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Genealogy Melting Pot

I started my genealogy search when I was in 8th grade. DNA testing led me to Saint Luke, Napoleon Bonaparte, & Marie Antoinette.


In my journey through my family genealogy, I have found possible connections to my surname between the Mi'kmaq, Osage and Cherokee tribes. I have also found that Abraham Lincoln suffered from an eye disorder called Strabismus, which my oldest daughter had surgery to correct, when she was almost 4. Only to later find out that my father has the same paternal haplogroup as Abraham Lincoln. Did my paternal cousin, me and my daughter inherit Strabismus from the same line as Abraham Lincoln? Is it possible that Mik'kmaq, Osage and Cherokee Native American tribes are connected?

Makes me wonder how Abraham Lincoln would feel if he knew he was genetically connected to Native Americans.

Osage connection

The book "La Charette" shows men with my French Canadian surname., who married Osage Native American women. (You can find my La Charette article on Hubpages.) I have also found two men with my surname on the census for Cahokia Mounds in Collinsville Illinois for sometime in the 1700s.

Acadian and Cherokee

Below you will find links to sites with surnames from the time of the Acadians, as well as Cherokee.

Acadian-Cajun Surnames

Names of Cherokee Indians and the Clans they come from

L to R: 1. Wolf Clan 2. Long Hair Clan 3. Red Tail Hawk Clan 4. Blue Holly Clan * 5. Deer Clan 6. Paint Clan 7. Wild Potato Clan

L to R: 1. Wolf Clan 2. Long Hair Clan 3. Red Tail Hawk Clan 4. Blue Holly Clan * 5. Deer Clan 6. Paint Clan 7. Wild Potato Clan

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Fil du rois

Fil du rois in English is called the "Kings Daughters". The rumor some people believe is that it was a prostitution ring. (Probably why some of my family have no interest in knowing more about their family tree.) However, it was not a prostitution ring. The king did pay for those women less fortunate to make a new life for themselves in the New World (Canada). These women were orphans and widows. (Yes, I have a few fil du rois in my family tree.)

One story that I learned about one of my fil du rois is this:

She lost her first husband, who was one of my great grandfathers, while living in France. They shared a son, who was already grown and had children of his own. The King paid for her passage to go to the New World (Canada). Her son, daughter in law and grandchildren decided to go with her to make a life in the New World. She was older than most fil du rois (44). It took her awhile to re-marry, as she was passed her child bearing years. She, eventually, married a man that also had a child who was grown and on her own. This fil du roy ended up living until she was 101 years old, which was quite uncommon in that time. However, her son went on to father more children in the New World (Canada), and they became my great grandparents, great uncles and great aunts. They led me to quite a list of historical people on my family tree.

Historical names

There is a site called that led me to find the listing of historical people that are on my family tree. I found that I am a great granddaughter of William the Conqueror, Robert I or Robert the Magnificent King of France, Alfred the Great and Charlemagne, and have many distant cousins from royalty, some who signed the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, the Father of the U.S. Bill of Rights, authors, Politicians, a passenger from the Mayflower, the benefactor and Namesake of Yale College, founder of Georgetown University, some even going back to the Salem Witch Trials, even Meriweather Lewis from the Lewis and Clark Expedition and Samuel Prescott - who completed Paul Revere's Midnight Ride.

In Conclusion

My journey through my family tree has led to educating myself through more historical events. Whether Canadian or American. North America.

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