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Top 6 Tips For Enjoying Your Parenting

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To take full advantage of your little one and watch it grow, you have decided to take parental leave. But he only has left in the name because looking after a baby full time is work! It's not always easy to be around 24 hours a day with your little one, to take care of the house, you quickly feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Here are some tips to put in place on a daily basis to live your parental leave fully and serenely.

#1. Go Out As Much As Possible With Your Baby

Without going up and down every day, do you plan outings with your little one, whatever his age? From the stroller café to the musical workshop at the toy library in your city, including the massage workshop at the PMI, jump at the opportunity to do activities with your little one. And every day, whatever the weather, take a walk with your baby, whether in a stroller or a sling: this will allow you to maintain moderate physical activity, but also to enjoy a calm time where you are almost sure that your little one will sleep.


#2. Organize Your Schedule

Yes, raising your child is a real job, less well paid, of course. In order not to let yourself be overwhelmed or even find yourself drowned in household chores, get organized. Make a daily and weekly schedule, to pace your day and your week. Get up at such and such a time, on such a laundry day, on such a shopping day ... And make lists so you don't forget anything. Being at home with your baby is not easy and requires real organization, especially if you have one or more seniors to manage and therefore go back and forth to school. The more efficient you will be on less rewarding tasks, the more you will be able to free yourself up a little bit of time for yourself!


#3. Keep An Eye On Your Field Of Activities

Stay in touch with your work, especially if you love it above all else. Keep up to date with your company's activity, organize regular lunches with your co-workers, in short, maintain a bond to keep your neurons boiling, but also not to feel completely abandoned the day you return to your job. It is also an opportunity to reflect on your professional future: having a child changes your life, so why not take the opportunity to consider retraining?

#4. Passing The Baton Even (ESPECIALLY) On Parental Leave

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Being on parental leave does not mean giving up entirely to your role as a mother… and taking on everything. No, when dad comes home from work, don't tell yourself he's tired… because you sure will be too. Leave him in charge as long as you can breathe, but above all so that he enjoys a moment of complicity alone with your baby. Do not hesitate either to entrust your Loulou to your mother or your mother-in-law or even your sister from time to time during the day, a morning or an afternoon, to take time for yourself, for a lunch with a girlfriend, solo movies, facial.


#5. Fully Assume Your Choice

Unfortunately, the clichés are tough and for many people, mothers or fathers on parental leave do nothing with their day. While this is not the case at all. You may find that the day at work is less tiring. So as not to feel useless and feel hurt by the words of those around you, fully assume your choice to be with your child during the first months or years of his life. It's a gift you give him, but you also give yourself, after all, right? And let's be honest, we don't only exist through our work!


#6. Find Time For Yourself Every Day

Finally, the real secret to making parental leave a real joy is obviously to devote time to yourself. Whether it's to read, to knit, or to go to a dance class, do you plan one activity per day: this leave is time for your little one, yes, but it is also the occasion to ease off the frantic pace of daily metro-work-sleep and to rediscover yourself and connect again to your desires.

I wish you a very nice parental leave, rich, happy, and full of laughter and good times with your baby: you will not regret it


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Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on September 14, 2020:

This is a great first article here. Welcome. I follow these and it turns work into great fun. What will he be up to tomorrow?

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