind mother," "I'm cute like my mother," and "I have to take good care of my mother."

Of course, I love my wife, so I'm really serious about it, but I'm embarrassed to say it.

Actually, I'm planning to have a wedding next year, and I also want my wife to wear a wedding dress, but the main reason is for the children.

Children who see the wedding, one of the couple's most important rituals, see their happy parents and unknowingly feel that they are very close and happy. must.

For children, such a happy moment is not something they can experience in their lifetime.

By the way, this is a secret to my wife (laughs)

Well, I can't really hear what the kids really feel because they're only 4 and 0 years old, but I believe they're sure. (When you grow up, you may be told that you didn't think about it (laughs))

Thank you for reading until the end.

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