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Toddlers and Screen time

Hi, I am a mom of a 4 year old toddler and would love to share my parenting experience through my articles.


Toddlers and Screen time

Addiction is anything in excess. We know about drug addiction, smoking addiction and even alcohol addiction.But what about an addiction related to something more subtle? Could a behavior as normal as watching a television or a Tablet or a Mobile become an addiction? Yes it can!

Screen time for kids can be a “drug” because it is literally a mind-altering experience. Like any drug, it has the potential to be used responsibly or abused. Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no screen time for children under two years of age, and no more than two hours of screen time per day for older children? Here’s why. It is not only because of the potential for inappropriate content. In fact, for young children,All of the flashing bright colours, loud sounds and electronic waves could be harmful and damaging their brains.

What’s the effect of repeated exposure to screen?Just like what happens when a person is exposed to any drug, repeated exposure to screen has the effect of dulling a person’s senses. And that’s what we as parents worry about.

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Here’s What You Can do:

  1. Limit the screen time: You can limit the screen time for 30 mins or 60mins a day for toddlers between 2 to 5years of age.
  2. Play dough: Play dough is what kids love playing with as they can be very creative and helps in increasing their fine motor skills.
  3. Colouring and painting: Most of the kids love painting which can keep them engaging for hours.
  4. Puzzle: You can bring them some Jigsaw puzzle as per their age. Initially you will need to be with them and teach them how to match and join the puzzle,But later it would be easy for them to do on their own.
  5. Building blocks: This is another time engaging activity for kids. They can sit hours building their own imaginations.
  6. Slime making activity: You can put in all the slime making ingredients and ask your kids to mix and make slime. They love playing with slime.
  7. Sticking activity: You can make your kids stick pictures or little Pom Pom balls on the scrap book or even make a collage with paper bits.

These are a few tips that I experiment with my 4 year old toddler and it does keep her engaging for hours.

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