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Types of Baby Monitors

Charlene was a caregiver-mom for 16 years to a special needs angel hence she is experienced in more ways than just an ordinary mom

"Ok, kids, listen carefully because I’m only going to say this 175,276 more times."



A baby monitor works like an alert system and can monitor your special needs kids, toddlers, or babies from anywhere inside or outside of your home. This modern contraption works by transmitting and receiving relay functions that can be used to remotely monitor.

It works by using the transmitter device which has a microphone, placing said device near or in the room of the individual you need to monitor. The other device has a receiver that has speakers and is kept on your person so that you can keep track of your baby or kids while you work or clean or even do laundry.


Types of Baby Monitors

Baby monitors used to be so standardized in the past but now in the wave of the technology era, these monitors have evolved into a modern-day wonder on convenience offering more than just audio. The updated Baby monitor Versions offer not just audio but video as well.

The video monitors have a visual monitoring system that allows the viewer actual eyes on their charges and gives more piece of mind with visual representation. It incorporates the technology used by webcams in computers and not only is a transmitter with a microphone used but an actual camera as well.

The normal monitors just have a receiver which only has speakers but the modern monitors have LCD screens installed too. Modernized baby monitors have tapped into the current technology of the Internet with this feature not only can they have access to the footage from inside their own homes but from outside their homes too. All that is needed to take advantage of this fantastic feature is a good internet connection and wham bam thank you millennials of tech inventions, you have access to the live feed of your baby/kiddies.

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The common type of baby monitor is still the audio baby monitor and that is still around if you just want audio. However, they have been modernized as well with the integration of new technology. Not only can you hear your baby or kids but you are now able to talk/soothe them via the monitor. Some monitors actually allow for you to choose music or lullabies to get baby/ kids back to sleep.

Either of these types of baby monitors, both audio and video, may be wired or wireless. The wireless option will always trump the wired option as having versatility in the monitoring operation will be much more convenient for the user. The Only con with wireless though is it tends to be more sensitive to connection troubles if you don't have a strong internet connection.


Uses of a baby monitor

Sometimes a baby monitor isn't just to monitor your adorable baby, although that is the most obvious reason. Like me, you may be a caregiver and need extra eyes on your charge. My little boy was severely disabled, I could not watch 24/7 as I had another two kids and other responsibilities. My sweet boy had a wheelchair so I could, most times, put him in his chair and wheel him to where ever I needed to be. However, sometimes I needed to have him rest or lay on his tummy over a pillow while he watched his stimulation lights so having a way to monitor him was essential. Having to run into the room every time to check on him would either disturb him or distract him so it was important to find another way to monitor him.

Other uses:

  • would be to monitor your furry friend
  • monitor your toddler while you work from home
  • keep an eye on your nanny or babysitter
  • monitor your home using a video baby monitor as a home security system


Baby monitors are wonderful gadgets for many of us busy parents or busy parents who also happen to be caregivers. These modern conveniences allow us more time to ourselves and for our work, but most importantly, they give us peace of mind about the safety of our children. Baby monitors are handy little guys to invest in if you have pets, kids or babies because it is always good to keep watch over those we love.

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