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Want a Women

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Want a woman
In front of ...

I'm not alone
Can i get naked from my mind
Take off all masks
Can I forget the concept of being a man
Cry cry jar jar
Whom i can say
I am a man but
Feel pain
Wanna be like mom
You turn two hands on the cheeks on the hair
Despite being male
Sometimes i need a glass

Only shines
Not bad body
Want a woman
Whom to love
Can also worship
Not with lust but with reverence
Whose feet can i kiss
At the touch of
Rome became my heart
Do full dedication
My existence is forgotten
I become a woman
Become men
I see it
They appear in me
May we complement each other

Want a woman
That i can love like that
The way a woman loves
Who surrenders in love
Who has compassion in love
Whose love is reverence

Want a woman
Whoever is the wife and mother when the time comes
Be it too

Want a woman
That makes my wish
That removes my adultery
Burn a lamp of compassion in my mind

Want a woman
That settled in my breath
Thrill my mind
Yes i am looking for a similar woman

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