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Top Ten Gifts for Newborn Baby and Mom

Purchasing gifts for a newborn and new mom entails a little thought. You cannot just pick up anything that looks interesting. To make choosing a gift easy, baby gift stores provide a wide array of choices that make a perfect gift for a newborn baby. The key determinants of the type of newborn gift that you need to choose depend on the gender of the child, the age and the benefit of purchasing the specific gift item. Choosing a useful gift for newborn babies and moms can be a challenge especially when you are pressed for time.

Purchasing baby gift items can be a difficult or an easy task considering the wide variety of items that are available as gift items for babies. Baby gift items such as educational tools and apparel were available only for toddlers until the late 1980s brought about a whole new perspective to baby gifts. The late 1980s brought new designs, gadgets and catchy colors to the fore. Today, the baby gift industry provides choice from the very affordable baby gift items to high end luxury gift items.

Here is my list of top ten useful gifts for newborn babies and mothers.

Baby gifts for newborn and mom

Baby gifts for newborn and mom

Gifts for newborn babies and mom

1. Boppy pillow: The best gift I got when my son was born was a boppy pillow. It is a must have for breastfeeding mothers. Boppy pillow makes it much easier to get the baby in a comfortable nursing position. Even if you are not breast feeding, it helps for supporting the baby during feeding. Even dads find it very useful when they have the feeding job. Boppy pillow has several other uses like providing comfort and support for the mom-to-be during pregnancy, reduce strain while feeding by providing support, propping the baby up to practice sitting, promote bonding with baby by holding you close, makes playing and exercising on the tummy easy for the baby. Boppy pillows can be bought from many stores like BabiesRUs, Target, Burlington Coat Factory, Sears and of course at

2. Diaper bags: It is an essential item for any mother with a young baby. Remember that cuteness will be popular at the baby shower, but cuteness combined with a durable and functional design will still be earning gratitude for months afterward. A well-stocked diaper bag is one part suitcase, one part first aid kit, one part entertainment center, and one part portable toilet. I have two different diaper bags: a small one for quick trips and a large one for longer trips. Good diaper bags have a lot of pockets and a lot of space. Numerous pockets make it easier to access the items you need. Digging through a massive diaper bag in search of wipes will get old very quickly. Do not buy diaper bags that are too small and impractical as you will end up using other bags as a substitute. It makes a wonderful and useful gift for a newborn and a new mother.

 3. Strollers and travel items: Another essential item for anyone with a baby or a toddler. Shop for a good travel system. If you gift budget does not allow that, you can choose to buy a cheaper lightweight stroller which are very useful as well. A good stroller will be foldable, has underneath basket so it can hold necessary supplies for the baby, has strong wheels to over cracks in the sidewalk and go down uneven bumps on the road without causing trouble for the baby. The Mountain Buggy stroller is a staple choice and fits all these criteria well. Babies all seem to be very comfortable in them and they have tons of amazing accessories. This is one of the most appreciated gifts for newborn baby and mom as it is expensive and a must-have.

 4. Baby Clothing and Toys:

You can easily find some of the finest clothes and apparel for the little one. They make great baby shower gift and holiday gift ideas for new and expecting mommies and daddies. Choose from baby boy shirts, sweat suits, suede baby booties, socks, and soft touch hoodies to baby girl clothing like colorful hat and sweater sets, one piece suits, cashmere hoodies and many many other apparel items to choose from. Check out the humorous one-piece outfits and lap tee shirts as well as the amazing sweat suits and sweaters. You can personalize many of the selections as well with embroidered names and initials.

 5. Gift Baskets: The gift baskets come with many items such as babygund stuffed animals, baby lotions, soft clothing, music and much more. You can also get personalized baby gift baskets if you know the child's name and want that embroidered on some of the items. You can get gift wrap these with beautiful lavender tulle and bows. Personalized gifts for baby and mom are very special and makes them feel good as it means you have put in a lot of thought into the gift.

6. Baby Books & Videos:

Baby books, music and videos are the beginning of many years of interaction between a child and these different avenues towards education. A collection of Rockabye Baby! Music renditions of popular band music into lullabies will expand the mind through music and definitely help get him or her to sleep. Baby music, videos and children's books will enhance child's focus while you are taking care of your business mom. They make great baby shower, new baby and birthday gifts.

Personalized gifts for baby boys and baby girls:

 7. Personalized Baby Gifts:

Apart from purchasing standard or assorted baby items, many baby gift stores also provide the option to customize or personalize the gift item to make it exclusively for the child you wish to gift. There are various local, mail-order and online stores which provide varied personalized services. You can personalize a gift item by scripting the child's name by embroidery or by inscribing the name on the gift item. Today, the personalized gift market rakes in more than $27 billion and is growing steadily.

  • Personalizing a gift makes a value added gift.
  • Personalized gifts make an impression and are cherished items.
  • Advancement in technology provides personalizing tools at affordable rates.

Personalizing gifts were an expensive affair due to which only a few indulged in such gift items. With the advancement in technology today, personalizing can be done at a fraction of the costs and it is therefore very affordable to purchase personalized gifts.

Some of the common gift items that can be personalized include: Baby blankets, baby robes and clothing, baby cups, baby plates, baby booties, custom name plates, custom growth charts, baby bibs, baby bears, ceramic piggy banks, diaper cakes, personalized sibling t-shirts, personalized tote bags, baby artwork, photo bookmarkers, and keepsake silverware to name a few.

You can find many affordable and attractive personalized gifts at gotobaby. Check it out and you will sure find a suitable gift.

8. Nursery Furniture:

Nursery furniture offers some of the finest and unique ideas when decorating a baby or child's room. Fine quality baby products range with everything from bookends to kids tables to compliment your specific décor needs. There are items for both baby boy and baby girl themes from modern to contemporary styles and make great baby gift ideas. Baby furniture and accessories can make any newborn's room a fun and exciting place.

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9. Baby Night Lights:

A night light for baby is a creative gift for newborn babies that most people don't think of. Baby night lights are perfect for any nursery or bathroom. Baby Night Lights are great for a new baby gift, baby shower gift or a first birthday gift. It's a great addition to any baby nursery or childrens room to help light the way to sweet dreams. The night lights come in many different themes and can be personlized with the child's name.

10. Baby Bedding:

The right bedding choices for the baby is essential when it comes to style and quality and comfort. There are luxury baby blankets, sheets, pillow cases, crib skirts, bumpers and so much more. How about baskets for infants that can be taken anywhere when traveling or just running to the office keeping your little one safe and warm. Moses baskets are great for infants and babies up to 14 pounds. This makes another great gift for newborn baby and mom.

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gingersmaltese from 27597 on November 29, 2012:

Thanks for this article!

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Great article, I noticed it in search engines next to mine; on the same topic. I see you've noticed it also, and you are on my Hub stats over 25 times. Voted interesting.

Felicia on May 08, 2012:

You can find the cutest baby girl clothes at:

Great prices!!! Super cute clothes!

Lili on November 11, 2011:

THank you for hapling me to shop fro my baby

Melike on September 21, 2011:

I will add to the personalized baby gifts, a handmade jewelry or key chains that can be customized with the number of children. You can see more of these budget friendly, personalized gifts at

Ca on September 17, 2011:

There's an awesome bedding product on I just gave this out to my cousin's daughter and they both loved it; it is a newborn bumper pad for the bed. It is airy and very safe.

Take care and God bless you,

Canary LeBlanc

Alayne Fenasci from Louisiana on September 12, 2010:

I would add to this list, a gift card to the nearest 24-hour drugstore or discount store... I can't tell you how many times my husband and I looked at one another and said, "Uh-oh. Didn't realize we needed a ____!" ...and had to go find one. Invariably, this happens at 2am.

couponalbum from Sunnyvale, CA on June 27, 2010:

Oh! I liked the picture. The article is very informative too. Overall, a nice read. Liked your other hubs too. Joining your fanclub and would like to invite you to join mine. :)

Wendy on September 25, 2009:

I made an essential newborn list on my blog, I have a few more than ten, though... I didn't add the night light, but I think I should've.

I'm also in the process of doing an essential baby care list (stuff for bath, medical, etc) and an essential breastfeeding list. I figured I should do it while its still really fresh in my mind.

shawna.wilson from Arizona on August 26, 2008:

Great hub, blessedmom! Diapers and wipes are also a practical and much appreciated gift for new moms. I also agree that a boppy is a must have, especially if you plan on breastfeeding.

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