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Unforgettable Childhood Memories

Anifar is an experienced freelancer and she would love to share some of her childhood memories that means a lot to her.

Have you ever sat down and thought about something that you did when you were young? How did you feel about it? What kind of emotions did you trigger? Well, we all have different childhood experiences and it depends on how you grew up and the kind of environment you were exposed to. Memories are the best things that can ever happen in our lives especially if they are good memories. While bad memories can make us sad and so we all want to avoid them at all costs. However, they still have an impact on our lives even at an adult age either positively or negatively.

sweet old days that made me happy

sweet old days that made me happy

My enjoyable moments

I come from a family of six members and I being the last born in that family makes me feel good. At an age of 8, my mother took me to my aunt’s place who stayed in the city so that I could have a good educational foundation. When I went there, we became good friends with my cousins who already knew more than I did. I was curious to know a lot and I was patient as they taught me what I did know since I was just a village kid.

Life seemed to be more interesting since we lived in a police camp and we had many friends who lived around us. It was exciting when we played games as a group of children. Majorly, we loved playing 'hide and seek’, which was so interesting. Another game which was awesome we called it Cha baba a cha mama’. We would divide ourselves and we choose who would become parents and the younger ones were considered children automatically. We built our houses using old boxes that we collected from the pit and on the roof, we would use grass to shelter us from rain and sunshine.

We collected many household items such as tins to use as utensils from the bins which we termed going shopping. The funniest part of it is that we called dustbins shopping centers and we used scratch cards as money.

We cooked leaves, and sometimes we took food leftovers from our houses without our parents’ consent or picked thrown foodstuffs from the bins.

We did every chore that we saw our mothers do at home including washing clothes, cooking, going shopping, cleaning the house, and even taking "our children" to school.

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I remember vividly one day we took a hen’s chick and killed it so that we could cook it the way our mothers prepared chicken meat before cooking. After preparing it very well, we lit a fire and roasted it. Some of my crazy friends ate it while others did not. We were all afraid since we knew some of our mates could go and report us but fortunately, none did. That was our first and last time to do that since we knew it was really bad.

We also played a game called ‘police and robbers’ at late hours before we were called to go and have a shower in the evening. We divided ourselves into two groups and assigned one group as police and the other one as robbers. The police would chase the robbers until they caught them all. After that, we would interchange the characters and the game would start again. This game was so interesting to that point that we went to play it far away from the camp so that our parents could not see and call us to go home early.

In the evening, we ate our dinner and embarked on watching movies, especially comedy movies. During the weekends, we loved watching cartoons especially ‘Ben ten’ and ‘sponge bob’.

School life

My uncle took me to an interview where my cousins learned. First, I was afraid and nervous because I had never had an interview in my life. It took me the courage to undertake the interview but unfortunately, I failed it because I did not know how to pronounce most of the words that were on that question paper.

I was frustrated but I encouraged myself that I’m going to make it whatsoever. I was told to repeat class one which really discouraged me. We went back home and my uncle talked to my parents about my fate. My parents were good enough to understand me and they immediately made an arrangement for me to get a school uniform, bag, and writing materials. Before the schools opened, I was so anxious to see my classmates and whenever I thought about wearing a beautiful uniform and everything new to me, It melted my heart.

When the schools opened, we finally went to school and the most hilarious part of it is that we were taken by the school bus from our doorstep in the morning, and in the evening it brought us back home.

My first day in school was somehow boring because I had no friends yet but after a few days, I got myself many friends who made my life so amazing. We played, learned, ate, and told funny stories together. After several weeks of learning, we did our exams. I didn’t expect to pass but when the results came, I was among the top ten pupils in my class. This surprised and made me happy at the same time. I could not wait to show my uncle what I had scored in mathematics. He used to teach me mathematics because I was not good at it. Actually,I really needed to show him that I was capable of doing it.

After a year, I became so bright that I was always at the top of our class when the did our exams. This made my parents and my uncle very happy. Unfortunately, my aunt wasn’t happy about it because her children did not make it that well. This made my life miserable in that house.

I talked to my parents about it and after I did my class three end-year exams, l went back home. My father took me to a boarding school and that’s where I learned till I went to secondary school.

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