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The Snorting Cinnamon Challenge. Parents: Lock Up That Cinnamon, It Could Be Dangerous To Your Teenager!

Cinnamon, The Danger In Your Kitchen

Have you heard about the Cinnamon Challenge? I had never heard of this until just recently. Evidently, its the newest craze among teenagers. I remember some pretty crazy things we used to do, but these stunts are getting crazier and crazier. This one has really got me scratching my head. Just when parents think their kids are becoming more mature (?), they go and think up something this outrageous.

I remember a game we played called "Chubby Bunny" when I was a kid. You would stuff a marshmallow in your mouth, but don't chew it. Then you said (with the marshmallow in your mouth), "I am a chubby bunny." Then you put another marshmallow in your mouth and repeat the same phrase. You just keep on going this way until you can no longer say "I'm a chubby bunny." Whoever has the most marshmallows in their mouth wins the game. I guess it would be possible for someone to choke to death playing this silly game, but I don't think that was as dangerous as this new game called the Cinnamon Challenge.

I think this newest game is very dangerous. It can lead to serious health problems according to health professionals who are very concerned about this. We know teenagers are not fully "cooked" until they are 25 years old, and we know they can make some very immature decisions. Most of these crazes come from just wanting attention, I guess. Now with You Tube becoming so popular, it's easy for a teenager to become a superstar overnight.

How The Kids Are Doing The Cinnamon Challenge

The person tries to swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon without drinking water. I watched the video from You Tube, and all I saw was a cloud of cinnamon dust being blown out of the person's mouth. They choke, they sneeze, they gag, they vomit, and they just can't breathe. It is just impossible to swallow that much cinnamon at one time because we don't have enough saliva to absorb the cinnamon. Some of these kids have suffered collapsed lungs. Common sense should tell these kids that can't be good for your lungs. But we parents know our teens don't have a lot of common sense, do they?

Parents Should Be Aware Of This Cinnamon Challenge

This newest craze, the cinnamon challenge is just another subject that parents need to talk to their teenagers about. We parents know very well that when we warn our kids about something, it can just make them do it more. I still think we are obligated as good parents to warn our kids about this potentially dangerous game. As good parents we should make it our responsibility to find out about these new crazes that our kids are indulging in.

If you have teenagers in the house, maybe you should lock up the cinnamon along with the liquor.

It's Hard For Parents To Keep Up With These Fads

It is so hard for parents to "keep up" with all these latest fads that our kids get involved in. I've heard of kids inhaling (huffing) all kinds of toxic stuff that can be deadly. One that comes to mind is inhaling compressed air. There are many solvents they use to get high, but that's another story. It probably never occurs to kids that this cinnamon challenge can be dangerous to them.

An Article In the AARP Magazine About The Cinnamon Challenge

I was very surprised when I got my August/September issue of the AARP Magazine to see they had included a short article about the danger of trying to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon without any water. They point out the possibility this can cause choking, vomiting and vomiting, as well as throat and lung injuries.

I was glad to see this article, because more of us Grandparents were not aware of this danger, so now they will be aware just like I was.

The poison control centers have received many calls from concerned parents.

Video Of A Guy Who Wishes He Hadn't Done The Cinnamon Challenge

The Stuff Cinnamon Challenge Is Made Of


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Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on July 27, 2014:

Hi Lady Guinevere. Yes it amazes me when I look at the stats on this Hub about the Cinnamon Challenge. On Google search there are more than 7,000 views, so people are still very interested in this subject, I guess. I think kids are still doing this along with other dumb things they do! I'm like you: I never did any drugs of any kind.

Thanks for reading and for the compliment, Mary

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on July 27, 2014:

Hi, Torrs13 Kids are still doing this dangerous challenge although you don't hear about it quite as much. Maybe they are finally seeing what a dangerous practice it really is. I certainly hope so!

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Thanks for reading and commenting, Mary

Debra Allen from West By God on July 27, 2014:

Wow and your comments go back a few years on this one and the media is now just picking up on it! LOL Anyway this is a great article. I am guessing kids have to do other things than just the drugs now. We had lost of drugs when I was growing up. I never took any but some of my friends did. I guess just getting High on drugs and getting caught is just not enough for some people. They lack common sense as teens too because their frontal lobe of their brain is just developing. Good article!

Tori Canonge from North Carolina on July 27, 2014:

I remember hearing about this challenge a little while back and thinking to myself, "why are kids being so dumb these days?" But then I remember that I also did stupid things when I was a kid and didn't think about the consequences. Since teens don't have fully developed brains, they often don't think about the possible consequences that can come from doing something dangerous, like the cinnamon challenge. I'm glad you wrote a hub about it to educate everyone on how dangerous this challenge can truly be!

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on July 27, 2014:

Good Morning, Au fait Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my Hub about teens and the "cinnamon challenge"

Most parents, like yourself, have never heard of this dangerous practice done by teens, but we had several local incidents where teens did this, and almost died.

When I went looking for a suitable video for this Hub, I couldn't believe all the teens that made videos about their experience with this, and most of them warned other teens NOT to do this.

I agree with you about teenagers. Thank God I managed to raise four girls who never got involved in drugs or goofy practices like this.

Thank you so much for the the votes, Pin, and share, Mary

C E Clark from North Texas on July 27, 2014:

It does seem as if some teenagers, and preteens too, will do anything crazy just for the heck of it. Not meaning to be overly acerbic, but I find those people who engage in these things as teens and preteens never really grow out of this penchant for doing wildly unwise things.

I had never heard of this before reading your comment on my Cinnamon article and I'm glad you have written this to help inform parents who may not have heard of it either.

My daughter is going to be 26 soon, and she was home schooled, and what a difference home school can make in removing bad examples and peer pressure from a child's environment. Some children live long enough to develop good judgment, as a result of parents controlling who is around to influence them. Sadly, for some other children, as stated above, nothing keeps them from doing crazy things, not even experience and the aging process.

Voted up, UI, pinned to Awesome HubPages, and shared with HP followers.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on February 11, 2014:

Hi House230 Thank you for sharing your experience. I wish the person who was defending this would read your comment! I'm sorry you were so affected by the cinnamon. That is amazing that even after 5 hours, you still felt the effects. Thank you, Mary

House230 from Lossiemouth on February 11, 2014:

I have been taking cinnamon into work to add with my coffee. One of my colleagues out of the blue suggested i sniff some. Lord knows why i did it, i figured "it's just cinnamon." Now 6 hours later my face and head feel like... just hell, like a migraine but without the visual or paralyzing effects. Painkillers do very little. It is the worst decision i have ever made in my life, and i have made some pretty bad ones. If any one has had such migraines that they wish they were dead, this is how i felt at around the 5 hour after inhalation mark. For the love of God, do not let anyone you know do this to themselves!

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on April 21, 2013:

Hi midget38. It just amazes me what teenagers will think of to do to get high, not knowing how dangerous these practices are. So many parents are totally unaware just like I was!

Thanks for the share.

Michelle Liew from Singapore on April 20, 2013:

Sharing this, Mary.......we have lots of coffee and tea places here where teens love hanging out. This is important for them to know.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on January 25, 2013:

Hi, Stina Caxe. I had no idea about this cinnamon challenge until I read about it in a magazine. It is just amazing the things kids will do to get noticed, but this is a dangerous way to get noticed!

Thanks for reading and commenting.

BTW: It's nice to "meet you".

Cristina Cakes from Virginia on January 25, 2013:

Ew! I had no idea! I can't stand cinnamon. My 3 year old recently got into some and dumped it all over the carpet. That was terrible enough.

I can't imagine my kids growing into teens and doing such stupid things, it's good that people like you can help make the public aware of these problems so we can watch out for signs and educate ourselves and our children.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on January 03, 2013:

Hi, OP. I only know what my research revealed as to how dangerous it is to snort cinnamon.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on January 03, 2013:

Hi, Al. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment on this Hub about snorting cinnamon. I don't know if scientists (what kind?) have researched this danger, but I do know many doctors have reported the dangers of snorting it. Who knows?? If I were a teenager, I might do it too, but I seriously doubt it.

OP on January 03, 2013:

Do you know dangerous it is?

AI on January 03, 2013:

You are all stupid and naïve. Scientists have not researched this as it is so trivial in terms of harm to the body. You take more cinnamon in your McMuffins. To add, if you we're a teenager of the current generation you would do it too so don't be hypocritical...

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on November 27, 2012:

Hi, torrilynn. So nice to "meet you" today. I'm so glad you decided NOT to join in with this crazy Cinnamon Challenge. Young people just don't understand just how dangerous this act is.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment and vote. Mary

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on November 27, 2012:

Hi, PDXKaraokeGuy. No nice to see you! Oh, yes, this crazy Cinnamon challenge is very dangerous. These kids just don't know how dangerous it is.

Thanks for reading, commenting, the votes and the share. I appreciate that. Mary

torrilynn on November 26, 2012:

i've seen it done before many times in youtube videos i think that it is stupid and pointless i decided not to partake in this idiotic challenge. the dangerous and the aftermath of it are just way too serious. thanks for the hub. voted up.

Justin W Price from Juneau, Alaska on November 26, 2012:

I did know about this, but I had no idea is was that dangerous. I just thought it was stupid. Thanks for sharing. Up and shared.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on October 13, 2012:

Hi, Anna. Oh, yes, I've heard of that "Pass out Game". I blame YouTube for teaching our kids to do these dangerous games. I was glad to see AARP warning Grandparents about this Cinnamon Challenge.

Thanks for reading my Hub and commenting.

Anna on October 13, 2012:

This is just one of the many dangerous activities. We received a call this week from my sons school notifying us that he participated in the "Pass Out Game". A game in which a child hyperventilates, then receives a push from another kid, and passes out. Children are dying, and people keep uploading the videos to YouTube, so that other children can learn how to participate in this event. I am disgusted that the website is allowing this to continue. Kids, under 18, posting these videos. This in no ways protects our children!!!

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on October 07, 2012:

Hi Levertis Steele. I agree with you...we adults can do some pretty dumb things, too! I loved your comment. Kids are always thinking of new and more exciting stunts to do. This Cinnamon Challenge is so dangerous and kids don't realize that danger.

Thanks for reading and commenting, Mary

Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on October 07, 2012:

I have heard of many silly things that kids have done from swallowing goldfish in the 50's to this: swallowing cinnamon. Shakespeare profiled the craze so well. Juliet dared to take a nearly heart-stopping potion to fake her own death. We say, "Kids," but adults are daring, too! Walking across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope or jumping it on a motor cycle (Evel Knevel), or Lady Godiva parading the streets naked on horseback. I think that kids are practicing to be daring adults, their teachers.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on September 27, 2012:

Good Morning, scmom61. It's so nice to meet you!

These young people don't realize the danger of this Cinnamon Challenge. Some of the powder can go down into the lungs. You know, they are always coming up with something new and challenging.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Mary

Heidi McGrath from California on September 26, 2012:

My daughter is a You Tube vlogger, and was challenged by her subscribers to do the cinnamon challenge. I was very worried, but she promised to only hold it in her mouth and had a friend there with water. She did do a lot of choking, and coughing. I had no idea it was so dangerous. She was challenged by adults who do this on You Tube. I think I will monitor her other challenges, if she gets any!

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on September 25, 2012:

Hi, TToombs08. What a great comment to my Hub on the cinnamon challenge! I couldn't agree with you more. I thought it was great when the AARP magazine even warned grandparents about this crazy fad.

Thanks for the vote, and the meaningful comment, Mary

Terrye Toombs from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map. on September 25, 2012:

With all the entertainment venues available to kids these days, why in they world would they need to resort to the cinnamon challenge to waste time? Amazing. Maybe these kids need more chores and work to keep those idle hands busy? :) Great information, Mary! Voted up and more.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on September 05, 2012:

Hi midget38. Thanks for reading and sharing your concerns about the cinnamon challenge. I didn't know either until my granddaughter told me her friends were doing this.

Thanks for voting, and for the share, Mary

Michelle Liew from Singapore on September 05, 2012:

Mary, I'm forwarding this because it has stellar facts. I didn't know about the dangers of cinnamon until this hub! Thanks for letting me know. Voted up and sharing.

What happened to the kids who jumped off buildings using an umbrella as a parashute ??? on August 23, 2012:

that was the dumbest thing I ever did..

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 23, 2012:

Hi, donnah75, I'm glad you read this, especially if you have students. They don't realize just how dangerous this game really is. I hope you will read more about this problem.


Donna Hilbrandt from Upstate New York on June 23, 2012:

Wow, I didn't know this was dangeruos. My students were talking about it not long ago, and I dismissed it as a crazy idea. Now I will know to address the dangers if it comes up in the future. Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely be reading up on this.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on April 27, 2012:

Hi Joseph412. Thanks for reading and commenting on my Hub about the cinnamon challenge. I agree: maybe we parents fail at teaching our kids to think.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on April 27, 2012:

Hi caspian, thanks for reading and for your thoughtful comment. You make a very valid point. I appreciate your thoughts on this subject.

Joseph412 on April 27, 2012:

I think that the idea of locking up cinnamon is crazy if you're ganna go that far then lock up your whipped cream too cause if you inhale it you can get high off of it the only fix is teaching your kids to think

Caspian on April 27, 2012:

Although yes the cinnamon challenge is bad I don't believe this touches on the overwhelmingly large problem leading up to the cinnamon challenge, it in fact kind of exacerbates it. The problem is kids that get stuck with too many rules eventually want to venture beyond them and are very susceptible to peer pressure leading up to them acting in the manner being shown in this hub, they go out and do things often considered stupid and the like but in doing this it allows them to gain common sense as well as relieve the pressure they're building up. Don't misinterpret me, the cinnamon challenge is not smart I would never do it, but the issue is parents putting too many limits on their children leading up to this reckless behavior. The solution is to educate your children and allow them at least some control over themselves, not shoving another rule or regulation in their face, and although the cinnamon challenge is by no means healthy it is not deadly and it is way for teens to learn about the world around them as well as gain a little bit of common sense.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on April 22, 2012:

Good Morning, lambservant. Thanks for reading about the cinnamom challenge. Yes, I'm trying to get the word out to these crazy kids who try to do this stunt. They just don't realize how dangerous it is. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Lori Colbo from United States on April 21, 2012:

How awful. Thank you for getting the word out. Good grief.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on April 08, 2012:

Austin, I watched the YouTube and that poor kid had a terrible time swallowing the cinnamon. He gagged, he choked, he spit up and looked pretty miserable. He did it twice. Even he says at the end he wouldn't do it again.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on April 08, 2012:

Hi, Austin. You made an interesting comment on my Hub about the Cinnamon Challenge. I have left the link in case someone wants to watch. I'm concerned about the powder getting into the lungs. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Austin DicksonT on April 08, 2012:

The worst it does is make you vomit if you do it wrong. If you have water handy and spit it out when you choke it's fine. Here you go

Sarah on April 05, 2012:

Good lord, you all need to lay off your kids! Honestly, if you trust them and trust that you've raised them right, then you shouldn't need to rant on about the dangers of swallowing cinnamon! Sheesh, it's not even that bad as long as you have water handy. If your child decides to do this without a tall glass of water beside them then its their fault they vomit. Seriously, you're all acting like this will lead to doing drugs and becoming a prostitute. Lighten up! There's bigger things you should be worrying about for you're teenager.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 31, 2012:

Hi there, HBN, good to see you. Your friend's grandchildren were lucky that they were OK after doing the cinnamon challenge. Remember when we used to use baby powder on our babies? Now we know that's not good for their lungs...same thing with cinnamon. It can be inhaled into the lungs. It is a real concern. Thanks for reading and commenting. Goodnight.

Gail Sobotkin from South Carolina on March 31, 2012:

I was visiting friends yesterday and the topic of the cinnamon challenge came up. Turns out their teenage grandchildren also took the challenge but fortunately were okay afterwards.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 31, 2012:

Hi again, cloverleaffarm, thanks for coming back to tell me the cute story of what your kids did without your knowing they threw out the cheese! My grown kids still tell me of things they did years ago that I never knew about. That's amazing that this stupid cinnamon challenge has been around for so long! Goodnight, friend.

Healing Herbalist from The Hamlet of Effingham on March 31, 2012:

Hi mary, I was trying to introduce new foods, and gave them some cottage cheese. When I left the room, they stuffed it down the side of the trash. It wasn't until a few years later did I discover this. I was trying to make the point that I know kid do things without the parents knowledge, but parents should be aware of what the kids are doing. I know we can't be there 24/7, but I think good communication is a key.

When I posted it to my facebook page, someone told me this has been going on for 30 years. Well, that was about when I graduated, and I never heard of it either. Maybe it is just making the rounds again or something.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 31, 2012:

Hi, gramarye, hope you are well today! You are lucky you don't have teenagers to worry about. They are always thinking of something new and crazy to do. They have too much time on their hands! Thanks for the compliment on my Hub about the cinnamon challenge. Bye for now.....

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 31, 2012:

Good Morning, lifelovemystery. So nice to see you today! Thanks for reading and commentin on my Hub about the cinnamon challenge. Yes, it is really scary. There is no telling how much damage these kids are doing to their lungs! Have a wonderful day....

gramarye from Adelaide - Australia on March 30, 2012:

Glad I don't have any teenagers! Great hub!

Michelle Orelup from Las Vegas, NV on March 30, 2012:

That's really scary! Teenagers really have no idea how dangerous some things can be. Thank you for sharing.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 30, 2012:

Hi again, cloverleaffarm, I see you agree with Bob as I did. I must have missed something...what's this about your kids throwing out the cottage cheese??????

Healing Herbalist from The Hamlet of Effingham on March 30, 2012:

Bob, you are so right. It is up to the parents to properly supervise television watching and online sites that their children are going to. Luckily, I didn't have to worry about the online thing so much with my kids, because they were older when we got a computer and went online. However, I did monitor their TV, and I'm sure they watched things they shouldn't have when I wasn't home, but if I do say so myself, they came out to be pretty great adults....even if they did throw away the pineapple cherry cottage cheese.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 30, 2012:

Hi poisonx3girlx3, nice to see you! I never heard of anyone being allergic to cinnamon before. Interesting. There was a show on TV the other night about a kid talking is father into doing the cinnamon challenge. He was sorry he did it, too. These kids don't think about the danger of getting the cinnamon into their lungs. Thanks for reading and commenting. Goodnight.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 30, 2012:

Hi Bob, thanks for your great comment. I've never heard of that Gallon Exchange! Some kids just don't see the danger in doing these goofy things. This one was new to me, but then I live "under a rock" so to speak. I'm always the last to learn. Good to see you here.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 30, 2012:

Hi Kathy, thanks for reading and commnting on my Hub about this crazy cinnamon challenge. I had never heard of it either, but all the kids know what it is! Thanks for sharing this on your Facebook, I'd like to spread the word of the danger of doing it. You are right: it's nuts! Goodnight

poisonx3girlx3 from Cottage Grove, Oregon on March 30, 2012:

My son is extremely allergic to cinnamon, to the point he breaks out in rashes and he wheezes. Therefore, our cinnamon, if we even have any in the house, is always locked up. Even if he wasn't allergic, after reading this I would think second about having it around.

Bob Ferreira on March 30, 2012:

I have seen and heard of this, I just don't get why people do it. It has been featured on comedy show Tosh.0 on Comedy Central, so I'm assuming that's where most kids got the idea. So maybe it should start with parents also paying attention to what their kids are watching on TV and online as well. Because it's not all teenagers doing this, it's impressionable young ones or ones who think, for some unknown reason, that it's hilarious.

This isn't really a "new" thing, though. People have been doing it awhile. It's an offshoot of The Gallon Challenge, which is kids trying to drink an entire gallon of milk in X amount of time. Originally I think that it was an hour, but it became 15 minutes. It's just stupid crazy things, but kids really need something more fun to do I think.

Healing Herbalist from The Hamlet of Effingham on March 30, 2012:

I had never heard of this. I am so glad my kids are older. It scary to what my granddaughter may face in the future. Scary stuff. Who would be crazy enough to do this? "My cousin made me"...Hello, no one can make you do anything you don't want to.

Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to share on my facebook for those who still have teens.'s just plain nuts.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 27, 2012:

Hi, moonlake, thanks so much for reading and for your personal experience comment on the cinnamon challenge. These kids just don't realize the danger. I'm trying to spread the word. If you read a comment from Aiden Hill (above), he's done this 3 times and no problem! The lungs can be permantly damaged. You are right; it's strong stuff. Thanks for the vote, I appreciate that. Have a great day!

moonlake from America on March 27, 2012:

I can tell you from experience how cinnamon can choke a person. I was buying cinnamon pills for health. Now the doctor told me to get cinnamon pills. I thought well I should be able to just take a teaspoon of cinnamon each day. The first tsp. I took I thought I was going to die. I started coughing and couldn't get my breath. After that I just mixed my cinnamon in my oatmeal. I think people just don't realize how strong cinnamon is. Good hub, voted up.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 27, 2012:

Good Morning, tillsontitan. So nice to see you today!~ Thanks for reading and commenting on my cinnamon challenge Hub. Yes, I hope this fad goes away soon. Now the kids have their dumb parents doing it. You would think parents would be smarter, but some of them are just having to try it. One of the news channels showed a Dad doing it. He was sorry he tried! Thanks for the vote, too. Have a great day!

Mary Craig from New York on March 27, 2012:

It seems this is the fad of the moment and you are right on to write this now. With knowledge comes responsibility and the Internet has brought great knowledge to our kids. The problem is the knowledge isn't accompanied by wisdom. We all know fads come and go but the fads of today become more dangerous with each new one. Voted up and useful.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 26, 2012:

Good Morning, Aiden Hill, thanks for reading about the cinnamon challenge and taking the time to comment. My biggest concern about this is the amount of cinnamon that gets into the lungs. We used to use baby powder on our babies until it was discovered that using powder was not good for the baby's lungs. I'm glad you didn't have any bad reaction to doing this, but in time, you may find out differently. I hope not.....Why is it worth the effort??????

Aiden Hill from San Diego, CA on March 25, 2012:

I have done this. All was not as disastrous as it seems. We were coughing up cinnamon like exhaust out of a muffler. Hilarity ensued.

We did it 3 more times after but couldn't keep it down. The trick is to hold it in one place until you can swallow enough to avoid it coming back up.

A tricky skill to learn but worth the effort. Good luck on your next attempt Mary :)

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 25, 2012:

Good Morning, acaetnna, so nice to see you today! Thanks for reading about the cinnamon challenge, and for the nice compliment. A lot of parents have never heard of this crazy new stunt. I just saw on TV last night a teen talked his Dad into doing this. The man couldn't breathe and vomited. I'm trying to spread the word of this danger. I hope you have a wonderful day.

acaetnna from Guildford on March 25, 2012:

Gosh I simply haven't heard of this craze, it sounds horrendous. At least now I am armed with the information thanks to your brilliant hub. Thank you for sharing.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 21, 2012:

Hi, Rosemary50. A lot of us parents have not heard of this crazy stunt. That's why I'm trying to spread the word to warn parents and educators of the danger of this cinnamon challenge. Thanks for passing it along to others. Many thanks and regards.

Rosemary Sadler from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand on March 21, 2012:

Oh Mary I had not heard of this. I will be sending a link to my sister who has 2 teenagers.

Thank you for bringing this to everyones attention.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 21, 2012:

Good Morning, Lord. So nice to see you today! As write this response, NBC news is reporting on the dangers of the Cinnamon Challenge. Schools in my area are now warning kids not to try this. It's always something new with kids, isn't it? Have a wonderful day.

Joseph De Cross from New York on March 20, 2012:


This is what we call trending faddest that cannot go wrong until you try it. Kids are what they see around. They love to be noticed and they love that fame too. What would be next? Won't give any ideas... they might be too good to let it pass.


Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 20, 2012:

Hi, Jackie. Thanks for reading about the cinnamom challenge the kids are now doing. I blame You Tube for a lot of this behavior: it's instant fame for them. I read drbj's Hub on Huffing (I linked to this one), and it just blew my mind what kids are inhaling! It's a wonder more of them don't die. See you again, soon.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 20, 2012:

Hi, Sueswan. Nice to see you today! You brought up a good question: how did this crazy fad cinnamon challenge start? Who knows who thinks of these goofy fads? Someone commented that they used to smoke cinnamon sticks! Thanks for reading, and goodnight.

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on March 20, 2012:

Great to make people aware. You know kids are said to be getting smarter but like you say I don't think we did any dangerous stuff. Shoot with four younger brothers I was lucky to get a mouth full of marshmallows in any fashion. It is really sad though and there has to be a reason kids are this desperate for a thrill. Last I heard they were huffing spray paint though so who knows what is next. I did puff corn silk,being the nearest to a cigarette I would get and that was so foolish, wasn't it? Schools should be having a class warning on these idiotic things or make it part of homeroom literature passed out.

Sueswan on March 20, 2012:

Hi Mary,

I wonder how the cinnamon challenge started in the first place.

Very scary indeed what teenagers are doing nowadays for a joke or for a quick high.

Have a nice evening.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 20, 2012:

Good Morning, Gordon. So nice to see you today! Thanks for reading and commenting on the Cinnamon Challenge. I never heard of smoking cinnamon sticks! Kids can think of everything. It just amazes me. I'm trying to spread the word on the dangers of this latest craze. Hope you have a wonderful day. Regards, Mary

Gordon Hamilton from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on March 19, 2012:

Hi, Mary

I must admit I had never heard of this but my knowledge of teeangers and their crazes these days is zero.

I do remember as a teen myself smoking cinnamon sticks when I had no money for - or access to - cigarettes but this seems like a totally different, crazy idea.

Hope the craze dies a death very soon before children die from doing it.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 19, 2012:

Hi, stephhicks68, thanks for reading and commenting on my Hub warning parents about this cinnamon challenge. It's the newest way teens have found to be an instant star on YouTube etc. Another danger is kids who inhale compressed air (of all things). Yes, please warn your teens about this crazy stunt. My Grandkids have passed this Hub along to their FaceBook friends. I just want to spread the word. Goodnight, Steph.

Stephanie Marshall from Bend, Oregon on March 19, 2012:

Gosh Mary, this is so sad! There are endless ways it seems for teens to get themselves into trouble! I heard recently about another group of teenagers who were inhaling helium at a party and a girl died. So terrible.

I have two young teens at home myself. I'm going to ask if they have heard about the cinnamon challenge and definitely warn them. Best, Steph

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 19, 2012:

I'm always late finding out about these things, late to the party. Thanks for reading and commenting.

late to the party on March 19, 2012:

This has been around for months and reached a peak a while ago...

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 19, 2012:

Hi, tipoague, thanks for reading about the cinnamon challenge. I was pretty amazed too! I am hoping to spread the word quickly as it is becoming more and more popular among teens. Many people are sharing this on FB, and I'm glad about that. Regards, Mary

Tammy on March 19, 2012:

I read this last night when I got home from work and was amazed at children doing this. I sent it to my siblings so they could be aware also. I am grateful that my children haven't tried it yet. Thanks for sharing it!

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 19, 2012:

Good Morning, jpcmac. As I said in my Hub about this cinnamon challenge it was the first time I had heard of this crazy new fad. Thanks for reading and commenting. Good to see you....

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 19, 2012:

Hi teaches12345, good to see you today! Thanks for reading my Hub on cinnamon challenge and for your concern about this teen craze. Thanks for sharing on FB. We do need to make more parents and teens aware of this. Thanks too, for the vote. I appreciate that. Hope you have a wonderful day.

JP Carlos from Quezon CIty, Phlippines on March 19, 2012:

Teenagers always find something weird to do. Unfortunately many are dangerous. This is the first time I heard about it. Thanks for the info.

Dianna Mendez on March 18, 2012:

Thank you for sharing this information. It is very scary and to think this is such a common household spice found in everyone's kitchen. You are right in stating children have no clue as to what is harmful and often suffer needlessly. I am sharing this on facebook to inform others of this harmful new trend. Voted up.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 18, 2012:

Hi Ardie, Yes let's spread the word however we can of the potential danger of this cinnamon challenge. My friends on Facebook are sharing it, and I'm glad about that. It's amazing what kids will do to get attention and become super stars (they think) on YouTube. Thanks for reading and commenting. Goodnight

Sondra from Neverland on March 18, 2012:

I am SO glad I saw this on my feed on HubPages. I am going to share it all over and with everyone I know. My oldest daughter is 11 and I wonder if the kids that age try this stuff. Either way I called her in here just now to explain to her NOT to ever take this challenge because of the danger. And she is responsible so I know she will spread the word to her friends. Ugh...its always somethig isn't it?!

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 18, 2012:

Hi HBN. So nice to see you! Thanks for reading my Hub about the cinnamon challenge, and for the vote. I appreciate that. I heard about that governor just today; can't remember his name, though. I couldn't believe all the videos out there of kids doing this. Like I said, I think I live under a rock, because I was totally unaware. Goodnight.

Gail Sobotkin from South Carolina on March 18, 2012:

I just recently heard about this and also think a polititian (governor, I think) was challenged on a TV show and took the dare. He chugged some water immediately afterward and was okay but what a terrible example for kids.

I can see, however, why those who have never been warned about the potential serious effects of swallowing cinnamon without fluid or food might be lured into thinking this is harmless.

We've all been told about the many positive effects of adding cinnamon to food and think it's a spice that's good for us. At most, you'd think it would be unpleasant and just make you gag.

Thanks for spreading the word about how dangerous it is.

Voted up and useful.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 18, 2012:

Hi there, drbj. Thanks for reading and commenting on the cinnamon challenge. I just looked at my poll, and 53% of people who responded had NOT heard of this crazy fad. Guess I'm not the only one who lives under a rock! I want to get the word out. I'm going now to read your Hub about teenagers huffing (whatever that is) I'll soon find out, right? Bye for now.

drbj and sherry from south Florida on March 18, 2012:

Another crazy, dangerous fad to worry about, mary. Thanks for bringing it to folks' attention. Not surprised to hear that teenagers are indulging in this stupid, critical dangerous-to-your-health fad. Thay are still 'huffing,' too. See my hub: "Are Your Teenagers Huffing?"

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 18, 2012:

Good Morning, Pamela99, yes, I'm trying to spread the word to parents about the danger of this crazy cinnamon challenge. If more teens watched this video, I don't think they would do it. I'm glad you liked my Hub. Hope you have a great day!

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 18, 2012:

Hi breastpumppreviews, thanks so much for reading about the cinnamon challenge. You are doing a service in educating mothers about breast feeding, and I'm trying to do a service to parents about this problem. So many parents don't even know about this newest craze among teenagers. Bye for now....

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 18, 2012:

Hi Sen.such23, as soon as I heard about this new craze, the cinnamon challenge I wanted to get the word out to parents who may not have heard of it. There are a lot of clear thinking teens out there, and I hope they will hel spread the word of this danger. Thanks for the vote; I appreciate that. Regards....

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 18, 2012:

PeggyW, good morning to you! Nice to see you today. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my cinnamon challenge Hub. What will the kids think of next?? Thanks for the votes! Hope your day is wonderful!

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 18, 2012:

Good Morning, Truthfornow, thank for reading and commenting on my Hub about the cinnamon challenge. Kids are always looking for new sensational feats to do, I guess. This one is really dangerous. Thanks for the vote, too. See you again, soon, I hope.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 18, 2012:

Hi, Roxanne459,

I've never heard of the bath salts thing! I just heard of this cinnamon challenge recently, and I was shocked. Parents just can't keep up with all this nonsense. Have a wonderful day....

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on March 18, 2012:

I have never heard of this craze but that video shows just how dangerous this could be for teens. It is a shamed that children never think anything bad will happen to them when they pull these stunts. I'm glad you are spreading the message of the possible dangers. Good hub.

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