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Warning to Parents: How Roblox Players Cuss, Curse and Bully Your Child

As a family life and child development expert, JP has devoted years in nurturing students and strengthening family relations.

People can be rude in online games

People can be rude in online games

Many of my students play Roblox and many of them get exposed to cussing, cursing and bullying done in the chat of Roblox games. As parents, we must understand the online world they are engaged in since it affects them emotionally. Here are some ways Roblox players try to beat the filter of this platform.

What's Roblox?

First, things first, Roblox is an online platform where users can play, interact, communicate with other players around the world. Its users number in the hundreds of millions and usually gets 30 million visitors a day. There’s a whole set of Roblox words that users use to communicate. Some are harmless while others are definitely rude, insulting and inappropriate. Parents should learn how to decipher the Roblox slang. Suffice to say, this is a very popular gaming platform for all ages with its drawbacks. Moreover, with the differences in age and backgrounds, inappropriate words fly around since chats are usually public, everyone sees the rude and crass conversations players have. It is even worse when the derogatory words are aimed at you. Now, think of how your child will react to cussing, cursing and bullying.

So how do some players get around the filters that Roblox put in place? It’s quit creative and it does not take a genius to decipher what they mean. Here are ways Roblox players try to beat the cussing and cursing filters.

People go to lengths to beat the Roblox filtering system

People go to lengths to beat the Roblox filtering system

1. Roblox Filter Bypass Codes

This is a technique where players can get bypass codes over the internet. There are numerous tutorials resources online just for this purpose. However, if players use these bypass codes they run the risk of getting their accounts banned.

What's annoying is that there are people who use their talents in coding to circumvent ways that this platform censor inappropriate words. Likewise, they openly promote these codes and upload videos to teach players how to do this.

2. Letter substitutions

This technique is a great way to create passwords that you can remember. However, this is also a technique Roblox players use to bypass the filter of the game. The idea is to use similar characters to replace letters. Here are some examples:

F*6k Y0u

A55 H01e



Sh!t or $h1t


In spite substituting letters you can still understand the words.

It's often about substituting letters.

It's often about substituting letters.

3. Using Phonetics

Changing spelling or using phonetics to spell the cuss or curse words is another way online gamers say bad words in the game. They beat the filtering system by writing the inappropriate words based on how they sound and not necessarily how they are properly written. Here are some examples:


AS Hol

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Btch or Vitch or Vtch

Pu-See or Pu-C

SHt or Siyet


UR A DK or Ur-A-Dk


As long as you can pronounce it, online gamers can write it in a creative way. Unfortunately, our kids still see these profanity.

4. Words are Broken Down into Several Lines

In this technique, players use several lines to write their cuss words. This breaks the whole words into several lines and thus, it does not get filtered. Here are examples:















This technique takes a little effort but I suppose some players are really bent on putting a foul word or two in the chat.

5. Breaking the Spelling with Spaces and Characters

This techniques usually uses uppercase letters to spell out the bad words. And in between these letters, the player puts other character to hide the word from the filtering system. An alternative is for players to misspell words to avoid getting filtered. Or am I giving them too much credit and they really don’t know the spelling? Well, if they really don’t know the spelling, this is the case when ignorance is bliss. Here are examples:


AS SH0lee

Bit cchh



Coc Sukr

Online chats can be a source of cyber bullying.

Online chats can be a source of cyber bullying.

6. Use a Different Language

In this bypass strategy, players use their own vernacular to say bad words to other players. They even dish inappropriate words among themselves. I suppose it won't be as effective when you cuss or curse at someone who does not understand what you are saying. I tried reporting players who use bad words in other language - at least those that I recognize) but no actions were done.

Though Roblox games are fun and engaging, players encounter situations were others are rude and crass. Unfortunately, many players really do not care about their attitude and behavior when playing. Yes, they lack the basic moral fiber expected from a decent person. But that is the reality of the world. Furthermore, in spite of the efforts of the people behind Roblox, there are still players who learn how to post cuss and curses on Roblox chats. So here’s a stern warning: if your child plays Roblox, expect that they will encounter profanity, cussing and cursing. Some parents block this game or some help teach their children how to deal with people who write inappropriate words or even online bullying.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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